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Memories of Sheba & Nakita
My three babies are together again, Nakita Passed on June 28. 2006 she's beem waiting for sheba since then. Sheba passed on April 29, 2009. They were the best of friends for 11 years. They loved to walked together, Nakita was very protective of all of us but mostly Sheba.... When Sheba had her puppies, Nakita was like a mommy to them too. now they have Prince with them. Prince passed Sept 11, 2013 All 3 dogs are very much missed and will be loved forever.... So now I know when its time for me to go, I will have them waiting for me.

1st pic below is of some of the friends, Nakita, prince and sheba. message from prince.... prince misses both of you almost as much as I do XOXOXO

2nd is of Jonathan with his girl Sheba

3rd is of nakita looking for her treats

4th is of smokey with sheba, he misses her so much. You probably wont believe this, I never got a picture of this, but nakita use to produce milk for smokey. I would look and see smokey drinking from Nakita. She thought she was smokeys mom. after Nakita passed, smokey went to sheba. Every time I saw sheba, smokey was next to her. Sheba was such a loving girl. I called her my sheba girl or baby girl. I cant believe shes gone.

5th is Dutches with her daddy. Dutches is on her way to be with Sheba and Nakita

6th is of Dutches now you are at peace our baby girl 3/30/10

Sheba and Nakita look for Dutches, she is on her way there. Keep her safe till we meet again. We love you and miss so much and will forever

1/15/12 hello my babies. Im sad to say Misty is with you now Please look for her and keep her safe. We love ALL of you and miss you Nakita, Sheba, Dutchess and Now Misty. XOXO

Sheba and Nakita .... Look for Brody and Abby they live with you now. keep them happy and safe. Let them know they ARE LOVED AND MISSED. jUST AS YOU ARE. I still miss you both, wish you were both with me.

Let Brody know Cody misses him as I MISS YOU. RIP all my friends

the last picture is of Jess and her Baby Tazz

On July 4 2013 Tazz has come to join u. He was 20 years old. Jess misses him so much xoxo

On Sept 11 2013 Prince has left us to be with his girlfriends. Please look for him, though I think he's probably found you!!
I wish I could hold you all again we miss you all so much

My beautiful girl Sierra. She now is on rainbow bridge 4/2/14. I love you and miss you All of you

Today 4/21/16. Smokey joined his friends Sheba , Nakita Sierra misty and Prince They've been waiting for you. Look for him. My baby your friend. I miss you already. I held you as you fell asleep. RIP Smokey. I miss you all😘😘😘😘

8-1-21. It's been years. But You all are together again. Look for Precious. She on her way there. I told her to look for all of you. We love and miss all of you so much 😘😘😘

4/25/22. Riley is now there with all of you. Again with Abby & Brody. Tell him her mom misses her already. As we all do. You are a special girl. So loving Love you Riley

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