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Memories of PEPPY
He was my little shadow, always with me, even when I was away. He was always waiting at the door for me to return at the end of the day or from a short journey. I miss him so much! I just pray that he knows how much I loved him and still love him. I have no words to express what he meant to me, only an ache in my heart and a void in my soul. Wait for me, my sweet baby, just on the other side of that Heavenly door and be there to greet me when it is my turn to enter and be with you again. Rest in peace, my beautiful baby, until we are together once again.

08/28/06 - I can't believe it has been four years since you, my precious, precious baby, left my arms and went to the Bridge. They have been such long years for me, my baby, because every day I live, I think and long for you to once again be in my arms. You are forever in my heart, as you have a large part of my heart with you. I know that, some day, you will put that part of my heart back where it belongs, because we will be together for all eternity. Until that day comes, my precious baby, just know how very much I love you and miss you. Until we are together, again, my sweet baby, take care of my heart. I love you.

08/28/07 - My precious, precious, baby. This is the most incredibly bad day since you left me five years ago. I keep remembering every minute of that day and every thing we did together, how you looked, where you had your favorite breakfast - a lemon filled doughnut - the sound of you singing to me, the look in your little eyes as you looked up at me while I was brushing you, of course, in your favorite place - my lap. Little did I know that would be the last time. All of these wonderful things keep flitting through my mind as I try to go through my day without you. And of course, the time when you left and the events leading up to that time keep charging through, too. Those are unbearable for me. I just don't think I could make it through that black period again. Things are not the same, nor ever will be the same, again, until the time comes for us to be together for eternity. You were and are forever in my heart. I pray that you are happy and keeping an eye on your mamma. When it's time for us to be together for eternity, I know you will know when the time is and will be waiting with your little bright eyes and sweet face at the Bridge to meet me. Then, all of this pain will be over and we will cross it together. I love you, my precious baby. That love is eternal.

05/01/08 - Happy Birthday, my precious angel. It is hard to believe that it has been twenty years since the wonderful day of your birth. You blessed each and every day you were with me. And my heart remains broken for every day we are apart. You are the light of my life and that light has gone dark, now. But some day, my sweet baby, our lights will shine together, once again. Until that day, just know that your mamma loves you with all her heart. Thank you for coming into my life and blessing me with your love for the short time you were with us. I love you.

08/28/08 - My precious, precious baby, how the time does fly by. I don't see how it's possible that it's been 6 years since you left me. The time has flown by; yet, it seems every day is an eternity. When I look at your pictures and think of the things we used to do, my heart breaks all over again. People say it gets easier with time. Well, time is still moving, but it's not any easier. The only comfort I have is knowing we will be together again, once it's my time to meet you at the Bridge. I know I'll see your sweet face coming over the hill to show me the way across. You always looked out for me, listened to my troubles and cheered me up and showed me unconditional love, even when I had to go off to work and leave you every day. Yours was the first face I saw when I came home every day. When things seemed impossible, you were always by my side. I can't put into words how much I love you, but I know you know. Until we are together, again, my angel, keep watch over me so that you will know when it's time to meet me and lead me across that Bridge into eternity. I love you, my baby, and can take comfort in the fact that my baby will never be in pain, be fearful of storms, lonesome when his mamma goes to work or has to leave him for some reason. I know you are happy and not in the kind of pain I am in without you. I love you, my sweet baby, and will for all eternity.

05/01/09 - Happy Birthday, my heart and my soul. It is so hard to believe that it's been 21 years since we found you and your brothers in that box with your mother. She was so tiny, but she had three beautiful babies and she looked at us with so much pride at what she had given us. For she knew you were meant for us, for our family, to become our family. And that's when it all began, when you entered my heart and will never leave. We will be reunited, again, forever. Just hold on to that thought and know how very much I still love and miss you. No matter how much time passes, that will never change, except, maybe, to grow stronger. So, Happy Birthday, my beautiful baby. I hope this day brings you anything you ever wished for and I couldn't give you. I love you, my baby, for all eternity.

08/28/09 - My sweet little angel, I can't believe it has been seven years since I last held you in my arms, brushed your beautiful body and looked into the most loving and expressive eyes on the planet. The years have passed, but the pain and memories remain. I try to put it out of my mind, but it always comes back, no matter what I'm doing or where I am. You are and always will be with me. Enjoy God's love and protection and the beautiful place He has provided for you to live. When my journey has ended and it's my time to share that beautiful place with you, I know you will be there, waiting to show me around and let me share your beautiful home, together, forever. I love you so much and miss you more than words can express. Be at peace, my baby, and never forget that you are always in my mind and heart.

08/28/10 - Another year has now gone by, my baby. How fast the time does fly. But there is never a minute that you are not in my thoughts and always in my heart. So many things that I do, I think, I used to do this with Peppy. I miss you, my precious baby, more and more every day. I know, life goes on, as it has to, and I can't believe it's been eight years since I last held you in my arms. Some day, though, I will never have to let you go from my arms, again. Till then, just remember how much I love you.

05/01/11 - Happy Birthday, my precious baby. Another year has passed where I have to celebrate your birthday separate from you. But I can do it, because I have such wonderful memories of the birthdays we celebrated together. Just know that I love you and even though I may be celebrating your birthday with tears, my heart will be smiling because I'm remembering our time together. I will always love you, my baby. Happy Birthday!

08/28/11 - Another year we have been apart has passed. They say that time heals all wounds, but that isn't true. I miss you as much today as I ever have, even though it's been nine years. Know that you will always be in my heart and that some day, we will all be together again, forever. Until then, my baby, keep a watch out for your mamma to come and meet you at the Bridge. I will always love you!

05/01/12 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY! It's hard to imagine you have been at the Bridge for nearly 10 years. Out of my arms, but never out of my heart. I miss you and wait for the day we will be reunited, when it is you who will come and bring me in out of the cold.

08/28/12 - Hi, my sweet baby. Here it is another anniversary of your leaving me to go to the Bridge. It has been ten long years since I last held you in my arms and it doesn't get any easier to think about. Every year I do this, it brings me to tears. So, yes, your mamma still loves you and misses you just as much as the day you left. We will be together again, my precious, so just watch for me to cross that Bridge so you can jump back into my arms where you belong. I love you, Baby, and always will!

05/01/13 - Happy Birthday, my sweet angel. After so many years,you would think this would get easier, but it doesn't. I miss you like crazy and hope you are watching over me as my time to meet you grows closer. Then, the heartache will stop. I love you and miss you, my baby.

08/28/13 - Hi, my precious baby. Another year has passed and I still cry and ache for you. I pray you are happy and are watching over me and sending your heart to my heart until we meet again at the Bridge. I love and miss you every day, my baby.

12/25/13 - Merry Christmas, my sweet precious baby. I hope you and all your friends are having a good day and watching over Momma as she goes through her day. I love you and miss you every single day.

05/01/14 - Happy birthday, my precious baby. I can't believe it has been so very long since I held you in my arms and looked into your precious eyes. No matter how long it's been or will be, I will always love and miss you. Keep an eye on Momma until we are together, again.

08/28/14 - Well, it's been another year, my baby, since I held you in my arms. I do hold you in my heart every minute of every day and soon we will be together, never to be parted. Until then, be happy and watch over Momma. Know I love you!

05/01/15 - Happy birthday, my precious baby. I celebrate you on this special day and every day that my heart beats. Be happy and peek in on Momma every now and then.

08/28/15 - My precious baby, they say time heals the heart and I suppose it does, to some extent. You are still very much in my heart and on my mind every day. I hope you have found peace and love and are keeping an eye on those you left behind. You may no longer be in my arms, but you are still in my heart. So, until we are together again just know I love you.

12/25/15 - Merry Christmas, my precious Angel. I know you are watching over us and will be close to us all day. I will always love you, my baby.

05/01/16 - Happy Birthday, my precious baby boy. The years are going faster with each one that comes and goes. Please have a wonderful day on this your special day and know that Momma is here thinking about you and all our good times together. I will always love you, precious.

08/28/16 - My precious baby, I can't believe it's been 14 years since I last held you in my arms, crying because you were leaving me to go to the Bridge. Rest in peace, my baby. You broke my heart in two but both halves are still all yours.

12/25/16 - Merry Christmas, my precious baby. We always had such a wonderful time at Christmas and I miss you so much, but I know you will be here with us as we go through the day. That brings peace to my heart.

05/01/17 - Happy Birthday, my precious baby. The years seem to fly by these days, each one getting us closer together forever.

08/28/17 - It's hard to comprehend that it's been 15 years since I last held you in my arms and saw your big, beautiful eyes looking up at me. Time merely lessens the hurt, but it never goes away. Enjoy your peace, my baby--you so deserve it--until you are in my arms again.

12/25/17 - Merry Christmas, sweet baby. The years seem to fly by, but I miss you no less. Just remember how much you are loved, now and forever, until we are together again.

01/22/18 - I know you know by now that my sweet little innocent Kelsey has left me and is now getting to know you and Poppy. Please take care of him, Baby, he has been the sunshine of my days for the last 14 years and fought very hard not to leave me. I love him. Please take care of him and all of you watch over us until we are all together forever.

05/01/18 - Happy Birthday, my sweet perfect little baby. Things are happening so fast and changing so much every day, as I am sure you know, but one thing that will never change is my love for you. You have my heart and will until we are together again forever. Be happy, Baby, and take care of little Kelsey and tell him how much I love him and miss him, too.

08/28/18 - I can't believe it's been 16 years since I held you in my arms the last time. The years are flying by and things happening so fast I have trouble keeping up with them. But I will never forget that night nor my love for you. I don't know if dogs are in your section, but if they are, you have two new friends. They are both very special and deserve the peace they are now enjoying, whether they are with you or not. Be happy, my special angel, until we arrive hand in hand to cross that bridge with you for eternity, never to be parted again. I love you, Baby.

12/25/18 - Merry Christmas, my precious baby. I miss you every day and pray that you are at peace and happy and that you know how very much I love you. Stay close, Baby, and watch for us to join you for that last walk across the Bridge together forever. I love you so much.

05/01/19 - Happy Birthday to you, my precious baby. With every one that passes I miss you more. I pray that all of you are gathering together and playing and watching over your mamma and daddy so that you will all be ready to rush to meet us when we get there. Bless you my baby. I love you and miss you.

08/28/19 - My sweet, precious little boy, I can't believe it's been another year since you left me. Time may pass, but the pain doesn't as life goes on here. I pray you are happy and at peace and having a wonderful time with Poppy and Kelsey and the others. Just stay close to my heart and watch for us to come join you at the Bridge. I'll love you forever.

12/25/19 - Merry Christmas, my sweet baby. I pray that you are at peace and happy beyond my imagination. Just know how much I love you and miss you every day, particularly on a day like today. Give everyone a big kiss from us and watch for us all to come meet you. I love you, Baby.

05/01/20 - Happy birthday, precious. I hope you are beyond happy every day, but especially today. All of you have a wonderful time together, but keep a watchful eye on Daddy, Mommy and Scooter. If any of us come your way, all of you meet us to show us the rest of the way. Little Scooter is in the hospital right now, so if you see him, tell him it's not time, yet, that he needs to go back to his Mommy. She still needs him badly. Happy birthday, baby. I miss you and wish you were here. P.S. Little Scooter did get to come home from the hospital, but only for a week. He showed me his love by the way he left me. Take care of him, Baby. He won't know anybody but Kelsey or where to go. So if you would take good care of him and Kelsey, Mamma would appreciate it and love you more for doing it. Tell him I love them and I'm lost without them.

08/28/20 - I can't believe how long you have been gone, baby. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was holding you in my arms and kissing that sweet face. I hope all of you are happy and having fun together. I'm sorry I don't have anymore playmates to send you, so you all will just have to wait until it's our turn to come be with you. Stay together, be happy, and watch for us to join you. I will always love you and will see you soon.

12/25/20 - Merry Christmas, my sweet pink nosed baby. I pray and believe that you have Christmas every day, as you deserve. Just be happy and keep an eye out for us to head your way so you can meet us and show us the way. I love you, Baby, forever and always.

05/01/21 - Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy. I know you will have a good one and I know you know we are thinking of you all day long and the fun we used to have when you were with us. Some day we will be together again and able to have that fun again. I love you, my baby. Watch for us to come meet you for all eternity.

08/28/21 - Another year has passed since we were together. It seems like just yesterday we were all still here and happy as could be. I love you my sweet baby and pass the days knowing we will be together again soon. Until then, always keep an eye out for us to come your way so that you can run into our arms forever this time. I love you, precious, and will see you soon

12/25/21 - Merry Christmas, my sweet baby. The years are passing fast and soon we will be together again, never to be parted after you run and jump in my arms at the Bridge. Keep a watch for us and especially on Christmas morning. Remember how you used to love that day? I love you, my baby.

05/01/22 - Happy Birthday, my precious little baby. I miss you more every day, but we will be together again soon. Just keep a watch out for us to head your way so you can run out to meet us to show us the way. I love you, sweet baby.

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