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Pebbles (AKC)- Joannes' Lady First. Daughter of Tiger Boy & Molly McCluskey of Joppatowne. Someone to comfort, to dry up your tears. Someone to be there, to quiet your fears. A companion, a pal, a very best friend. Someone to trust & love till the end. She blessed me with over 15 years of unconditional love, joy, & companionship. Mother of many beautiful babies, including Mindy, Bam Bam, Jazmine, Stoney Curtis, & Hailey. 2/4/7 I'm so sorry. Please forgive me, My Beautiful Pooh! I did everything I could, but it came to a point where I was being selfish. I didn't want to lose you. Unfortunatly, it was your time to go. You had cataracts, mammary tumors, you could barely hear with your chronic ear, a heart murmur, losing your hair, you were uninating in your bed & on yourself, a swollen anus (probably cancer), which would cause stool to stick on you daily & I would have to give you 'butt washes', which I know you hated, but Mommy has to take care of her girl. Your body was giving up, even though I wasn't. Please forgive me. I wish you could have died of old age, but you went on. I just couldn't take your suffering because I didn't want to part with you. You'll be forever in my heart! I love you my Beautiful Pebbles! I miss you so much! xoxo Momma 7/26/7 Hi My Precious Pebbles Momma misses you so. Jezebel had a litter of 5 puppies. We're keeping 1 in your abscence. Her name is Little Bit. She is very sweet. Oh my Pooh, I feel so bad the way we had to part. I never wanted to put you down but your quality of life was no longer there. You were losing all your hair & basically falling apart infront of my eyes, one ailment after another. Thank you for giving me 15 years of you love & affection & all the beautiful babies we shared. I'm sending you big hugs & kisses. Forever in my heart & fondest of memories. 11/5/7 Hi My beautiful Pebbly Pooh It's so hard to visit. I feel so bad that I had to put you down. I would have done anything to keep you with me. You're my Love! I miss you. I find myself calling your baby, Jazmine, Pebbles. You're always on my mind & forever in my heart. I luv U baby girl! Little Bit is quite the cutie. She reminds me of Thumbellina, the way her tounge would stick out. She's vey pretty. Kisses, Mamma. 11/17/7 Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Momma is thinking of you on this special day. 12/5/7 Hi Jelly Bean! We are having our first snow of the year today. I think of you when you came in the house with snow balls having off your coat. You liked playing in the white stuff. I had to go out in my wheelchair, usually in the middle of the night, & shovel a path for all of you when the snow was too deep, which didn't take much. You'd run out & dissappear, & then struggle to get back. You all were so funny! Good times. Luv ya Angel Baby xoxo Hi My Beautiful Pooh! Mommy is checking in. I luv U Baby 1/8/8 .. Hi My Beautiful Pooh! It's been a year since we parted ways. I'm so sorry. I keep calling your daughter, Jazmine, Pebbles. She looks & acts so much like you. I miss you so much & will always love you. XOXO 1/26/8 .. Well hello My Pebbaly Poo! I miss you Jelly Bean Queen.What else can I say. Mommy will always love you. You're always on my mind & in my dreams. Good times Pebbles. Thanx! All My Love Momma 6/24/08 ... Hi My Beautiful Pooh! I'm back to look upon your beautiful face & remember all the wonderful times we share throughout your 15 years of love & life. It's a very painful day. My wonderful aunt & uncle lost thier beloved little boy, Paddy Freedom. I think of them & share the overwhelming pain that they are going through. Oh my God, I miss my babies so much! It never gets easier. I know that you are out of pain & discomfort. Now your body is healthy & you are with Holly, Molly, Roxy, Little Dixie, Thumbellina, Bam Bam & Hailey. Your beautiful baby, Jazmine, is here talking to me & to her Mommy & Daddy. She can sense the pain I am going through & wants to make me feel better. I thank God every day for you. I remember the day you were born. My grandfather was up from Florida. Daddy delivered you & your 2 brothers. You were the first to be born. That's why I named you Joannes' Lady First. Keep Paddy close. Show him where Dixie is, watch over him & love him as his parents do, & I, you. Forever in my heart. XOXO 7/21/8 .. Happy Birthday Angel! Mommy is here! You're my Jelly Bean. I love you Regina!11/17/08 Bam Bam's Wombmate & sister Jasmine just passed away. The owners of her only want one of your babies. They now live in Florida & are patiently waiting for your greatGranddaughter to produce a litter so your legacy can live on. Your babies & you are legendary for their beauty & personality. Jazmine acts more & more like you everyday! We all miss our, Jean Jean the Jelly Bean Queen! Forever in my heart & the best of memories. God Bless my Angel Baby. All My Love! Mommy 12/25/8 ... Hi my Beautiful Pooh! Oh Baby, I miss you so much. It's Christmas once again & I'm missing my girls. You all give each other a big hug & kiss & send it back to Mommy! I'll be sending it back. All my baies are forever in my heart! Merry Christmas & God Bless you all & craddle you in his arms until we're reunited once again. Miss you! 1/26/9 - Hi, My Beautiful Pebbles! It's been 2 long years without you. I think about you always & smile. I have you son, Stoney with me today. We're trying to make puppies, to continue your beautiful line of babies. I love you. You have left paw prints on my heart. Kisses my Angel. Missing you always, Momma XOXO Hi My Beatiful Pebbles! It's April 22 & we're celebrating your babies birthdays, Jazmine & Stoney's birthday. We had 5 babies from Little Bit & 2 boys from Jezebel. That's 7 X Fun. I miss you sweetheart! 11/17/9 Happy Birthday Pebbles. Momma is thinking about you on this very special day. Unfortunately, I received bad news this morning. Your daughter, Jazmine, had surgery last Thursday & was informed that the tumor is malignant. I discuss my options on Thursday when the drains are removed. I kept a beautiful little puppy named, Skittles Janae. After all these years of breeding I think I have got the perfect little girl. She has the dark coat like yours & she is small & is a lap dog. She loves her Momma. I also had to keep another girl, Twinkle. She has hydrocephalus & is expected to live about 2 years. Poor baby. xoxo! 1/26/10..Hello my Angel! My thoughts are with you on this very sad day. It's been 3 long years without you. I think of you always. I love you! 6/7/10 Hello my Beautiful Pebbeles. It's beem 7 years since Thumbellina has left us, so I have come to visit. Your baby Jazmine is not well. She has an enlarged heart w/ fluid & a murmor. It has been tough for her this week. We hope the med, which she is on for life, will help. We miss you Sweetheart. I think of you always. Momma loves you. xoxo 6/30/10 Hello Beautiful POOH. Your baby girl, Jazmmine has passed today. We're all so sad. She was the Sweetest little girl. She brought me so much joy. You truly made exquisite babies. Go find Jazzy, Pebbles. I know she has missed you, as well as Holly, Thumbellina, Roxy, her Daddy, Bam Bam & most of all, you, Her Momma. I miss my babies. XOXO 10/20/10 Hi Pebbles so sad to tell you that your boy, Stoney Curtis, has passed & is on his way to you. We are all very sad but know that he will be happy & healthy & with his loved ones. Take care of him Pooh! xoxo 11/17/10 Happy Birthday Pebbly Pooh. You would have been 19 today. We have 6 new puppies. One was really small,3.4 oz. I'm going to have to be vigilant with her to make sure she gets enouigh time with Little Bit as well with milk replacer that I will feed her. Love you so much Pebbles! 1/10/11 Hi Pooh Stopped by while visiting Roxy on this sad day when she leftus 7 years ago. I'm going to keep the tiny little puppy that I have called Raven, which has brought good luck to the Baltimore Ravens. Let's hope she brings them all the way to the Super Bowl. Momma misses all her babies! xoxo 1/26/11 Hi Pebbles Momma is thinking of you on this sad day. It has been 4 years since we have parted. I think of you always & love you with all my heart. I miss you baby girl. xoxo

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