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Memories of Shadow
My Dear Shadow Boy:
Came into my life/my home on 7/11/2018. We rescued each other.
Two & 1/2 beautiful years.(correction) its always felt like the full 3 yrs♡♡
Subtle nature/temperament.
Enjoyed peaceful & quiet atmospheres.
Beautiful shiny fur. Last couple weeks he enjoyed basking in the sun on his cat tree. Never before did he do this. Very cautious little guy who had a traumatic background.
You were so loved, my lil Bud♡
(Your Mum Roma)
12/27/2020. I miss you, Mr Shadow Cat. I wish we could hang out and I could pet you again. I wish I could see you and your mom with each other again. Watching you two together was always a highlight of my day. I'm glad we got to be friends. (Your dad and co-parent, Tim)
Thinking of you my little LoveBug or BuggerBug like i use to call u♡Your Mum misses you. Its Day 7 today & I am overwhelmed w/ so many memories of you. You were such a great listener!
You use to like to walk on me as i awoke in the morning. And you allowed me into your space for HUGS. Yes, ShadowBoy was a hugger♡
Your hugs are still w/ me & your little bean paws have left many footsyprints on me. My Sweet GentleMan...
Shadow: my Handsome Boy♡
Today i brought you home. I still remember how cozy you got in both your gray igloo & blue/gray self warming capsule(a.k.a.'Capsula').
Ill need to post those pictures soon, my sweet boy♡
January 6th, 2021
Oh, my dear boy♡ Today i remember you. My son. I feel your little spirit w/ me always. Its now 2 weeks today that you bravely went on to RainbowsBridge between 7pm-8pm.
I love you♡ my best friend. My true GentleMan. Tears are starting to come down my face. So many wonderful memories i cherish w/ you.
Today i honor you my lovebug♡ & always. Thank you for coming into my life & giving me permission to be your Mum & love you so special♡
Thank you for trusting me my Little Bud♡♡xxoo
Roma(Shadows Mum)
January 13th, 2021
My Dear Boy:
Today is 3 weeks since the day i said: Goodbye for now. I wanted you to know Mum thinks of you & is writing so many wonderful stories about you and sharing w/ folks how much you meant to me.
In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald:
'You have a place in my heart♡no one else ever could have'
You were loved so.
my best friend, my beloved pet, my emotional support companion so many roles you filled♡♡
You are missed. Mommy is thinking of you....Handsome Boy..xo
Shadows Mum(Roma)
1/23/2021 Shadow koshka (Russian for cat). It's been a month since we said goodbye. I know you're at the Rainbow Bridge and you've made lots of new friends there. Home is emptier without you here. We still feel your presence. I think you're looking in on us. Miss you Shadow. Tim (Shadow's step dad)
Im remembering, Shadow.. how you loved your FancyFeast(Beef/BeefLiver) & your treats(Temptations)MixUps. Oh, my dear Boy...I still have your cat trees exactly where you left them.
I still remember you climbing these♡
Your Mum misses you very much & sheds tears b/c your were so loved♡♡xxoo
I honor our special bond on this 23rd day of January...a month later
My dear sweet love. . .you were my little Valentine for a couple of years♡♡
Im missing you this month(love month)& i miss you especially today my dear boy(i love you so much & our bond still remains very special to me)
I am grateful to have shared the couple of Spring season(s)!
Thinking of our memories created...♡

Its been 4 months(04/23/2021) since i said good-bye for now. Still think of you. Shadow you hold a very special place in my heart♡XO

152 Days ago; 22 weeks ago; 5 months ago today.
i cherish all the memories; i shed a tear & tears on this day as i honor your life & memories created♡
Thank you Shadow(lil bug bug)xo

Thank you Shadow for letting me be your Mum. i am both proud & honored to have been your Mum.♡xoxo

6 months ago today... i held you in my arms. as you entrusted me w/ your body, mind & lil spirit♡
I said goodbye for now & today & everyday i say: Good Morning ShadowBoy♡xxoo i love you, my dear boy.

Today i remember(07/11/2018) when i first brought you home, my dear boy♡
Im grateful & proud to have been your Mum for 2 &1/2 yrs. Thank you Shadow♡xxoo
I remember how you smooched my face♡
& laid on my chest♡ Thinking of you Shadow@7 months today. i love you!
8/23/2021(8 months today)
Dear Shadow: Today i remember the few summers we shared♡ im so grateful for you coming into my life...my lil Man♡♡
Mommy still sheds tears...i love you so much♡♡xo
09/23/2021(9 months today)
Dear Shadow: Thinking of You,
Lil Guy♡XO i cherish all our quiet moments esp our naps together.
Your Mummy♡
My Dear Shadow: Today Mum is thinking about the many varieties of treats i gave you..Temptations-Barnyard Cookout was your favorite & the Fancy Feast(Beef n Chkn) was your other favorite. A treasured memory amongst others.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to nourish you. It was certainly my pleasure, LilMan❤hugs n kisses♡ I love you.
11/23/2021(11 months)
Im remembering your lil head nuzzling under my chin as you laid on my chest♡
I love you w/ all my heart, lil Man♡
p.s. 'Here Comes The Sun...my Sweet Gentleman! Holding you close♡
Your Mommy
December 21,2021
Happy BirthDay Lil Guy!🎈
I chose Winter Solstice as your birth day b/c i honestly dont know when your birthday but you always struck me as a special Winter season kitty♡
Remembering the couple birthdays i celebrated for you! I love you, Shadow♡♡♡
December 23rd, 2021(1 year later)
Dear Shadow:
I remember you today & always. A year later. You are forever in my/our heart(s)❤❤
I love you w/ all my heart Lil Man..my Bud Bud(xxoo)
Love, Mum

Dear Shadow,
We still miss you very much. I wish I could pet you one more time. I remember the first time you climbed up on my chest and nuzzled your head under my chin.
(your co-parent, Tim)

March 23, 2022-Spring Season
My Dear & Darling Boy:
Memories of you are very much alive within me♡ And throughout my days, hours, minutes & seconds♡
Hoping your enjoying this Spring season over at RainbowsBridge♡
Miss you a lot.
Love, Your Mum always.
ps: happy spring season🌱

July 11, 2022
Dear Shadow:
So grateful for you. You taught me so much, Lil Man. Blessings♡
I love you♡
Happiest Summer Solstice ☀️
Love, Mum

Dec 21st, 2022
Happy Birthday, Dear Shadow♡
Still in my ❤️ 💙
Love, Mum xxoo
P.S. happy Winter solstice, sweet boy!

December 23rd, 2022(2 Years later)
Tears overwhelm me on this day😓😔💔❤️‍🩹
Thinking of you, Lil Man.
Oh, my sweet boy, Shadow...
T.B.C. for now...

February 10, 2023
February 20, 2023
March 24, 2023

April 23. 2023🩵💙🩶🤍❤️

October 31st, 2023
Happy Halloween, my Dear Shadow.
Remembering our memory of pumpkin carving 🎃
you are much-loved ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Your Mum xo

December 23rd, 2023
Hi, Lil Guy:
It's been 🕯🕯🕯(3) years today since I needed to let you go. You remain in my heart always.
I carry our Mum & lil boy memories every day, hour second.
I miss you.
I love you very much♡💙🩵❄️⛄️🕊🙏🕯
Your Mommy((xxoo))

February 14, 2024th
Dear Shadow:
My heart broke 💔 😢 when it was time to let you go. Today and each day since my heart has moments of wholeness. Memories created with you fill me & my love for you grows stronger. I love you, Lil Man♡
Your Mum(p.s. I miss you very much)

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