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Memories of Sadie
4/15/2008 Our Puppy, well it has been a month and half since you left us. Mommy and Daddy still miss you so very much. When daddy leaves to go TDY the house is so quiet without you. I have to mow the back lawn tomorrow, Today is Daddy's birthday wish you were here to celebrate it with us. I know that you are having a good time up there, I know that you have your sight back you can see everything now, No more insulin shot no more special diet you can eat what ever you want too. If you want to eat mommy M&M now you can, Daddy keeps asking me who is eating all the M&M and I keep telling it is you. We love you our princess....7/25/2008 to mommy pooper bears it has been 4 and 1/2 month since you left us and we still miss you so much. I come home from work go open the back door so that you can in mommies house but you are not there. Everyone tell me and daddy that the pain will go away but we still miss you so much. I told daddy the other day that I don't want to play this game anymore and it is time for you to come home.Mommy hope you are happy up there. Christopher and Ashlee just found out that they are going to have baby. so we all are excited about that. Be happy my puppy bear mommy love and miss you so much...Sadie your friend Chase came to rainbowbridge today, He has not been feeling well for a while and his mommy had to make the choice like mommy and daddy did for you, I told his mommy that I know you were waiting there for him, so that you two could hang out and be buddies again, my puppy I love you and miss you so so much, mommyHi puppy, 1/12/08 I can't believe that you have been gone from us for almost a year, it feeling like forever, I still come home from work looking out the back door to see if you want to come in. Christmas was not the same with out you ranning to the door with your new present wanting to go outside with them, I miss you my pooper bears, love mommy 3/9/09: It has been a year now since you left us and it is still so lonely without you around... Just tonite we remembered the times when you and I would line up like football players opposite each other and I would yell "Hike" and you would run all over the place and I would chase after you. Or the times when I would lay with you and pet you. Every time I would try ot stop you would nudge my hand to keep petting...you never liked us to stop petting you...the thing was that we would give into you every time...luv you lots Sadie...3/6/10: Two years today it has been since we had to say goodbye... that was the most painful day for me. It still hurts to have you gone from us. We think of you every day...my heart will always be filled with you. The tears have not gone away...we luv you so much...Daddy misses you everyday!!! I luv you Sadie!!! 11/2/10: It is your 15th birthday today Puppy. Happy Birthday!! I know you are celebrating and having a great time. You are never forgotten and are missed everyday. Missing you still hurts so much... We tell Mikka about you all the time. She is your new younger sister. She is a ball of energy, just like you were as a puppy. Keep watch over her...Luv U!!!3/6/11: It has been 3 years now and we miss you so much and we talk about you all the time. We still call Mikka by your name quite often. We talk about you all the time to Mikka. She reminds us so much of you in certain aspects. Mikka also likes to eat her food all over the house. She will get a mouth full of food and then go drop it on the floor and then eat some of it. You used to do that all the time. We love you!!! Sadie I cant beleive it has been 4 years since we lost you, our heart still is broken. Not a day goes by that we dont miss you.... we love you!!! 2/12/13 It has been 5 years and think of you everyday. It is still really hard not having you around. However, we have Mikka who makes us laugh. She is unique and we know you look down on us everyday and laugh with us. We know you had something to do with us picking out this wild child we have now. She has been a blessing and we tell her so much about you all the time. We love you so much and there is always that part of our hearts that you have all to yourself. Luv u so much puppy.
Wow puppy it's been 6 yrs since you left us, not one day goes by that we don't miss you, hope your having fun at rainbow bridge with all your new friends, I love and miss you so much my puppy bear. Love Mommy 3/6/14: I don't like knowing this day. You were and still are and always will be a part of my heart. I wish soooo much I could give you a big hug again. However, like mommy said earlier, we have Mikka. Who will always be your little sister. She is a handful that is for sure. She keeps me very busy each day. She is just like you in the fact that no matter where I am at, especially outside, doing something she has to be with me. You were the same way; where I was you were also. That is Mikka now. Thank you for giving her to us. And I mean that. I love you and really really miss you... Daddy. 11/2/14: Happy Birthday Sadie! This is the second toughest day of the year and will never be forgotten. You will always be a part of my heart and soul forever. I still miss you so much! All the pictures of you bring back such great memories. I remember very vividly all the great times we had together :-) I love you! Daddy.Hi my puppy I miss you everyday not a day goes by that I don't think of you, So mush has changed in our life's, the only thing hasn't changed is the love for you and your bratty sister Mikka, Mommy miss you, I love you my puppy bear. Love Mommy 3/6/15: Hi Sadie, it has been 7 years since you have entered Rainbow Bridge and Gods care. I can tell you one thing time doesn't lighten the pain of missing you any. When you left you took a piece of my heart with you. We have been blessed with Mikka as you know and we love her so much. You have given us a great gift in her. Her unconditional love is as great as yours. Your unconditional love is always remembered forever! I miss you so much my puppy. I love you forever! Love Daddy 3/6/16: You are missed just as much today as the day you passed over to heaven. Mikka is doing great, she just turned 6. She is so wonderful. She loves to play Frisbee and tug of war. She is a lot like you in that she never leaves my side when her and I are together. When we go for walks or bike rides out to the park or through the cornfield to the woods she stays close by. She is a great companion just as you were. I found this great farm that has hiking trails where you can take dogs. We went there this past year and she loved it. Now that spring is almost here we will be going back. You would have loved it also. Miss you so much. You were such a great blessing and I am thankful that God brought you into my life and gave us those 12 wonderful years together. Luv u forever! ...Daddy 11/2/18: Happy Birthday Sadie. Love and miss you still so much. A tear always falls when I think of you. Mikka is doing good. She isn't moving quite the way she did when she was young. We all seem to get that way. Your always a piece of my heart... Daddy
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