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Memories of Oliver
My dearest boy, how can it be 2 years already since you've been here laying in bed with me or out on your leash to "go see"?! It just doesn't seem possible because you're never out of my thoughts. I was just talking about you yesterday to Winston. I was telling him how much y'all look and act, alike! He loves his tummy rubbed just like you did, and his is getting bigger unfortunately,like yours was. Lol I worry that he'll develop medical issues like you did. I've tried everything to avoid him being overweight like you were my buddy, because it scares me to think we might go through the same things again.
But just as with you, I can only do my best, and Winston loves to eat, just as you did! At least Riley and I have worked out a system that works for him to be able to eat somebefore Winston gets it all!😄
We still miss you everyday my boy, that will never change! I may notcome here often to write my thoughts, but you know I talk to you all the time and your name is spoken out of love on a regular basis around here!
On this 2nd Anniversary of having to say goodbye,always remember you are still loved every day,just as much as you were when you were physically here!
You will always love you with all our hearts and miss you forever!!
Mommie loves you sooooo much!❤❤

6/28/21 My dearest boy, I still miss you everyday! I keep the memorial plaque I had made for you on my dresser so I see it everyday. But I don't need pictures to remind me of you because you're always in my heart and in my mind! I called Winston by your name again yesterday. I miss saying Oliver and the funny way Daddy always "sang" it like from the play, "Oliver" about the orphans. Wealways teased you abt constantly wanting to eat and in that play the orphans are always saying, "please Sir, may I have some more?"
Maybe if you were still here Riley would eat more when he saw how much you enjoyed your food! He's still not eating much better, but the vet says hes perfectly healthy! We're just used to big appetities like yours and Winston's, lol.
I can't believe next month will be time for another yearly renewal of this memorial, so July will mark the beginning of the 3rd year since we lost you! I know you are healthy and happy where you are my boy, with Sasha and Gizmo and lots of other friends. But we sure miss you here, everyday, even though we love Winston and Riley very much too. Love has no limits and we will love you and miss you forever my buddy! You go play now, and think of us and how much we loved you, every now and then!
Goodbye for now my sweet Oliver, mommie loves you!!!!❤❤❤
7/19/20 I am so terribly upset right now. I just wrote a long message to you Oliver and cried the entire time. Today is the one year anniversary of having to let you go. I saved every change I made to your memorial tonight, including the long message I wrote....but I just wanted to read it again before I went to bed and its gone!! I'm in disbelief, it was so hard for me to write it and I'm still sobbing, and now, it's not here! I can't do it again right now, its just too hard, but please know I am here, I love and miss you so very much!! My heart still hurts so much without you and I would never forget what day it is today! I will come back later today to try again, until then Oliver, know that you have been thought of, loved and missed every day since July 19th a year ago!
Goodnight my sweet boy, until later.

Hello my dear sweet boy!I have been so bad about keeping this page current with our thoughts about you. Please know that does not mean we aren't still missing you or love you any less. Just this minute as I'm writing,one of your brothers, Riley, came into the bedroom meowing and rubbing on my legs. Its as if he knows I am sad while thinking of you and he came to let me know he's here! I never gave you their names and feel awful about that.
Riley is an orange tabby who's part Norwegian Forest Cat and has the cutest fox-like face. He's a little timid and so sweet and long and skinny with a fluffy tail!
Winston is our black/white tuxedo boy like you are. He's stocky and very curious and we call him the "instigator". He goes everywhere he shouldn't and soon Riley follows!
We love them both very much and know you would have loved them too, eventually, lol.....
They definitely keep me on my toes and the house looks like a kids daycare from all their stuff! But after the grief of losing you became too much,,these 2 were able to make me smile again and all the love we have for you we can share with them as well.
Its been almost a year buddy, I can't believe it. It actually feels more like forever! I came here today to renew this residency for you so you'll always have a certain place to be remembered and others can read about what an amazing boy you were. But always remember just because I don't write here very often, I talk to you almost daily. Daddy and I often remember specific things you did and things you liked, as we watch Rileyand Winston play. And I can't tell you how many times I've called one of them "Oliver".
We miss you and love you so very much my boy and that will never change! I'll be back on the 19th, the day we had to say goodbye, to let you know how much we are thinking of you.
Until then, I hope you are running and playing, or just taking long lazy naps in the sun and remembering how very much you were and still are, loved!!!! Bye for now buddy,❤

My dearest Oliver, I've been thinking of you so often as always and feeling bad that I haven't come back to officially introduce you to your new "brothers". I gave them the last fav. toy of yours yesterday that I hadn't been able to give them before. But when I saw it in the special place I've been keeping it, I knew it was time to be out where we can all see it and maybe they would like it too. I have to run right now, but wanted to say a quick hello and tell you i'll be by to write all about our new little boys very soon. We still talk about you, miss you and love you so do much! I find myself calling our new blk/white kitty Oliver several times a week. Till then my sweet boy, remember how much you are loved and missed!

7/24/2019: My dearest Oliver, I'm so sorry buddy that I am just now able to write about you for your memorial. It's been 6 days since we had to say goodbye and we miss you so much it hurts!

I cry every time I let myself be still, the grief washes over me and leaves me glued to my spot just sobbing because I miss you so much.

Everytime I go to bed, I scooch over to make sure your fav. spot by my head is ready for you, but..of course you never come.
Every time I come down the stairs, I still step to the side and look down, expecting you to be stretched across the carpet below the last step. One of your fav. spots the last couple of weeks.
In the bathroom where you always knew you'd get some back scratching, you don't come walking through anymore, laying on my bed during the day for naps which also gave me easy access to stop by on my way in and out to give you smooches and extra back scratching....you did love your back to be scratched!! But the bed stays empty during the day now.
And of course at night, when I'm finally finished with my chores and errands for the day and sit in "our" recliner to watch tv. I raise the leg part and spread the blanket out to protect the leather from your claws as you jump up. Only you don't jump up to join me, because you're gone.

Your bowls and your fav.fish, your big soft bed from the floor next to my bed where you slept part of the night when I tossed and turned too much, and your scratching post, I had to put away! Too constant was the pain and emptiness everytime I saw them there but not you.

We've had to say goodbye before to beloved friends but the sorrow we feel over losing you is unlike no other! Our Sasha who's a Chow Chow should have been front and center to greet you! Yes she's a dog but she knew in our family she had to be a kitty cat lover, and she was! She loved Gizmo our beautiful Maine Coon, almost as much as I did. They slept curled up together everynight in the den, so I'm sure Gizmo was right behind Sasha waiting to show you around.

You stay close to them my precious boy so you will know you are never alone! You'll feel our love wrapping itself around all 3 of you, reminding you that we'll be together again.

As much as our hearts are broken over having to say goodbye, we know we had to be unselfish and let you go.

You are free now from all the insulin injections that weren't working, and the many meds we had to give you on a daily basis just to get your colon to work, and those had become ineffective. As if that weren't enough for your poor body, they found last week that a heart murmur had developed.

I hate the saying "life's not fair" but it's all I can think of when it comes to losing you. You were my best friend and confidante! You would meow loudly if I didn't come to say hello if we'd been out all day running errands. I thought it was because you missed me, but no, you just couldn't wait to rub all over whatever shoes I'd been wearing, get fed, and then go to sleep on those shoes!!

The last thing I have not been able to put away because I cry uncontrollably, is your harness and leash. Everyone I knew was always amazed that you were leash trained and boy if I had a nickle for every time we went outside to "go see", we'd be rich. That should have been a stronger sign to me that you just weren't feeling like yourself as more and more you didn't want to "go see"! But honestly you know I hate the heat and that black coat of yours just soaked it up making you so hot, so I just thought you were taking a break on those hottest summer days lately.
Those memories will be with me always, years of taking you on walks where you chased lizards (only catch and release was allowed!),ate a little grass which always had to be precisely the "right" blades of grass, smelled every single leaf, shrub and part of the ground where any animal had been before you! Which in our rural area was a mixture of stray cats, wild turkeys, raccoons, possums, and lots and lots of deer. Even on days I was too tired and didn't really want to be out there, I'd watch you and talk to you and hear you purr and I knew there was no where else I needed to be at that moment.

Daddy has cried very few times in the 35 years I've known him, but getting the call from me about you was too much for him. He cried so hard he soon couldn't speak anymore but made sure to tell me, to tell you, how very much he loves you and will miss you.
We both are handling it in diff ways, but I can say you were loved SO much and are being missed SO much and we will love and miss you all the days of our lives until we see you again.

I have a prob buddy, now that you're not here, even though I love you so so much,I have all this affection I don't know what to do with! Holding on to it is making me sadder...I need to be needed and take care of living things...its my purpose in life. I have already thought of going to our shelter where we used to donate food you didn't like or toys not played with, and just "go see" how many other kitty cats might need me and who could really use some tender love and care. I don't know for sure but I think you would want me to stop crying and help another kitty who has no family, just like you when you found us. I tell myself its too soon, but each time I fall apart over missing you I think about it more and more. Just know you can never be replaced or forgotten, ever!!! You are with us in spirit and in our hearts always and forever whether a new kitty comes to be loved by us or not! There will never be another "fatso catso", our beloved, one of a kind, best friend and buddy!

I will visit often but please know you will be thought of each and every day of our lives for the rest of our lives.....until we meet again! Give Sasha and Gizmo our love too!
Mommie and daddy!

7/28/19 It's Sunday night and only 9 days since we said goodbye, but it feels like forever since I've given you kisses and scratched those soft ears. We are still so sad and miss you every day!
I still expect to see you every time I go into the bedroom or come down the stairs. I almost said "we're home" when we had been out most of the day on Friday and it was so strange and sad to walk in the bedroom to change my clothes and not have you beg for food and want to rub all over the shoes I just took off.
There was a lady who posted on FB that a kitty showed up at her door and she wondered if anyone knew his owner. She took a video of him meowing at her door and it took my breath away. He was black with the same patch of white on his chest as you! I immediately contacted her to see if anyone had shown up, and they hadn't and honestly daddy was all for going to bring him home to live with us if no owner showed up. But I had to make myself slow down and think before we jumped into it because I'm not sure another boy who looks just like you is the best idea. I did stay involved though because I felt so sorry for him, and before the night was over I helped connect another woman who's black cat had been gone a month, with the woman who had this one, and he was not her missing cat but she fell in love immediately and took him home!
Our time will come where it will be right for us to share our home with another buddy to love, and when we do I think you'll be ok with that.
For now, know our hearts are still broken, I still cry every time I try to talk about you, and we miss you every minute!
Goodnight for now my Oliver, mommie loves you!

8/29/19 My dearest Oliver, I am so sorry I haven't spoken to you more often here, but I have to believe that you've heard me every time I've been in one of your fav. places around the house and found myself crying so hard and talking to you. Not a day has gone by that we haven't missed you, and plenty of days where I've cried.

It wasn't until 2 days ago that I found myself telling someone about you and realized it was the first time I had been able to say your name without being choked up. That's when I knew that what we were thinking about doing must be the right thing!

I came to tell you that since I've been so lost without you and the house has been so empty, that daddy decided it might be good for me to think abt getting someone new to share our love with. I didn't think I'd ever be ready this soon but I had to do something. I have been so heartbroken. I asked advice from many people and got such kind words from many on this site who said it wouldn't deminish the great love we had and always will have, for you! And in fact may make you happy to see that we have opened our hearts and home in order to give a good home to another cat who really needs and deserves one. So I agreed and we looked a few places and I fell in love with a pair of young kittens!

You know we always said you needed a buddy, (not sure you agreed,lol) but we never got around to that so this time we decided to help 2 kittens together who already have a bond.
You would love them, they're so very little compared to you, only 4 months old and both boys!

One is black and white, and one is orange and they're the cutest little things. I'm sure you would have been very "put out" at first if we brought them home while you were here, but I know you would have grown to love them.

So my dear Oliver, we will bring them home tom. We will tell them about you and talk about you often and never, ever forget you! And as I write this, knowing there will be diff cats to love and play with after today, I'm sobbing because our goodbye feels so final now.

But I have to believe you are happy and free of pain and illness now and that you know we need to have new little ones here with us to share all this love we have to give, the love we still share with you and always will! And one day, when the time comes, you'll meet your 2 new brothers and then eventually, we'll all be together again.

We haven't named them yet, so I'll be back to introduce you and let you know how they like all your fav places or if they have found new ones of their own!

Till then, our love is with you and you are in our hearts always!!
All our love, mommy and daddy

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