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Sam Sam's story

Sam Sam was 2 days old when he was found in a shoe box, on a Friday morning, at the vet hospital where our niece Dani, worked. Dani, asked for permission to take the tiny orphan home to care for him over the week-end. During which time she called my mother and father-in-law, asking them whether they would be interested in taking on a orphan kitten. Sam Sam's chances of survival were pretty slim, but Mom, provided 24 hour care. Dad took over when Mom was to exhausted to keep going. Dad named the little guy Sam. Sam had numerous behavioral and health issues over the next 6 years. Perhaps this was due to not being raised by his mother, or siblings around him. What we did know was the only human that Sam liked and tolerated was my father-in-law.

Dad died in early 2013 at the age of 76. Sam was clearly suffering the loss of his human. My mother-in-law had grown weary of the vicious attacks and biting and Sam was no longer wanted. Mom was grieving the loss of her husband of 54 years the last thing that she wanted to deal with was a demon cat.

Jaime's sister invited Mom to come to Australia and stay with her for 6 months. I asked about Sam's care as we would not be available to come by everyday to care for him. The decision was made to bring him home with us. We packed him into his carrier and headed home with a screaming demon.

About a week after we brought him home, as I worked at my computer, Sam approached me for the first time. He just sat there, looking up at me with the saddest eyes. "I miss him too." I said to him. At that he jumped up onto my lap. From that point on for the next 2-1/2 years Sam was my shadow. When he was't hunting he was following me around the cabin or was lying under my desk sleeping on my feet. Sleeping on the bed within my reach as I worked on the computer. He would cuddle in my lap, or sleep on top of me. He made it clear that I was his human. Sam was wherever I was. He was the most affectionate cat that I have ever met. I renamed him, Sam Sam.

We live in a cabin in the rain forest on the island of Hawaii (USA). There is a 60 foot walking path that leads from the cabin to the road. Whenever we returned from an outing here would come Sam Sam, trotting down the path to welcome us home. He was always so happy to see us. I always made it a special point, to talk to him and bend down to scratch his ear. He would then lead the way home tail held high, like a flag saying I know the way just follow me.

Sam Sam was an amazing hunter. Living in the forest means living with wildlife. Wildlife includes big 1 to 1-1/2 pound (.680kg) rats. At night as we slept the rats would find their way into the cabin. They had not a chance with a hunter like Sam Sam around. He often brought in his prizes to show us what he had been up to.

Sam Sam you are missed and always will be. You gave me your trust, friendship and love. Many humans do not think that cats can love, but, they can and do.

I miss seeing you follow me around the cabin. I miss looking up on the fridge and seeing you watch my every move as I busy myself in the kitchen.
I miss the ways that you would try to comfort me when I was upset or sick.
You so easily forgave the clumsy humans when we stepped on your tail or tripped over you.
I miss lying on the bed, and having you draped over my tummy, or having you sleeping next to me.
I miss sitting at my computer trying to work around a big orange and white 18 pound cat who had no intention of getting off me.
I miss coming home, and having you trotting up the path to greet us, with your tail held high. With that little hook at the end that quivered when we made contact. I miss your escorting me to the cabin.
Most of all... Sam Sam we miss your presence and companionship

Rainbow Bridge...

Sam Sam's health took a turn for the worse and despite of our best efforts. We decided to let Sam Sam embarked on the journey to Rainbow Bridge.

Sam Sam... you were a wonderful companion, a skilled hunter and very special friend. I know that you have made some new friends and you are young and healthy again.

Until we cross the Bridge together... you are alive and well in our hearts. We love and miss you.
Mom and Dad

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