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My dear Sasha,You came to me to be my Sam's company but when i helped my brothers friend with a temporary place to stay and she filled my bedroom with boxes and slept on my couch I wound up sleeping on the floor with you and Sam for 9 months.The next thing I knew I was cuddled up with you and this is the way things stayed till you went to the Rainbow Bridge. A little while later we had 3 new furbabies, my Lilly and Little, 2 little girls rescued from a bad pound and both had parvo, that was caught in time and they survived, and then my pretty boy Misha.A purebred Husky, we had him about 5yrs and he passed in bed at 15yrs. I remember if anybody had to go OUT my Sasha would raise her head as if to say don't bother us we're sleeping then lay her head back down and go back to sleep cuddling with me.When you first came over, we would go to metro park and walk for an hour or so.People would stop and say can we pet her? what a pretty girl and I said sure no problem and you loved it.As you got older your back legs got weaker and weaker, you were still the boss of the house.We would lay on the couch and I would feed you cheese sticks while we would watch tv, then you would fall asleep while i stroked your neck and head and continued after you fell asleep.As it got harder to walk I supported your back legs and would joke about us two cripples out for a stroll. When I had to go somewhere and came home you would whimper with joy and try to follow me around.No I didnt want to let you go and I know you didnt want to leave me. I yearn for the days that we would hold each other,at peace with the world not wanting anything but each other.There are people who wont understand my words and will say that I dont have a life and get on with it and to these people ,thru all my pain and heartache I say its you who I feel sorry for, for God in his mercy knowing I would be alone gave me his greatest gift, greatest miracle , the unconditional love of my Sasha.And to her I give back that same love, unconditional that nothing can stop, or keep apart , not even death.I am bound to her, my soul mate,my friend , my loving bear Sasha for her I will cross the abyss, brave any pain.For in the end we shall be one.I reach out with my mind and I can feel her presence waiting there for me, patiently until the day I join her.May you sit at the right hand of God covered in his warm golden light. You have earned your place there my love. God Bless you my Sasha, till we are together again.Your loving daddy George
24DEC 08
To My Loving Bear Sasha
I can't believe that it is Christmas tomorrow and I haven't been able to cuddle since you left us:( We still have Lilly,and little and of course bails (Bailey) and a new girl, her name is H'ven and she is a German Shepherd and a little bigger than you but on the down side she doesn't cuddle at all :( But the way I was raised, I respect her and wont try to force or bribe her LOL! Now for the bad news and you probably know by now is that we lost our Sammy Barker and were all real sad about that. It looks like it's the 3 amigos on the other side of the bridge and I bet you three are all having a ball! There are lots of playmates over there to meet and have fun with. I miss you so much and cant wait till I join you but I gave my word and once I do that then that's it for keeps! Hows Misha? Tell him our Lilly pines away for him , Remember how she would lay down next to him and put her arm over his shoulder? she's still gaining weight but is as loving as ever! When you get time please try to visit me OK?I know you will have your hands full showing Sam the ropes, but if you can,it would cheer us up so much (especially me) Have the best Christmas n a fun New Years! Oh! and say hello to Sam's new friend Puck, his Mami has been helping us thru the hard time's and also look for Mac.He has had a very hard time and people can be a real Arschlock Nicht wahr? Love you forever and ever my wife & soul mate. Your Loving Daddy George!
04February09 Well my love, it's been a year now and I remember it as if it was just yesterday! Nothings the same, more so everything is out in the open, we are alone and nobody has time for us in this fast paced world.Well we have time for each other and that is enough for me.I miss you so my Lovin Bear, nothing matters or is important, funny all the old loves and wants all gone, I want only to be with you.The Hurt is there as ever, all my energy is gone but I know I must go on,I could take the easy way out (the Marines taught me how)but I know what would happen to Little,Lilly,Bails and H'ven and I could never abandon them to that fate.You remember when I hurt my leg and could'nt walk and Little being abused was scared of everything especially the run so I had to take her out on the leash and crawl to the backyard and back again! No help just advice to "dump" the dogs and you can live a lot cheaper! Well it's not about money, It's about love.Things are getting harder and every day is an ordeal but it must be done so we will struggle thru it. I will be home in a couple days and back with my loved ones.Give my love to our bears and also to my friends children, Puck n Mac n Zander and all the kids over the bridge,God Bless You all and Big Hugs n Kisses my Sasha,Love You Daddy

Please also visit Heaven, LITTLE, Misha and Sam Barker.

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