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Memories of Sasha LuAnn
Little Sasha was abandoned as a kitten and came to live with her brother Thumper & I. She was so little she fit in the palm of my hand. She was full of energy, zip & zoom and proceeded to shred the sheer curtains in our house displaying her athletic ability at climbing. She grew into a most lovely young lady with the most beautiful, captivating green eyes. She ruled our home and kept us all in line. She loved to sit and bask in the warm morning sun for a nap.

After her brother, Thumper, came to the bridge Dec. 01, 2007, Sasha started staying closer to me, her Mom. She would sleep next to me and always joined me right before bedtime to read our scripture & say our prayers. She helped me make a memorial for her brother in the bedroom window overlooking his gravesite in our back yard. I know she knew when he visited us and I could tell her spirits were lifted each time he was here. Sasha was with me for 19 yrs and became more people-like than some people. Her brother was 20 y/o last Dec. when he came to the bridge so the two of them were very close as well. The bond we shared will never be broken and our love will live on forever.

Sasha had been struggling with kidney failure for the last year, I did everything I could to sustain her and make her life as comfortable as possible. This last week she seemed to go down hill very fast and it was obvious she was growing weary. I held her & snuggled her as much as possible and talked to her about how thankful I was for her and what a wonderful little girl she was. She listened intently and gave me signs with her little ears and eyes of love. I was able to keep her at home here with me so she would be in her familiar, comfortable surroundings. She did not exhibit discomfort and finally, Thursday morning @ 12:20AM, (the same time her brother passed,) while in my arms, said good by to me and joined her brother @ RB. She is buried next to her brother in our back yard under the magnolia tree with an angel & St. Francis overseeing their earthly resting place. I'm struggling with her loss as we all do when we lose our loved ones but find comfort in the fact that she is healthy again & with her brother & other family members. May God bless all our little ones at the Bridge and keep them in his tender loving care until we can join them.

Sashie, I cannot believe it has been 1 yr since you left for Rainbows Bridge. I have missed you so & kept looking for you for such a long time. I was so blessed to have you for 19 yrs but wished it could have been 19+ more & you were healthy all that time. That is not God's plan for any of us though & I would never selfishly wish you here when you were so sick. I also know you were missing Thump, he loved you so. I know you come to visit me, please keep it up as it is so comforting. You & Thumper were my life & I will always cherish you & the memories of you both. Watch over me, honey, as Mom needs your protection, guidance & love. Give everyone a loving from me & they will give you one back for me. Love you muffin, always & forever!!!!!!!!!!! Mom XXX000

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