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Memories of Patch
Dear Patch (Patch-Patch as Daddy would call you) and Patchy,

Your dear sweet mama, Joy Rutan, had passed away on 9/28/14 and your daddy brought you to the Hopatcong Pound to be put-to-sleep because you were diabetic, and he did not want to deal with giving you an insulin injection every day. They called East Plane Animal Hospital and told us this, and I could not let them put you to sleep. Your mama would have been devastated if that were to happen. I had to honor her and your life and bring you home. The people at the pound were so grateful that I brought you home. They gave me a beautiful card with lottery tickets in it.

I was so afraid to give you the insulin injection, but Dr. Rosen showed me how to do it. A few days later, I overdosed you, and I had to bring you to the other place I worked at (Advanced Veterinary Care), and they brought you back after being there for 2 days. You didn't need insulin for quite a few months after that.

You were a loner and didn't need any of your brothers/sisters. You would jump on my lap every now and then. You would wait by the water bowl for fresh water all the time and always wanted treats. You were so good for you insulin and when daddy poked your ear to check you BG.

When we had the kitchen done, you were always around Ralph and he called you Whitey. You had gotten in a hole, and good thing he saw you, or you would have been buried in it. Nothing phased you and always did as you pleased. You would never get out of the way either. It was so funny. You always had a 'pissy' look on your face too.

Last week, you weren't looking good. You wanted to eat but couldn't. I figured it was time to bring you to work. Dr. Michelle did blood work an took x-rays. There was fluid all around your heart and abdomen. She gave you a sedative and drained a lot of fluid from you around your heart. I brought you home and you ate well that night. The next two days though you didn't. You seemed so uncomfortable. Brought you back to work that Monday and more fluid was there. We knew it was time. I didn't want your last day to be in a cage at work, so daddy brought you the end of the night that Tuesday, and Dr. Michele helped you peacefully go to the bridge. It was so hard for me, sweet boy. I wanted you to make you 20th birthday on 2/26/21. You left us on the same date as your brother Spunky, 9/22. I hope you were happy here and had a wonderful life with us. We buried you with your brothers/sisters in the back. We love you and will miss you! Run free and enjoy till we see you again some day.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

9/22/21 - Dear Patchy, One (1) year tonight we had to let you ago. I hope you love your new beautiful home. Chasing chipmunks and birds, but please don't hurt them, basking in the sun, and drinking from crystal streams. I hope all you brothers and sisters greeted you and that you are being nice to them. I also hope you can see your former mom, Joy. You were something else and always made us laugh with your ways. Nothing phased you. I hope you greeted Noel, Sierra, Hailey, and Bogey at the bridge. Bogey was such a shock. It happened so fast. You left us on the same day Spunky did. I have lit a candle every month for you and Noel. We love and miss every single one of you. We will be together again some day. Run free, Patchy.


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

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