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Memories of Natasha

I will never forget the day I found you. It was 4 months after I lost Ginger and I was going through that other terrible time in my life. I had gone to look at a few other puppies but turned and walked away. I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing. Was I stable enough to care for you. I called Grandma and we went to see you. I knew with one look into your eyes that you were meant for me. You healed me as I took care of you. You were so quiet and never any trouble. I remember the first morning when I woke up and looked over the side of my bed and there you were sitting up and looking straight at me. You were totally MINE.

There are so many good memories. You were always so gentle and you liked to get your belly rubbed. You always listened for the garage door to open and were waiting for me at the top of the stairs. This past week I stop on the top step and hope to hear you again but I can only hear you in my heart.

I will never forget that awful night in 2003 when I was so low. You didn't climb steps anymore because your hips hurt but that night as I lay crying in bed I heard your footsteps in my bedroom and you slept next to me to comfort me. You always knew what was in my heart.

Watching you the last few months was one of the hardest things I will ever go through. I hope you will forgive me for doing what I had to do. I will never forget the feel of you as I had my arms wrapped around you when you left me. There is now a void in my life that will never be filled.

Somehow I know that you would be sad to know how much I am grieving for you. I always remember my mom's words. She said, "Don't cry for me or you won't let me rest in peace".

Well I have cried but I am trying to be better now because I want you to be happy until I can join you. I know you must feel my hugs every night when I close my eyes and think of you.

Please be waiting with Grandma when it is time for me to join you both. I love you so MUCH. Forever and always, MOMMY

February 13 - Mommy has been so sick with the flu. I missed you by my side. You would have been 13 years old February 7 but instead it was your 1 month birthday in heaven. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I will be thinking of you and of Grandpa - who will be in heaven 23 years on Valentine's Day. So many people think of you and talk about you. My life is so empty. I pray that you know I am thinking of you, my precious Tasha. Love, Mommy
March 7 - Two months without you and the pain and emptiness is getting worse, not better. I am thinking of adopting a furbaby. I think you would want me to do that but THEY WOULD NEVER REPLACE YOU.
July 7 - Six months you are gone and I ALWAYS think of you. I adopted Cocoa on March 11 and he's shown me SO MUCH love. I love him too but felt guilty because my love for you was different. Tom told me there are many different kinds of love and that I shouldn't compare. I guess he is right. I still cannot think of you without the terrible sadness. I think you would be happy that I adopted Cocoa and saved his life.

Well, I've got to go now. I will NEVER forget you my precious. Love Mommy

11/7/06 Ten months gone my precious. I still call your name and will never forget you. Love Mommy.

1/5/07 Tasha this weekend will mark one year that you are gone. It is a TERRIBLE MEMORY I wish I could forget. When I think of you I try to focus on the good times. You are in my prayers at night. Rest well sweet baby. Love Mommy
5/17/07 So MANY times Tom and I think of you. You were "one of a kind". Don't forget me. Love, Mommy
10/16 It's Autumn baby. We love you and miss you.
11/30/07 Thinking of you baby during this holiday season. Love Mommy and Tom

1/7/2008 Still hurts so much to remember this day. You will always be in our hearts. Love Mommy and Tom.
10/21/08 Almost 3 years but you're NEVER forgotten. Love Mom
1/7/09 I don't want to think of your last day but I want to wish you happy 3rd anniversary in heaven. Love Mommy, Tom and Cocoa
7/20/09 Time goes so fast. You are always in our hearts. Mommy & Tom
12/18/09 Love you, Tasha. Mommy & Tom
1/2/2010 You are always in our heart. Happy Anniversary in Heaven. Mommy & Tom
3/25/10 It's almost Spring. Run and play sweetheart. Love Mommy and Cocoa
12/20/10 Merry Christmas baby girl! You are always in our hearts and memories. Love Mommy, Daddy and Cocoa
1/7/2011 Happy birthday in heaven. It still hurts too much to think of this day. Love from me, Daddy and Cocoa. Mommy
1/10/2012 You're never forgotten. You were the sweetest fur baby anyone could ever have. Love Mommy
1/7/2016 Can it be so long that you are gone and that I haven't written. Mommy has gotten old. You are never forgotten though, Tasha. It still hurts so much to think of you. Your ashes are here in my bedroom alongside the dog that I adopted after losing you. He was also a chow named Coco and I hope he is there with you in heaven loving and protecting you. There will never be any more dogs in my life because I have already had the BEST in you and Coco. Sometimes I think that the both of you are watching me from heaven. Be happy until we meet again
1/7/2017 Mommy and Daddy ALWAYS talk about you. You were so sweet and trusting. Now Cocoa (your big tough step-dog brother) will watch over you in heaven. I know the both of you are also watching over me. Until we meet again. Love Mommy and Daddy

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