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Memories of Molly
Molly knew from the start that she was meant to be ours. From being found at the Costco 1 mile away from our house, to commanding our attention from her kennel at the Humane Society, only 30 minutes after she'd been picked up. She was truly Heaven-sent and she was our angel for 12 years. She loved Christmas; she loved the Christmas tree, the holiday scents, and especially the toasty nights in front of the fireplace. She loved trips to Petco, even if she left without a purchase, but especially if she left with a bag of cookies. She loved having her tummy rubbed and her ears massaged, but would smack you if you tickled her big chubby feet. She wasn't much of an outdoor girl, but would tolerate short walks and would do laps around the dog park like it was her duty. What she lived for was the feel of grass between her toes, the wind in her fur, and the feel of the warm sunshine.

She was stubborn. She was funny. She was prissy and didn't like being dirty. She knew her place in the family and would stare at you until you got up if she found you sitting in her spot on the couch. She loved to eat - LOVED to eat. She adored cheese, like any other dog, but was also non-discriminating for the most part, enjoying different kinds of Filipino food, Thai food, and other delicacies she could get a hold of. She especially loved fortune cookies - her very last fortune, opened on the day that she went to Rainbow Bridge, read: "You will attend an unusual party and meet someone important."

Her life was simple, spending weekdays with whoever was off from school or work, and weekends with the family. She could always count on Sunday to be the day when everybody was home; Sundays consisted of all-day grazing and napping with her Mommy on the couch. She loved to watch cartoons. She loved to have her picture taken. Sometimes when we were taking pictures, for example, of the Christmas tree, after the first few shots, we'd notice there was a dog in the frame, hamming it up for the camera. She loved to go "e-go" (our word for going out for a walk or a ride), no matter what adventure we had planned. When we'd walk, she'd walk as long as she wanted and then promptly sit down when she was done. Many walks at the marina ended in one of us carrying her for 2 miles back to the car. Like most dogs, she loved to stick her head out during car rides, but also had an appreciation for air conditioning on hot days (but with the vents open so she could smell the world outside).

In her lifetime, she earned, by proxy, a high school diploma, BA Psychology, BSN Nursing, BS Occupational Therapy, and MSW Social Work. She also became quite cultured and could recognize pieces of music played on the piano - her favorites were "Liebestraum" by Franz Liszt and "Memory" from CATS (yes, CATS).

Later on in her life, she gained a new friend, Annie. Although the transition was tough, they eventually became the very best of friends, and were often found looking out the front door together, cuddling on the rug, or just nuzzling. She gained another friend, Rory, within the last year of her life, and although she was way past disciplining a young pup, she loved her as much as any other member of her pack.

She had the most gentle soul and everyone who met her instantly fell in love with her. She is missed and we are absolutely lost without her. We know she is not alone at Rainbow Bridge, she's with her big brother, who's waited 12 long years for her to join him. We know that wherever they are, they took our love with them and they're waiting for the day that we'll all be together to cross the bridge as a family.

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