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Memories of Mooie
14 years.
I still think about you and share your story. You are the reason I started working so hard for "pit bull" breeds. You are the reason I saved my boy, Cooper.

Again, thank you to everyone that still visits Mooie's memorial and sings the guestbook. I hope when it's our time, she'll run and greet us with wet, sloppy kisses and butt wiggles.

It's so hard to believe that it's been 9 years since I first read Mooie's story. It seems like yesterday and the tears still come, just like they did then.

I hope by sharing your story, by how much it changed my life and my level of education on the breeds, that I've made a difference. I hope people think of "pit bulls" differently... and I hope that I've helped save some along the way. All in honor of you, Mooie.

I know you're playing, healed and whole. I hope that when my time comes, I'm able to meet you.

**Thank you to everyone that continues to visit Mooie's page and sign the guestbook. I may not always respond to your messages (sometimes I'm not sure what to say), but I always read them and I always appreciate them.

Tomorrow marks 7 years. I still think of you often, Mooie, and I know there are others that stop by your memorial page, all the time, and I'm thankful you haven't been forgotten.

Every time I help a pit bull, it's because of you. The last one, named Cooper, we rescued from a shelter here in North Carolina. He was terrified and sick, so he was about to be euthanized. 8 months later, he's finally coming around and beginning to trust, learning what it means to be a dog. I've never seen a dog so thankful to have been saved.

***Thank you to everyone that continues to stop by her memorial and sign her guestbook.
***Please, if you see abuse, report it! Take photos, if you can. Volunteer at your local shelter by offering to walk dogs, or give them a bath. Sometimes, that's the only love and attention they receive and this small act means the world to them. If time is tight, take dog food or treats for them. Most shelters run low on funds and treats are just that... but be sure to check with the shelter on what's acceptable, etc.

In honor of Mooie and all the other pit bulls that have lost their lives because of abuse, dog fighting, ignorance, fear and Breed Specific Legislation, I will continue my fight for them.

It's so hard to believe it's been 5 years. Your story is still very fresh on my mind. You & your story will never be forgotten. You run free now, free from pain and free from breed prejudice. We will continue to fight abuse & neglect and attempt to educate those about the breed.
**Please note that Mooie was not my dog. I wish there could be a page for EVERY animal that suffers at the hands of a human. Mooie's page is dedicated to ALL of them.
**Thank you for stopping by, sending emails and signing the guestbook.

Hey little Mooie. It's been 3 years... and I still fight for "pit bulls" every day, in every way I can. All because of you and your story. You did not die in vain, regardless of how or why you died. If only you could tell us how this happened, and if someone did this to you, who it was. We still think of you every day and light a candle on March 10th every year, as we will always do until the fear and prejudice of pit bulls is no more. I so wish I could have known you in this life, but maybe I'll see you at the Bridge some day.

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years. I still think about you little girl, and I know many others do, too. You're the reason I started helping pit bulls. There's still no explanation for your death, but karma will be waiting for whoever did this to you.

It has been a year since you passed, and there are still so many people that think of you, Mooie. We still don't know what happened to you, either. But the sun will now always shine on your face. Run free...

First, I must say that I never knew her. And I never met her humans. But she was "adopted" by so many people. This is here to honor her memory and as a reminder of all those who stood up and fought for her, as well as the countless animals that suffer each and every day.

Mooie was a 4-month old pit bull puppy from Washington State whose story touched and outraged people all over the United States and spread internationally. She was found in a backyard not her own and taken to the vet because her body was burned by concentrated ammonia (only recently discovered) on over 90% of her body. Whether or not it was an accident or intentional has yet to be discovered, and unfortunately, we may never know. It is hoped she did not suffer long and she now plays with all the other beloved animals at the Rainbows Bridge.

May she forever rest in peace.

Mooie would like to give special doggie kisses to:

The woman who wrapped me in a blanket and took me to the vet.

Dr. Ivy Engstrom and all the veterinary staff at Valley Animal Hospital in Auburn, Washington, for taking care of me and later fighting for me. What a great bunch of humans you are!

All the staff at Pasado's Safe Haven in Sultan, Washington for all you have done for me, as well as all the other animals you have saved and will save. Another great bunch of humans!

Lilith, in Florida, who started the international petition so the authorities would work harder to find out what happened to me.

To every person who sent emails, signed the petition, attended forums and donated.

And to Ginny & FiFi at RainbowsBridge.com.

You are all angels.

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