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Memories of Nino Brown Scott
Missing you like crazy...

Your smile, bark, mannerism, attitudes, boughie walk, funny antics, loving tender ways, random poots, exhausted snores, smacking those lips after a good meal, consistency in your demeanor, and overall angelic spirit will stay with us forever! You truly kept us laughing lol

I knew it would be hard for me when I would simply cry thinking of this day when it came. Now it's here and I'm a complete wreck.

I hope you enjoyed the life and love we gave you every single day! We watched each other grow older through the year's. You met a couple "randoms" when I was single lol, you never judged me when I would go clubbing and come home at 2-3am while you'd look at me like "where you been?", you approved of Daddy and grew to trust him to pick you up, you embraced your new brother when Trey came into our lives learning how to share, you tolerated our loud arguments at times just minding your business, you were sweet to every guest who came in our home, great company while watching TV, you even knew when it was bedtime and we turned off the lights, even times I was not feeling well and laid in bed all week during Chemo you were always by my side.

Daddy and I watched over you for the last 3 nights and I know you'll always know how much we LOVE you! Your brother is sad and expressed his sadness by drawing your funeral on his Roblox game and Nani was on her way to see you and feels terrible she didn't get to kiss you farewell...

I would always tell people you were my heartbeat. When yours stopped mine did too.

Be Free & Love on Jesus! Please visit us in our dreams. We'll love you forever and you'll never be replaced. ❤

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