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Memories of Nakita
Nakita came to us in 2002, she did not have a real good life in her early years. She had been traumatized when she was a puppy and her owner at the time wanted to give her up. She kept getting loose and he was tired of retrieving her all the time and did not have time for her. She had scars on her nose from various escape attempts and we called her our "escape artist". I remember the first time I saw her, those big brown, sad eyes, her beautiful colors, and her sweet, sweet disposition;I knew I loved her then. So we brought her home and she got along famously with my other German Shepherd-Kobi. Even though he was a big, strong, dominant male, she did not let him bully her. When Kobi died in 2004, I was devastated but "Kita" needed me, she gave me a purpose. When we brought Bueller home (my ferret),in 2006, Nakita accepted him, played with him and was so loving towards him. When Bueller passed away in Nov., 2009,once again Kita was there for me to lean on. On Jan. 21, 2010 I went down to the basement to let her out and she could not get up. I knew it was her time to go to the bridge to be with my other 2 furbabies; Kobi and Bueller, I had to let her go. My heart is aching but like I told Kob and Bu, my heart wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't love you so much. I believe you were happy with us at the end of your life and you were finally at peace. So goodbye my dear, sweet girl and remember Mommy loves you and will never, ever forget you.

Hi Kit! Today is June 23, 2010, I hope you are happy and healthy at the bridge! I know you are probably having a ball with Kobi and Bueller. After you died it was so so lonely without you so I got another furbaby, her name is Maggie, She reminds me alot of you because she does have a sweet side to her. Anyway I still miss you but Maggie is helping my heart heal, I love you and here is a big, big hug! Love-Mommy

It is Jan 21. 2011 and it'e been 1 yr since you left me. I think of you often and just how sweet and strong you were! You were so much comfort to me after Kobi and Bueller died and I will never forget you :) I'm sorry you had a rough start to your life and your spirit was broken. I really believe you were happy when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Remember Mommy loves you very much and I hope you are having fun with Kobi and Bu :)

It is Jan21, 2013 my dear sweet girl and you have been gone from me for 3 yrs now, I hope you are having fun with Kobi and Bu and I am glad you ae no longer in pain. Remember Mommy loves you very much!!! and I miss you!

It's Jan 21, 2014 my sweet girl and you have been gone 4 yrs now. I think about you all the time and those sad eyes when you came to me. II think you were really happy with us and we loved you very much. I'm sorry you had so much pain in your young life. Please know you wetre my strength when I lost Kobi and Bu! I miss you <3

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