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Memories of SCOOTER
Dear Scooter (Goot-Goot(s),

Daddy and I started out fostering you and your brothers Morty and Spunky in the summer of 2000. We had you for a few months then couldn't let you go. I remember a girl had called about you, and it was then I knew all of you were staying with us.

We lost your brother Morty 11/30/11 then brother Spunky 9/22/15. You were all so very sweet. You were thinner than your brothers, but you were always healthy until a few days ago. For 2 days you hadn't eaten. You always looked forward to breakfast, dinner, and treats at bed time. Not those 2 days though. You tummy was extended and you seemed uncomfortable.

Mommy brought you to work and they took an x-ray and saw a mass. They then drained 500 ml of fluid from your abdomen. They gave you some fluids and Cerenia to try to make you feel better. Your temperature was very low. We put you on a heating pad then your temp came up. I brought you home and you cried a few times. I put you in your bed and you stayed there for a bit.

Mommy woke up the next morning and you were gone. You were lying on the living room rug. I put you back in your bed and covered you till you could be buried.

This all happened so fast. No warning signs at all. You were the only cat that I had for the longest time over 18 years and since a baby.

You loved when I sat on the couch and you and your brothers would jump up and sit by me. You also loved when I fed Toby and got into his food all the time.

Mommy and daddy are so sorry this happened to you. We're happy, though, you lived a long wonderful, happy, healthy life. We will see all of you again some day. Until then, enjoy your new home and being reunited with all your brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. We love and miss you all!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers and sisters

11/10/19 - One (1) year yesterday we lost you. I hope you love your new home and that you and all your bothers and sisters are very happy. I also hope you greeted Uncle Ollie, Ernie, Uncle Toby, and Uncle Harry at the bridge. We lost so many of you over the past year. We miss and love every single one of you. Stan the Man, Bogey, Patch, and Holly love to come up on my lap. Patch is one tough cookie. He's still going. Please run free, bask in the sun, drink from crystal streams, chase mice, but don't hurt them, and have fun in your beautiful new home. We will see you all again some day. We love you 'Goot-Goot.'


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

11/9/20 - Two (2) years this morning you left us for the bridge. I hope that you and all your brothers/sisters love your new beautiful home. I hope you greeted Myron, Patch, and Noel and are showing them the ropes. Myron and Noel were such a shock. There are so many of you at the bridge now. And mommy and daddy miss every single one of you. I just wish one or all of you would give me some kind of sign. I've been asking a sign from Noel, but I just haven't gotten one. You use to be so funny when you would hump beds or big pillows. Walter is still a bully and Bogey likes to get into his sisters' food. We have Boomer now, and he is nuts. Please be happy and enjoy. You were such a good boy. We will be together again some day. Love you sweet boy!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

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