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Memories of Oliver D. Huggins
Oliver D. Huggins was born March 18, 2002. He was the only males in a litter of 5, and from birth he knew he was a king. The breeder called him Drummer because he walked to the beat of his own drum. Ollie knew he was special and so did everyone else. From the time he was 10 weeks old he went to work with his mom at the psychiatric hospital.

He had an amazing ability to connect with people, and he was often referred to as a little human in a dog suit. One staff person referred to him as her "little brother." Ollie learned a lot from the patients. For example. when he was around the patients, he refused to drink his water out of a bowl and wanted his water from a sports bottle like they had. He enjoyed having meals with them, particularly the BBQs, but again he had to have exactly what they had. One day he was given his plate, and he sat looking and barking at it. He didn't have any Ketchup! Ollie was a picky eater and it's a wonder how he made it to 90 pounds. When his meal was prepared he would examine it, and if it wasn't to his satisfaction, he would scratch on the refrigerator door letting you know he wanted something else. I quickly learned that it was best to give him a choice first.

Ollie was unique, interesting, loving, forgiving and hilarious. He always managed to quietly and not so quietly express his desires. If there was a group of people talking he would go to the center of the group and throw himself down dramatically. That always got their attention!!!

Ollie also had a tremendous wardrobe, and loved dressing up for special occasions. He dressed as an elf, carried a basket and went with Santa to the treatment units to deliver candy canes to the patients. He dressed as a clown for birthday parties and passed out balloons, just to name a few.

Ollie always found a way to make the best out of bad situation. When he had eye surgery and had to wear one of those stupid plastic cones around his neck, he learned that he could scoop up food with it and slide it right into his mouth. Brilliant!!!!

Ollie inspired others to be creative and the following is an excerpt from a poem written by a patient and one of Ollie's biggest fans.

"We all know Ollie today with his achievement, is soaring with the best. What he can do, no others can do he's better than all the rest. If a new song came out today that a popular group would sing, the name of it would surely have to be, "Ollie the King of Everything."

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