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Memories of Samantha Girl
Sami, as we called her, was our awesome Aussie....the heart and soul of karen and Steve Melton. She was so special...a true gift from God. Never sick, always wanting to play ball, a greeter of all the rescued Shelties that came to our house...a mother to all the puppies born on our property. There will never be another Aussie like Sami on this earth for us....our hearts are broken because she has taken our hearts with her on her journey....

We have lots of Aussie stories to tell...
I remember the time that Sami was on her guard when someone came into the yard without permission. I happened to look out the window as this 6'4" guy came towards the porch and I saw Sami circling him...and then....she jumped 6' into the air and nipped him on the face....he didn't stay long and ran to the gate and down the driveway...she was doing her job.

Her best friend Gigi and her would play ball all day long without stopping for anything...she loves being an Agility dog too...she wanted to be a big champion...and in my eyes she was and she did it well...

of course, there was the morning when Sami wanted me to get up now and she brought her ball and dropped it into my mouth....

Everytime that Steve went away on a producing job, the minute he returned Sami was at the door greeting him by peeing on his sneakers....she continued this until she was a year old and then just stole the sneakers after he took them off.

More stories to come....

Oh Sam....I can't believe it is almost one year since you passed away in my arms....on July 28, 2011. You were such a wonderful Aussie and can never be replaced. if you only knew how much your dad and I miss you. You were our shining girl, our precious being, we miss you so much and still it is so hard to talk about you without crying...

Dad remembers whenever he would come to visit us after our departure from each other, that you would want to be in his arms and stay there with me. You would growl whenever the other dogs wanted his attention and even nip at them....you were so funny Sami girl. Too precious to leave us so soon. I know how much you missed your dad when he left and I really don't think you and your brother Angus ever got over it.....

You loved to ride in the car and go places....Remember the times when we drove to Florida to visit my dad....you loved to go and run on the beach with Gigi by your side....just like she is now.

July 28, 2012....Sam I know you remember the trick dad played on you while he was in the ocean.....he kept yelling Help Help and was waving his hands....when you spotted him, you took off and dived in the ocean and swam out to him to save your dad. He was so honored and felt so loved that you did that for him.......We love you Sami girl and will never stop....
July 28, 2013,.....Do you remember our trips to Nashville to visit friends...you loved to visit and stop at our favorite yogurt place to get yogurt.....so many memories Sam....more to come

Sami, I can't believe that I haven't written in here for several years. Doesn't seem so....it does seem that you have been gone a long time....I think about you so often my precious awesome Aussie. I don't think I will ever get another Aussie as there will never be another Sami.....I miss you precious girl, more than you will know. July 28, 2014. You are taking care of Taz now and Honey Bear, and Dusty. Thank you for taking care of them and give them lots of love and licks from me. <3 you mum

Sami, remember how high you would jump when I threw the ball up in the air....almost 5-6' you would jump, grab the ball and run it back to me. You loved playing ball and would drop it in my mouth every morning to remind me it was time to get up and play ball again and again......Is GiGi still pestering you like she did on the earth plane? love, mum

2015 - Well another year without you special girl. I have never been able to bring myself around to getting another Aussie. Of course Sami, I have rescued some and even contacted your former breeder....all your siblings and parents are now gone....there is only one girl left from a former litter and she is about 10 now and will not be bred. If I couldn't have another from your daddy, then I didn't want another Aussie. You were one in a million and I miss you and talk about you every day. Ms. Sophie has joined you now.....now all of you are together again and playing at the Rainbow Bridge....I know you will be there when I finally get there.....and it will be a while....but there is no time where you are and you will continue to be in my heart forever and ever. I love you Sami.....mummy....

2016, 2017, 2018... 2019.....I can't believe that I have not been able to say anything about my precious girl in 3 years. You are in my heart and on my mind continusly. I love you so Sami Girl. Never ever to be forgotten....my girl...I wish you were still with me. I love you Sami, mummy

2020....wow Samantha....still I cry everytime I think of you...You were so awesome.....I know you are welcoming all the babies at the bridge now. All the puppies are with you....I miss you...my awesome Aussie. <3 <3 <3

2021.....I still miss you Samantha and I always will. You were the most awesome Aussie and never can be replaced.. love you Mom

2022 ....another year has gone by and mommy still suffers through so much in this life. You made my life so awesome and I will see you again....just waiting for your awesome love. Mommy

2023.... you are still in my heart my dear Sammi. I miss you and never could get another Aussie as you were the best and no one can compete....only Kari louise and Spot are left from our old gang in Alabama....and they are getting up there in age....miss you...love mommy

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