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Ozark Mountain Blue (Ozzie) 7/1/91 - 8/17/04 and son Zacariah Wind Chimes 12/23/93 to 7/29/05. Since I first started Ozzie's Residency I had only her pic up...she is the blue merle sheltie. Since 8/17 when she passed her son Zack has gone to the bridge to join her on 7/29/05 almost a year apart, and our other furries that have passed. The new picture shows Zack up front and his Mom in the back. My shelties are gone but not forgotten. They are together again. Ozzie was a very good girl...quiet and reserved, smart and well behaved. She had the most beautiful puppies before she was spayed and she was a great Mom to her son Zack (the one puppy we kept for our own) he is now 11 ... he misses you Mommie. You were old and had trouble walking for the longest time and sometimes you only heard what you wanted to hear... We have started "Ozzie's Prayer Basket" in your honor. I am going to make a very special basket for you, your furfriends and their parents. All that have to do is write to your new email address at OzziesPrayerBasket@hotmail.com and I will write their names on a pretty piece of paper and put it in the basket... Pets.com sock puppet is "Keeper of the Names" & he will watch over the names until nighttime when we do the prayer ceremony. Zack, Jack, Pandora, Merlin (passed to RB) 3/07 of VAS and Kitt have joined in - we ask the Creator in a lovely candlelight ceremony to bless all of the furkids who have gone to the Bridge and their parents who are suffering and also we pray for the furbabies who are sick and their parents who so upset. Each and every furbaby and their parent's name is read aloud and the papers are kissed with the breath of your furfamily here. It is a lovely tribute to you and we can only hope that our prayers are answered and that these wonderful people are filled with love and that their grief is less, that they can have a smile on their face once more and that there are NO more tears. I talk to you now each day as we discuss your prayer basket and how we can make it better for your furry friends... It is nice we have a project to work on together...it helps in my healing. I love you Ozzie and until we meet again I want you to have so much fun at the RainbowsBridge... that you RUN and JUMP and PLAY and enjoy yourself... we all miss you.. til we meet again. Love Mom 12/22/04.... Hi Oz, We miss you very much...Tomorrow is your son's Zack's birthday...Blessings to you at the Bridge... I know you have work to do but we still miss you down here. Merry Christmas honey, we will put your stocking next to the runt's TinyTim... I hope you found each other and your first set of puppies who passed in the smoke fire. Love you always Oz... Mom 12/27 Well Mom...Christmas was very strange this year....Shannon got stuck in PuntaCana and didn't make it home til late Christmas night... none of the stockings went up except Kitt's cause his was brand new. We all did miss you though. It was just an odd year, without you, without Shan, Gram being in an apartment and not at home in the 'house'... christmas eve at Uncle John's instead... So I guess it was easier this way, on all of us to have it be so different we didn't really miss the old way... Love Mom 1/3/06 Well Oz Another year has bone by...I am sorry I didn't write sooner. Zackie my little man and your son passed away on 7/29/05 almost a year after you. I hope your reunion at the Bridge was glorious... and you all reunited with TinyTim and any of the other furkids who have passed. I miss you both so much, my Shelties. A week after Zack left for the Bridge I was walking Jack... it was 8/4 and very hot and humid if early in the morning...I told Jackie that I wanted to take a different route and get back home because it was just oppressive. We went a different way and came across a white fluffy thing running in the streets. The man that looked like he was with said he wasn't his. I think he lied and just didn't want the dog... who would let a Poodle off leash. Anyway, we got him cleaned up, neutered, shots, dewormed, defleaded, the works. His name is now Ajax but we just call him Poody. He was sent to me by Zack to help with my grief over his passing. Mommie it has been very hard since you left. We are keeping on but just barely. Merry Christmas to you and Zack and the gang at the Bridge. I look forward to the day when we are all together again. In the meantime I will take care of Jack,Ajax,Kitt and Biggie. Blessings Zack & Ozzie, Love Mom 7/15/06 Well Ozzie & Zack there is a new little buddle of energy here. You guys would have 'hated' him. His name is Duncan, Dunny, Snoot and so many other names of endearment. He is an English Bull Terrier who is now 7 months old. He would have been just too much bouncing bullybaby for you olde souls. But he is cute and sweet. I am doing prayer basket tonight in your honor guys as it is almost 1 year since you left me LittleMan and Ozzie almost two on 8/17. We will continue to add names of the newly departed furkids who have joined you at the Bridge. Welcome them with love and understanding. We pray for their parents too who have been left behind and are gieving and missing their furbabies so much. Love you and I will miss you guys forever. Miss kissing the tops of your heads. Mom 7/13/07 Hi Ozzie,Zack (Harley who passed in September 06 just shy of your 12th birthda) and now Merlin our 5 year old black kitty who died of vaccination associated sarcoma 3/07. Shannon and I miss all of you so very much. I still do the prayer basket Ozzie but not too many folks request our help, I guess we were here to do a job at that time and now that time is fading away. But my love for you and your wonderful furry spirits will never fade away. I love you my dears... til next time. Love MOM 7/20/08 Hi Ozzie,Zack,Harley & Merlin (and Lucky)... well it looks like it has been almost a year since I wrote in your residency. Well you all know things have changed at work again and again (Mommy has no job again)... I just got a new computer so I can visit you again. I miss you all so very much, you were the 'early years' furfamily, somewhere starting in the mid 80's for Lucky, then when Shan was in HS we got you momdog, then you had your babies and we kept LittleVal, who was renamed Zack... my little man and Harley too. Well the early years are now long gone with good and bad memories, but you were all a very loving positive part of difficult years for a single Mom with a little kid. Shan is now 29, she has Pandora the 9 year old mini doxie and she took Charma the black cat found near work and took her sometime after you MerMer went to the bridge, she has helped her in her grief over losing you Merlin at such a young age. Lucky we think of you too buddy... you were 16 1/2 whent you went to the Bridge just mins. after we arrived at the vet's office. You waited til we got there to leave this world, thanks for waiting, we got to say goodbye. We got Merlin only a few short weeks later. Lucky you passed right after 9/11, it was a hard time for us,for the country ... then you left us. We missed our kitty love and went to the SPCA and got Merlin right after Halloween. We were so devastated when our dear Mer left us so soon of VAS. So guys it is a never ending revolving door of furries. Duncan is now 2 1/2 and all bully boy, but has a good heart and a sweet disposition, good thing is a strong dog. Jack is still a typical JRT, I always say he is a law suit waiting to happen. Hey LittleMan remember Kitt... (Esprit de vingt six) he really liked you and hung out with us on the floor when he was a baby and you were so sick. He's 3 1/2 now and doing well. I went away last October for a 'few' days and when I came back he was angry... so back to the SPCA and I got Rainbow (Rain) an all white girlie for him to hang out with. Both are 'fixed' so there's no fooling around, they are good company for each other. We have a rescue kitty living with us til we find him a fur ever home... his name is Odie K for O D K out door kitty. He's sweet but I just can't afford to keep him or I would. BigGirl is hanging in there, I don't see her much she lives far away and is totally retired. Am going to school part time to hopefully get a better job. Miss you guys so much... PrayerBasket ceremony still goes on Ozzie and some amazing stuff is happening as you all know. We don't get specific requests so we just ask for healing for everyone en masse. So gotta go gang. I love you all and miss you terribly. The new guys are great and I love them too, just in a different time and different way. You were the early years furkids when Shanny was growing up so you have an extra special place in my heart because you were my little girl's babies too. Love Mom 1/15/09 Hi Guys, Miss you so very very much it hurts. We found a home for Odie, miss him too but he is with a wonderful loving couple who just lost their furkitty Willow and they wanted to continue sharing their love. How wondeful in the midst of their grief, they've taken on my little rescue boy from the mean streets. Some very very sad news though Shanny's father passed away. He liked you Shelties, and Harley. He was only 57 and now our little girl has no Dad. Even though we've been divorced for 25 years my heart is broken and breaking for Shanny. Please if you see him tell him I love him, so does Shan and we will miss him forever. Please take him by the hand, show him the way, the way of love at the Bridge, reunite him with Laddie and Harley, Tristan, Gretchen and Peter, Thumper and Candy, Bridget and SandyBoy and Lucky. We are too sad to write any more... ttyl guys Mom 10/9/14... It has sure been awhile since I wrote something here. My heart is still broken that you two are gone. Gone by not forgotten. Ozzie it was 10 years in August you left and 9 years for your son Zacky. I think of you so often. We lost Harley and Pandy. What a shock when Pandy went to the Bridge, then my new Bengal girl Bindi left before she was two. Of dry FIP. Such sadness. Love you forever. Mom. Sept. 17 2017.... I guess I don't get here too often but I think of you both always, my precious Shelties. You two were the best. Just to let you know, but you probably already know Jack passed away November 4 2016. He had some kind of seizure and lost oxygen to his brain, he would continue to have these scary episodes for me and him. He was so scared guys. I let Doc assist him to the Bridge so he would not longer get confused and be scared. I miss him more than words can say. He was a little bugger but I loved him so much. Miss you forever Jackie. 9/16/20 Miss you guys... so many have gone after you. Harley, Merlin, Pandy, Kitt, Bindi, Poody, Dunny Buddha just so many, so sad. Hugs and Love to all of you at the Bridge. Love Mom
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