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Memories of PeeWee
12/24/03 - I know you are with your brother, Davin, but I miss you so much. I still sleep with your blanket. I know you are out of pain and able to run a play. But please know I think of you each and every day. We will see each other one day. 1/7/04 - Happy New Year baby...miss you, love you...3/31/04 - Happy Easter Little Boy. It is still so strange to not see or hear you in the mornings. I miss you and Davin. Oh, thanks for visiting my dreams, you looked so healthy, running and playing, until next time. 5/19/04 - My little boy, I know it was you and your brother that sent little Prissy to me, she was so scared just running around the neighborhood. She has made herself quite at home. THANK YOU....I will love you forever, my little boy. Your foot prints are forever etched on my heart. Well I must visit your brother. Til the next time.11/23/04 - It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since you joined your brother. I miss you both, so very much. Please take care, I will visit soon. Love You. 5/16/05 - Hello my sweet...I visited your brother today, it's hard to believe he has been gone six years and you over a year. I think of you each day and hope you and Davin are together with Snow and Stranger playing, running and driving each other crazy as you did on earth. Love and Miss you. 11/30/05 - Has it really been two years since you left...it seems like yesterday. I think of you every day. Visit me when you have time. Til next time....love you now and forever. 5/17/06 - Hello my little boy...sorry it has been a while since I visited, but I hope you know that you are in my thoughts daily. I love you. 12/26/06 - Merry Christmas, my little boy - I know you are having fun with your brother. I think of you daily and miss you very much. Visit me in my dreams....love you 6/1/07 - Hello Little Man...I know it's been awhile but you know I think of you every day and just like your brother I speak to you each night. Be good....I love you. 11/5/07...hello my little boy...well it's been almost four years and I still miss you and your brother every day. I thought when JJ came to us, you may have sent her to me, she really reminded me of you. But I guess not, JJ has found a wonderful new home with lots of love and friends. I love you sweetie...visit me soon. 7/16/08...Hello my sweet boy...I hope you have found your brother Clyde. You know how lost he is without Bonnie. Bonnie is very sad and misses her brother. She is looking at the front door waiting for him to come bouncing in. Please meet up with Davin and make sure you help Clyde. I know he is feeling better and is without pain. Take care and I love you. 8/18/08 - Hello Dear One...will I'm sure you know that Mama Kitty joined Clyde a week after he crossed over. I really think she missed him, even though they had a love hate relationship. The doctor said she had Cancer and they really couldn't help her. Please help her to find everyone. Take care and visit my dreams. Love You. 5/22/09 - I'm sure by now Bonnie has found you and it has been a wonderful reunion with all of you. Bonnie was so sad when Clyde left, I don't think she really got over the loss. The doctor said she probably had a brain tumor. But she is free now and can run and play will all of you. The house seems really empty without her. Take care, please visit me...love you. 6/5/10 - My sweet...it is nice to see that you had a visitor. I know you are terrorizing your brothers and sisters on a daily basis. Run, play and have a good time. Even though the pain and tears have subsided what you brought to my life lives every day and know that you will never be forgotten...love you.1/24/15...although it's been 5 years since I wrote something to you, it hasn't been five years since I visited you or thought of you. You know JJ crossed over on Thanksgiving and I am sure you were there to greet her with everyone else. We are fostering for a shelter now, in hopes that other babies get their forever family and home. Our first baby is Max and he is a handful, but very sweet. Love you and miss you every day.6/9/18 - My sweet little Peewee, you are my tiny boy and I miss you. Our life has changed so much since you left us. We foster now and help those sweet babies find loving homes. We've have a few foster failures :-). Miss you little boy. I love you more than you will ever know. I think of you everyday. 6/16/19 - Just visited your brother, it's been 20 years since he crossed over and 17 years for you. I miss you my little sweetheart. Run and play with your brother. Love you to the moon and back.

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