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Memories of Maggie
Her name was "Ellie" she was "Pet of the week", Jason begged and begged can we get her to keep? So off we went to take a look, the sight of that face was all that it took. A tricolored pup as cute as could be- the love she would bring us we couldnt forsee- Maggie we called her it just seemed to fit, Her ears were like silk we'd stroke them as she'd sit. She quickly settled in, the "paper dog" she became out the door every morning Perry Drive would never be the same. She had us all trained to answer her commands "get me a cookie" she'd bark and boy we all ran. She slept under the covers, she sat with us at dinner, no hound dog life for Maggie this dog was a winner. Oh she was a B---- make no mistake, treat her like a dog and she would make us shake. She walked with her Mommy, she ran with her Dad, she was there for us all whenever we were sad. The love that she gave us can never be replaced, we miss her so much each days hard to face. So wait in the meadow for us Maggie til we catch up with you, then we'll cross the bridge together and we will see the Rainbow too! Feb. 2005 - 1 year and still grieving for the "best puppy in the whole wide world" Feb. 2006 2 years have gone by and we are still missing you. We did get another dog, Sandy, much different from you. She would love you. Everyone else still misses you too, Eric especially. We love you and know that we will see you again. Have fun, until we get there. Feb. 13, 2007. 3 years, we can't believe how fast the time has gone. We talk about you often and remember all the good times. We call our new dog "Maggie" by mistake all the time. We know that you are in a better place and having a peaceful fun time waiting for us all.Feb 2008 - 4 years and still missing you,remembering you fondley and lovingly always, till we meet again. Feb, 2009 Maggie, how we still miss you, still calling our other dog Maggie all the time, we have such fun memories of you, you will be in our hearts forever. Feb. 2010 6 years ago today you left us, how sad it was. Even after 6 years we still miss that face and still call our new dog Maggie alot. We talk of you often always laughing at how you "made" us do whatever you wanted. We know you are happy and waiting for us, so just keep waiting, we will be there someday. We love you!Feb 2011...Maggie, still missing you, but knowing that you are OK at the Rainbow makes me feel better. Love you forever. Feb 2012, missing you still Maggie, but always feeling your love. Feb.13 2013... Maggie, thinking of you today as always and remembering all the good times we had together. You are always with us, love you....mommy and daddy . 02/13/14 10 years, I can't believe it has been that long, remember like it was yesterday and still missing that beautiful face. In our hearts forever! 11 years, forever in our hearts! 2019..15 years💔💔2020 😢18 years andSTILL talking about you crazy girl!!!❤️❤️

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