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Memories of Seazer
From the time I first saw his crooked smile and missing tooth I knew he was meant for us. At first I didn't want a dog, but Seazer grew on me like I would never have imagined. We bonded over time and to everyone he became "Tom's" dog. He would sleep by me at night and greet me when I came home. He and his brother Bodie loved to chase each other around in the deep snow. Bodie would run after Seazer and Seazer would eventually be caught and give up. Bodie loved being the Alfa male!

My Seazer boy was tough... He had gotten cancer twice and beat it both times. Jude was Seazer's dog walker and special friend. Jude would take him for radiation treatments 3 times a week when Alfie and I were working, and she would treat Seazer to a McDonald hamburger after the treatment was done that day. Jude would be Seazer and Alfie and my special friend over the years and he would stay at Judes house when we went on vacation. He would be so happy to be going with her, he would jump into her car happy with tail wagging. Jude had other dogs at her house and Seazer was going to see his friends.

It's been 3 1/2 weeks now since we had to send you to heaven. The tears have slowed a little but the piece of me that left with you that day I cannot seem to put back........

See you in heaven my Seazer boy.

4/10/18 - It's been 4 years now my Seazer Boy since you went to Heaven. Alfie and I still think about you every day. We talk about rescuing another, but none can compare to you, so we don't try... I know you and your brother Bodie are still racing around up there like maniacs, so that in itself gives me joy. Now if I could only fix the little Seazer chip in my heart....

Go chase Bodie. I will be back.

4/10/20 - Hi my Seazer Boy. 6 years have passed and I still miss you all the time. Alfie and I look at your pictures from puppy hood to my "Old Man" dog and it makes us smile!
We many times think about getting a Rescue dog, but I know it's not fair to a dog that needs a forever home, but none could compare to you. I think someday we will, but the memories of you are still vivid in my mind. I know you and Bodie Boy are still tearing up heaven like you used to do down here!
Can't wait to see you guys again.....

3/11/21 - Just thinking about you again my Seazer. Alfie and I still miss you terribly. It is going on 7 years now, and that piece of my heart that you took with you is still not healed. Every once in a while we think about getting a Rescue dog in your honor, but I think you wouldn't allow it! Several years ago we fostered a Cocker Spaniel from a shelter. The first day was fine and he was gentle and lovable. The 2nd day when we were playing ball he bit me! He went back that same day. Although I cannot prove it from down here, I think you had something to do with it LOL! I know you and Bodie are still running around like 2 crazy dogs. I am glad you have each other.
You will always remain in my heart and mind.

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