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Memories of Patticake
Our Patticake lit up our lives from the moment she came into our home. The kitten of a stray, she needed a lot of love and care. For almost 14 years, she loved us unconditionally, and taught us to love as never before. She was loving, playful, rambunctious, terrorizing, patient and curious. She was always there, when someone came home from shopping, to see what they got for her. (Even if only the bag!)She woke everyone up in the morning, 5 minutes before the alarm (even on weekends), and made sure everyone was tucked in bed at nite. She was there for everything you did, her curiosity burning brite. She was a very good girl who was always brave. We miss her so very much. She took our hearts when she left us. 8/24/03 It has been almost 2 months now, and we still cry almost everyday. Patti Cake, we miss you so much. You will never be forgotten OR replaced. We are saving wally-gator and your blankey for you. We think of you and miss you every day. We love you putter-but! 5/8/04 It has been almost a year since we lost your loving companionship. We can't believe it. Patti- we still miss you so much. We think about you everyday. It still hurts to know you will never again be in the window, in our laps or under our feet. Your friend the Morning Dove is still looking for you to! Until we see you again, remember we all love you pity-poo!! 6/20/05 Patti, we still can't believe you are not here! It's been almost 2 years and our hearts still ache when we think of you. We have your picture up and look at it everyday and remember all the good things and fun times we shared with you. We still miss you sooooo much. Your in our hearts and in our thoughts every single day. Until we meet at the rainbows bridge - we love you Patti!! 6/16/10 My special putterbut, we still miss you sooooooo much. we think of you every day. We hope you are having tons of fun with Grandma while waiting for us. We can't wait to hold you and play with you again!!! We love you little pusser! 6/20/11 Hey Putterbut, we hope you are having lots of fun with Grandma and auntie Ana. We still miss you soooooo very much.We think of you everyday, we miss you every day. Have fun with everyone, and we will meet at the bridge. We love you putter!5/21/12 We just can not believe it's been so long that your not here! We think of you every single day. We can't wait to see you again at the bridge. We miss you so Putter!! 6/17/14 Hi my little putterbut. We are still thinking of you everyday- you were such a special girl. We love you little one! 6/15/15 My little angel. we think of you every single day. We can't wait to see you again at the bridge. Our hearts have never been the same.We love you putterbut! 6/20/16 Patti, I can't believe how much we miss you. We think of you every single day. You are our special little girl. We love you Putterbutt!6/19/17 I can't believe it has been so long that you are gone. We think of you every day, and miss you so much. You were such a very special girl. We love you little one. 7/10/18 Hi baby girl.I just can't beleive you have been gone so long. we think of you everyday, and miss you terribly. We love you putterbut. 4\17\20 It's been so long since you left us with this pain in our heart. on 2\26\20 Your Mommy. My Mary past away. I Hope I can bear the pain of losing my two Loves.

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