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Memories of Murray
Murray filled twelve years of my life with love, laughter and companionship. He was my best friend and guardian angel. He touched many lives throughout his twelve years on this earth and leaves behind many friends. I always felt that Murray was an "old soul" who was sent to look after me. He's been with me through all of my major life changes. At times, he was my only companion and my saving grace. He had the most soulful eyes that I've ever seen a dog have. Saying goodbye to him was absolutely the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. Murray also had his adopted dad for 5 years and a younger brother who constantly harassed him, but I think down deep he liked the little guy. Murrray's dad (Ramon) and brother (Guinness) miss Murray immensely. We always joke that Ramon gave Murray the gift of speaking. Murray would make the funniest groaning and moaning noises that we say was him talking. He never did that until Ramon became his dad. Murray will be missed more than words can express, and I have a vacancy in my heart that might never be filled. I remember the days of us going to the lake, as Murray loved the water. He would float in the water like an alligator and afterwards we would share a vanilla ice cream cone. As he aged, his once jet black snout turned a salt and pepper color. He was the best guard dog and he made a funny grunt as he would plop down on the floor to go to sleep. He would also block his little brother out of certain rooms of the house (usually the room I was in) by laying his huge fluffy body in front of the door way and snarl at his brother as he tried to pass. Murray was full of personality and love. He knew when I was upset and would come to me and lick my entire face, which would make me laugh. Everyone that knew him loved him. I am extremely lucky that Murray lived a long twelve years with me and will take comfort in knowing that someday I will once again hear his happy feet when we meet again. Until then, Murray will be in my heart and dreams...never to be replaced.

I love you Murray,

Hi Murray,

I can't believe it's been a year already, since you left us. I love that you visit me in my dreams a lot. It helps me remember the special things about you that I love so much. (Your dad would really love more visits from you.) We talk about you all the time and how much we miss you, but in our hearts you will always be here with us. Your brother, Guinness, has grown up to be quite a good boy. I always joke that you've taken over a part of him, because his personality is more and more like you everyday. We took him for a walk by the river on Sunday and he was looking for you. He misses you very much.

We adopted a brother for Guinness, because he was so sad when you left. His name is Bud and he's really not a good boy, but he's very sweet. He really needs a little of your "training", so on your next visit, can you teach him how to be a good boy. He ate a bird yesterday on his walk. I was so upset, but he's really been trying to catch one for a year and finally did.

Your dad and I miss you so much! We will never stop loving or missing you, as you will always be momma's good boy.

I love you Murray. Please keep visiting me.

Hi Murray!
Wow. I can't believe you've been gone for two years. I still miss you so much! Your dad and I always talk about how nice it would be to have you back for a day, so we could pet your big, furry body and your dad could do your favorite hiney drums. We miss your funny little talking trick also.

We moved our little memorial for you to the top of my wine refrigerator in Murray's Pub. We think it's a perfect place for you to be. I see you every night when I get out a bottle of wine, and your day says hi to you every day. He's still upset that you visit me and not him. Maybe you can make a quick visit to him to make him feel better. I love that you still visit me! Please don't stop.

Your brother Guinness is developing a funny personality. We think you have taught him a thing or two like: not eating his food and lying down next to his bowl in defiance; the love of hiney drums; showing a toy or bone off to Bud when he is getting attention from us in order to get him away and the love of laying in water. He becomes more like you every day. I often joke that you took over half of his personality.

Guinness' brother, Bud, is still a bad dog but very sweet. He doesn't like to be outside and he eats all of my blankets and comforters. Your dad keeps saying he would love to see how you would react to Bud. I think you wouldn't like it at all.

We miss and love you very much and I'll see you in my dreams! You were the best dog ever and always momma's good boy!
I love you!

Hi Murphus P. Johnson!
I can't believe I didn't write you last year, and I'm a few days late this year. I thought about you a lot on Sunday and was sad and missed you SO much. I can't believe it's been 4 years. You don't visit my dreams as much as you used to, but you still visit from time to time. You must be very busy having fun in doggy heaven.

I hope you found Bosco. You used to protect him from your brother Guinness, because he was so small and old. You would stand over him to protect him. You have another friend to look for, Rocky. He was still a young baby when he died this year. He had cancer too. I promised Jannine, Rick, Shelby and Louisa that you would take very good care of him.

Your brother Guinness is developing more of your (grumpy) personality everyday. Every time he yells at his brother, Bud, I think of you. Guinness misses you too and I wish you could've met your brother, Bud. Your dad misses you a lot too! He's sad because you don't visit him in his dreams. Try to visit him. It would make him very happy.

I love you so much my good boy! I will never forgot you.

Hi Good Boy!
Mama misses you today and everyday. I can't believe it's been 5 years since I've heard your happy feet and seen your crooked teeth. I love you so much. Thank you for still visiting me in my dreams. I love your visits. They make sure that I never forget your furry little face. You dad misses you so much too. He would really love for you to visit him also. It would make him really happy. I have a photo of you at my work desk, so I can always see your smiling face. Your were always the best boy.

Your brother Guinness is really turning into a grumpy man. Although, he is getting better letting people pet him. He often reminds us of you. And, your brother Bud, is still an absolute monster!!! But, he is very sweet. He likes his baby and balls and all types of toys. Guinness beats him up all the time. I'm sure you laugh at that. Guinness loves hiney drums too. He goes around the house wanting everyone to pet him butt. He learned that from you. I also found out that it is Guinness who tears up my blankets and comforters! All of this time we were blaming Bud. Did you teach him that too?

I miss you so much Murray! I hope you are looking out for Bosco and Rocky. Keep them out of trouble.

I will love you forever!!!
Mom (Dad, Bud & Guinness)

Hi Murray (mama's big boy)!
You visited me in my dream this morning. I love your visits, so please keep visiting. I think you were telling me hello on your anniversary today. I know your dad would really love a visit. We talked about you a lot this weekend when we were visiting Ramon's mom & dad. They gave us the video that they took when you were talking to me and making all of your silly noises. You always made me laugh so much when you talked. Guinness is starting to talk more. I do believe you have possessed him a bit. He even chews hot spots like you. I really wish you wouldn't have given him that trait. Your brother Bud has gotten HUGE! He weighs over 100 lbs. I'm not sure how he has gotten that big. I wish you could meet with him. He is a very funny dog.

We miss you so much, Murphus, and think about you all of the time. Big hugs and kisses.

I love you so much!
Mom (Dad, Bud & Guinness too)

Hi Murphus!
I am sorry that I am a few days late this year. It's been a kind of crazy year so far and really that way recently. I wish I could have had you with me during these past tough months. But...on your anniversary, I received awesome news! I got my dream job. I know you are doing happy feet on the rainbow bridge right now. I really enjoyed your visit on Christmas and your really amazed everyone who had never seen you visit before. I think Guinness sees you a lot, so you must visit him often. Bud has no idea. He is a big goof!

Your dad misses you so much. Can you please visit him too. He would like that. I still think of you everyday! I miss you so much! I will love you forever! You will always be my big, furry boy!

Love you bunches!
Mom, Dad, Guinness and Bud

Hi Murray!
How is mama's big boy??? I miss you so much, and I am sorry that I am a little late in writing you. I was definitely thinking about you on the anniversary of the day you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I talk about you all the time and miss you so much. I still love your visits in my dreams, so please keep visiting. Your dad and brother, Guinness, misses you so much! Guinness isn't feeling well today. He had to go see Dr. Jimerson at Gateway because he shook that big head of his too hard again and has a hematoma in his right ear. He is costing us a fortunate with that head shaking. Please visit him today and say hello. He gets really scared at the vet's office, so please comfort him. You never minded going because everyone would love on you, but he gets scared. Bud has gotten really BIG and still acts like a puppy. I am sure you would growl at him if you were here.

I love you soooooooo much!!! Every day I miss you and wish I could have you back with us.

Mom, Dad, Guinness and Bud

Hi Murphus!
I am a little late this year, but that doesn't mean that I don't think about you all the time! We have decided Guinness has become even more of a Grandpa Grumpinpus that you were. He is doing well and misses you. Bud is still Bud. He hangs out all day in his "office" and still steals food. Since the last time I have written, we added another boy into our house. Moose is a German Shepherd Dog and he is a real handful! He has given your mama a run for her money. We brought Moose home a year ago today and he was only a little baby (10 weeks). Moose is a big boy now. He turned 1 in May and just had his "man parts" removed, so he is calming down a bit. He would really annoy you though. I miss you all of the time and so does your dad!!!

I will always love you my big boy!
love you so much,
Mom, Dad, Guinness, Bud & Moose

Hi Murray!
I'm sorry I didn't write last year. The summer was a tough time for me and dad. Your brother, Bud, got sick last year and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge last July. I know you never met him, but I hope you found him. I know you saw him in my dreams. Your brother, Guinness, is getting older. He's almost 13 years old and misses you and Bud. When he crosses the bridge, I hope you find him. Moose is getting big. He is three years old and we got a girl, Stella. She is big like you were. She is a Newfoundland. You were also a Newfoundland, but she is not as good as you are. She is stubborn like you but really sassy! I hope she get better when she is older. You were such a good boy. We miss you so much and hope you are having fun digging holes and yelling at dogs at the bridge.

Love you so much big boy!
Mom, Dad, Guinness, Moose & Stella

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