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Memories of Monroe "Monnie"
In memory of Monroe "Monnie" a.k.a "My Girl" 03/16/00- 04/10/20
The year 2000. The year when we all thought the world would end because of Y2K. For me, it would turn out to be the year that my life would be enriched in ways that I never would have imagined. It was the year that you and Jillian came into my life! You were named after Marilyn Monroe, as I was obsessed with her in my teens/early twenties. Your human daddy and I were just beginning our life together. We had gone away for the weekend, and I asked him to please stop at your foster mom's house. You see, "my girl", you and Jillian were already in my heart and plans and if he wanted to be, he would accept you as part of the package. When we walked in, Jilly Bean curled up in Dad's lap...you in mine. You were "my girl" right from the beginning.

We began our life together at my studio apartment on West Pine. An apartment made for one- and two kitties! Then when it was apparent that your human Daddy was all in, we moved into a bigger apartment and married. The four of us- a family! One more move to our home on Cecil where we began adding to our number four.You were so patient and understanding when the crook of my arm, where you loved to lay, was replaced by a nursing baby boy. You were still patient, although perturbed, when we added another! You were pleasantly surprised to learn as these little humans grew, that they were also capable of loving on you, too, "my girl"! You loved the little humans, but you always preferred to be with me....always patiently waiting in your regal way, with your front paws crossed for my time.

The years passed on as they do, and you aged so gracefully. Your sweet little lady-like "meowww" became more of a loud "REEEOWWW!" I didn't know that it was possible, but your eyes became greener every year. They were the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, and you loved to get right in my face and stare into my very soul with those mesmerizing beauties. My soul cat- that's what you were, my girl. Our connection was like none other that I've had with a cat- so wise you were. You always brought me comfort over the years as I grew from a selfish young adult to an all-giving mother. You were there providing comfort when Jillian passed at 15 years old. And when we moved into our new home a year and a half ago, I worried that it would stress you out. "My girl", you took it better than any of us, including your much younger kitty sisters, Prim and Cora. Oh yeah, you accepted them so beautifully five years ago after an initial hissy-fit. A simple explanation to you that they had no where to go and no one to take them, and you were perfectly accepting after that. I swear you always understood every word; you were the smartest girl I knew. How honored I am to have been your human mommy.

*"My girl", we picked up your ashes today, and you are back home with us. Thank you for choosing me for the past 20 years as "your girl." Run free at The Rainbow Bridge with Jilly. We love you!

05/12/20 - Monnie, Hi, my girl!! I can't believe it's been a little over one month since you left us for the beautiful meadow where you now reside! I hope that you are finding the prettiest flowers for mommy and having fun with Jilly and others that you've met there! I'm not going to lie, my girl...It's been so sad without you. Cora has been especially sweet, though,and helping my heart. You two were good buddies. We all miss you very much. Mommy has had a hard time with the fact that I didn't get a snippet of your beautiful fur. Maybe I'll find some by chance in a spot that I haven't looked. I hope that you might come to me really clearly in a dream soon...to let me know that you're at peace, my girl. I'll love you forever, Monroe!

07/10/20- Three months today. It was a Friday, like today, that your precious little heart stopped beating. I try to remember the good times and that I made the best decision for you, but I'm not convinced of that. I hate COVID-19. I came across a Facebook memory yesterday from one year ago where you were curled up in my lap. I could almost feel your beautiful fur in the picture and wished that I could press my face into it. I miss you more than I could ever express and wish that I had more time and patience with you as you got older. I didn't always make time....I have to live with that. What I would give to have more time with you, my girl. I don't feel that I even deserved such a beautiful and lovely girl as you. Please give mommy a sign that you're happy and at peace. I love you so much.

07/21/20- Missing you so much this month. How the world seems so different and to think I won't see you anymore here in this earthly life...the thought is unbearable at times. I wish that I could have a sign from you, but you're probably busy running and playing. How do I keep functioning without you? I love you so much.

10/10/20- Six months today, my girl. It's Fall now and another season without you. I'm still working from home and life is so different since the pandemic. I would've had so much time with you, Monnie. I still hope to dream of you someday....a dream that will give me some peace. You were such a sweet and loyal girl to me and I will never forget you, my precious girl. My friend told me that she really believes that God loves us so much and that he will let us see our precious fur-children again when it's our time. I believe that, too. Have fun until then, my beautiful Monroe and momma will see you when it's time. Until then....I'll be here taking care of all the boys and Cora and Prim. Love, Momma.

12/06/20- Wow. Here we are in Dec. I was thinking of you and missing you so much, my girl, as I was getting all of our Christmas decorations out. You loved this time of year....with all of us happy and on the floor with the ribbons and bows. Nothing is the same without you, but I know how incredibly blessed I was to have you as my baby girl. You will ALWAYS be in my heart, Monnie. I love you forever and ever.

12/26/20-Hi my sweet girl. This year has been unreal. Not only did I lose you, my most beloved girl, but we had a fire in the kitchen last week. It was so scary. Daddy was able to put it out right before the fire department arrived, but it did some damage. Cora and Prim hid together under Will's bed; they were very scared. I don't what I would've done if I lost them, too. I'm ready for 2021, but not ready to go into a year without you...

01/11/21- Here we are: 2021. I still have the tree, so I'm going to leave yours up too. I can't get motivated to take it down...pretty overwhelmed by life right now. We haven't had stuff done in the kitchen yet. I know that your sisters will be scared to death when all that takes place; I know that you would be in on the action. You liked when there was a ruckus going on in your later years....my girl. Been thinking of you lots today...some sad thoughts and some good ones too. Cora has started opening the cabinets for attention like you taught her...makes me smile. I miss you so much. One day we will be together again. Love, momma

03/14/21- Monroe, It's your birthday month. I've been too sad to get on here because I knew that it would take me on a long dark road because it's your special month, baby girl. This is the first March in 20 years that I haven't had you by my side. March 16th...the day we always celebrated your birthday is coming up. We were never 100% sure it was the exact date since you and Jillian were found in a cardboard box in an alley, but it was close enough. Momma met you baby girls in May. I knew I wouldn't be able to travel this path on Tuesday, your actual birthday, because I have to work, so I wanted to get some grief out today. I hope you like your birthday stuff I put at your memorial stone. You are so beautiful to me, Monnie-girl. I miss you more than I could ever express. I did dream of you a couple of weeks ago, but it was a sort of sad one. I then heard a crisp clear "meow" early one morning. Didn't sound like yours when you were here, but I knew it was you- that did give me some peace, baby girl. Thank you. You are still giving to me after you're gone from my sight. Happy Birthday, my angel. I love you forever. Love, momma.

07/19/21- My sweet girl...it's been awhile since I've written. I had a really hard time at the one year anniversary when you took your last breath in my arms. I felt some peace for a bit after that. It was hard to come and write because I was afraid that I would get really sad again. I'm sorry, my girl. I wish I were a stronger person. I love and miss you so much. Will you come and see me in my dreams? Love, momma

09/23/21- Monnie, another season is here. I miss you so. So many things remind me of you. Cora has started wolfing her food down just like you used to because you thought those baby girls were gonna eat it all up! You rubbed off on her- you really mentored her. You were the sweetest and best girl and my life isn't the same without you by my side. This world has changed so much. I still pray that I will get a sign that you are ok- whole and free. I love you and look forward to the day when I can see you again. Love, Momma.

03/20/22- Oh, my girl.... please forgive momma. I let a whole season go by without coming on here. Winter never was our favorite month, but I also didn't remember your birthday on March 16th. I think my heart kept trying to go there, but my brain was protecting it. I'm so sorry my precious girl!!!! I love you so very much and miss you so. Dad and I went on a walk today, this beautiful first day of spring, and some of the trees were starting to bud. They reminded me of your beautiful eyes that spoke a thousand words. I wish I would've listened when you told me you had to go soon...I wish I would've figured out what you were telling me. I have such a hard time forgiving myself for that. It was such a horrible time with the pandemic just beginning....I'm so sorry, baby girl. I knew in my heart what to do and I let other people interfere with that. I have to live with that everyday and I hope that you knew how much I loved you, Monnie, and I'm so very sorry that I failed you in that way. I'm just a weak human with so many failings and you were one of the best things to ever happen to me. I love you forever and ever. Love, Momma.

04/10/22- Two years today since you had to go. I love you so much, and if love could have saved you....you would've lived by my side forever. One day I will be there with you, my girl. Love, Momma.

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