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Memories of OLIVER
Dear Oliver (Ollie, Idge, Idges, Idgy-Bidgy),

You responded to all those names. I don't know where daddy got Idge from, but it fit you. You got so excited when we would say Idgy-Bidgy!

We adopted you from The Basset Rescue of Florida on 12/21/13. They had found you as a stray with one of your eyes missing and the other one had glaucoma. The vet said you were about 12 and recommended humane euthanasia. However, The Basset Rescue of Florida saved you and gave you the necessary surgery you needed to close your missing eye and removed the painful other one. Pam's son then drove you up here.

Of course you were confused when you got to our house, and it was so cold and snow was on the ground. You were a southern boy and didn't know what the heck was going on, so I always put a coat on you and a blanket over you when you were on your bed till you got use to this weather. You adjusted quickly and found your way around the yard and how to get back to the deck and come up the stairs. You howled with your brothers and sisters when it was din-din time and night-night treat time. You always made such a mess when you drank your water. I would give anything to have you back and make that mess.

Noel always got on your nerves and you yelled at her all the time. Sometimes your other brothers and sisters would piss you off, and you yelled at them. Nothing phased you. You weren't afraid of anything. When you were in back of my SUV, you were ready to jump out not even knowing where you would end up. You would bull-doze your way through the kitchen gate if it it was not latched, and you got through. Your high pitch bark and howl made us laugh all the time. I wish I would have video-taped it. You could be so demanding at times and you hated your nails done. You yelled at me all the time and made such drama.

In the fall of 2017, you and brother Myron got dressed up for the Mt. Pleasant Mutts Marathon costume contest. It was so hot that day. You guys won 2nd prize! Daddy had to then carry you because you were so pooped.

Late in 2018, we found out you had a mass but the doctors weren't exactly sure what it was. You had stopped eating and got so skinny. You even peed blood from your pee-pee. We finally got you well and did fine through the holidays up until the end of January. You started going downhill again. I took you to work with me, and Dr. Dave wanted to send you to the bridge right then and there. He felt the mass with his hands and said it was on your bladder. I wanted to try to help you one last time, but it didn't work.

We had Dr. Kim from Lap of Love come to the house to peacefully send you to the bridge. You were lying in your bed so peaceful even before she came. It was so hard and sad to let you go, but it was the right thing to do. No more pain, sweet boy. I hope all your brothers and sisters greeted you at the bridge and that you are whole again and can see. Run free, sweet boy, enjoy your new home. Roll in the green grass and pastures, drink from the clear crystal streams, and bask in the sun. We will see you again someday. We love you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Furry Brothers and Sisters

2/9/20 - One (1) year yesterday we helped you to the bridge. Oh Idgy, you were something else. You always made us laugh with your grunts, moans, and yelling at your brothers/sisters. You were such a drama boy and we loved that. Mommy and daddy were devastated when we lost your brother Myron a few weeks ago. I hope you greeted him at the bridge. He loved you so much. I hope you also greeted Chrissy, Ernie, Toby, and Harry at the bridge. We have lost so many of you in such a short period of time. I hope you are all together having a blast in your new home. It must be beautiful there, and some day we will all be together again. Until then, sweet boy, enjoy, bask in the sun in the grass. We have since gotten Fred, Blanche, and a new pup coming on Tuesday. Fred is nuts and Blanche is so timid. We love and miss you!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Furry Brothers and Sisters

2/8/21 - Two (2) years ago this day we had to let you go. You were such a character, and I'm sure you still are. The house is as crazy as ever with Boomer and Fred. Boomer is just nuts and out of control. Worst puppy ever. We got him for Fred because he was lost without Myron. I hope you greeted Patch and Noel at the bridge. Noel was such a shock. I know she got on your nerves but please be nice to her. I realize now, I should have paid more attention to her. I figured she was fine with all of you, but most of you picked on her. Baxter has a heart issue now like Harry. I think it's pretty much under control for now. Please know we love and miss every single one of you. Be happy, enjoy, and we will see you again some day, my sweet boy.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your Furry Brothers and Sisters

2/13/22 - Three (3) years ago on the 9th we let you peacefully go to the bridge in the comfort of your own bed and we wouldn't have done it any other way. Oh Idgy, you were a character. Thank you for always make us laugh. I hope you greeted Sierra, Hailey, and Bogey at the bridge. I also hope you're not picking on Noel. We have since added Sophie. She's nuts. Boomer plays with her though. Mya, Grit-Grat, and Baxter to care for her. I hope she calms down. We love and miss every single one of you. I hope you were happy here with us and that you had a great life. Enjoy your beautiful home and be nice. We'll be together soon and please come running.


Mommy, Daddy and all your Furry Brothers and Sisters

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