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Memories of Simba
Simba, you were with me from the day you were born and we spent 17 years together. You have been the best friend, given me so much love and comfort, I don't know how I am going to cope now you are gone. I remember your kittenhood... your first breaths, your eyes opening, your first steps, how you climbed the wall using the cushioned wall paper to push your claws into... you would look at me from the top as if to say 'look what I can do'... you would have mad half hours running round the house... you would jump on top of the wardrobe from the window sill and then look at me from the top of there too... you would jump from there onto the bed.

As you grew older, you became the most affectionate and sweet lovable boy... you would follow me round... you would snuggle up with me purring gently... always so gentle and sweet.

In the last years you and I were devoted totally to each other... you would watch me go off to work from the garden path, you would greet me when I returned, you knew the sound of my car and whenever I got a different car it would take only a couple of days for you to know it.

Now Simba, you have gone... today I am heart broken and can find no comfort because whenever I was sad or upset about anything it was you who always comforted me... you were always there... I don't know how I will survive without you. I love you so much forever.

It is now 10 August 2012... just two days since you have gone... I miss you more than any words can say... I noticed that I have put your date of birthday as 28/05 but it is 27th... I was distraught Simba the day I lost you and I think I mistyped the wrong number as my eyes were full of tears. I love you my sweetheart... my little angel... tomorrow is Saturday... always our special day... not sure how I will get through... please send me a sign... love you so much.

Sweet angel... one week has passed and one day since you left, I miss you more than I can tell you. Today I collected your ashes and the box bears the inscription 'sleep beautiful Simba, forever in my heart'. You will forever be in my heart... always and forever. I have placed the last toy I ever bought for you on your box... the heart filled with catnip with the message 'from me to you'. I had to buy you that... as the heart shows I love you so much. You are back home now sweetheart... always you will be with me.

Yesterday I spent a sad birthday Simba... it was not happy without your cuddles... I am missing you so very much yesterday, today and everyday.

A month has now gone by since you left darling Simba... it feels like many months, it has been the longest month. I miss you every day and wish you were here with me. I love you for ever Simba.

Four months since you left sweetheart... it seems like forever and I miss you so much and your beautiful sweet ways. It is Christmas now, the first Christmas for 17 years without you. All the memories of our Christmasses together, how you loved the baubles on the tree and your curious face each time they arrived. I hope you are here with me in spirit... I feel you are... I love you my baby.

I have said goodbye to 2012 and it feels very difficult because that was the year we were last together. I am trying to console myself that you are in a nicer place and there is no more pain but my sweetheart I am sad that the gap of time since we were parted gets longer... nothing can be done about it but I would do anything to be close to you again. I love you my Sossos, my Simbasos, my little angel... I hope you are fine where you are, please wait for me, I long to hear your purr again and kiss your beautiful soft fur.

It's March 31, it's Easter and spring is coming, though still it's cold, but my sweet little Simba, I send you lots of Easter hugs and cuddles... missing you always my little one.

Today Simba, on May 27th I have such special memories of you on what would have been your 18th birthday. I remember the day you were born and your mum Amelia was so proud of her four kittens. You grew into such a fluffy bundle, so cute and always so loving from the start. Your three brothers went to other homes and we stayed together, you, Amelia and me. You and Amelia will be together again now... I love you both always and think of you reunited and please wait for me at the brige both of you. I remember all the 17 years we were together Simba, and you were the lovliest little man, always so loving and so sweet, always there for me. In your old age, you were such a faithful and loving friend, quiet and calm and you helped me so much in stressful times. My little Simba, I hope there is lots of catnip and everything you love there for you on your birthday. Love you forever.

It's August 4th and I have been thinking so much about you Simba this weekend, as it is coming up to a year since you left... on 8th August. I have thought of you and missed you every single day. This time last year my sweetheart, it would have been our last weekend together, but poor you, you were not well and it must have been so hard for you those last days... you were very brave, you never complained just gave me lots of love like always. You were such a special boy, I was blessed that you were with me all those years and I hope at the bridge you are running free and happy and enjoying rolling in the catnip, I love you my sweetheart always.

So, here we are at 30th May 2014, the end of your birthday week. I have been thinking of you sweetheart... you know I think of you every day anyway but of course on your birthday you were in my thoughts constantly, both you and Amelia. I hope you are reunited together and happy, I miss you two and whilst you were still here Simba, I still had a part of Amelia in you. I love you both my precious babies. So Simbasos, you will know that there are another two black cats in our home now, Nando and Ciara, I hope you don't mind that I love them too. I am sure you don't... you know all of your are so special to me. When I watch them play, it reminds me of you and Amelia when you were both young and it's so nice. This time it's the boy who's the older one, Nando and Ciara is only 3 months old. I hope you will watch over them... and me too Simba... I will always miss you darling, you had the sweetest personality and were so gentle and loving, I miss your purrs sweetheart and those wonderful cuddles we shared. RIP my little one xxxxxx

Hello my beautiful, today is the second anniversary of the sad day when you had to leave me... it seems so long ago... so long since I was able to hold you in my arms and hear your gentle purr. Never a day goes by that I don't think about you sweetheart and miss you. I look at your pictures, you were such a beautiful boy through and through with your big gorgeous eyes. This week you have been on my mind so much and I remember with pain those days two years ago. Nando and Ciara know I am sure that I am missing you... I wonder what you would have made of them... I think in your younger days you would have loved playing with them and them with you... I think now though Simba you will be that cute and mischievous young cat again... I like to think your spirit is here and that it is joining in the mayhem. They like to wrestle and chase each other, just like you and your mama Amelia used to do... it reminds me of you two back then, as I see them flying around and here the running of their paws up and down the stairs !! I hope you can give me some little signs sweetheart to let me know you are okay... I miss you so much and love you forever and ever and I send many many kisses to you and I am thinking of our nice cuddles. My heart is always with you.

Hello sweetheart Simba, you live on always in my heart and I love you so much and miss you every day and now Ciara has also gone to the bridge and so I am all upset and sad again. Please Simba look after little Ciara, she was only 16 months and she is young and playful and she will love you so much. Nando is missing her a lot but now it is your turn to be with our little princess. Please take care of Ciara for us and remember I love you always so very much. We were lucky to have all those years together and I am so thankful for that. It's nearly three years now Simba since you had to leave... you would have been 20 now. Please come and visit with Ciara. Love you darling boy.

08.08.2015... Hello handsome boy Simba Sossos... so it's 3 years today since you had to leave me. I miss you my loving friend and all your lovely ways... I can see in my mind your lovely face and those big eyes looking up at me. Thank you my beautiful boy for everything you did for me during those 17 years... you were the best friend anyone could have, you were so loving and affectionate. Today I'm going to remember all our lovely times together... I love you my gorgeous boy... I will always love you and I give thanks for the 17 years we had together.

07.08.2016... Hello Simbasos, it's 4 years since the last day I saw you but not a day goes by that you are not remembered, you are always remembered with so much love sweetheart and I will never stop missing you. You were such a good boy, a great friend and I love you always so much. You were such an affectionate boy from being a kitten. One of my last memories with you was the evening watching the Olympic opening ceremony with you, you were not so good then sweetheart, although I didn't realise how serious it was... bless you, you never complained about anything all your life. I love you forever my little man, I miss you and I hope your sweet little spirit is still with us. Thank you for being my wonderful pet for 17 years.

08.08.2016... Sweet Simba... I love you so much and miss you every day... my lovely gorgeous boy... it still hurts that I had to let you go... bless you my lovely darling boy... I wish I could kiss you and hear you purr... I send you lots of kisses anyway xxxxx I love you.

27.05.2017... Happy Birthday darling Simba... you would have been 22 today... I remember that wonderful day 22 years ago when you arrived in this world and I was so lucky that you spent your life with me from that day. Bless you Simba, I will always love you sweetheart, you were such a loving friend to me, I miss you always and you are remembered and loved every day. I send my kisses and love to you my lovely boy xxxxx

30.07.2017... Hello my sweet boy Simba, it's coming up to 5 years since you left here, I remember you every day sweetheart and I love you always, I will never stop loving you. I miss our cuddles and your purrs so much xxx

08.08.2017 - Remembering you my beautiful boy Simba, with so much love... such happy memories I have of being with you, you were such a good boy and so affectionate, I miss our cuddles so very much, thank you Simba for all the love. Today, 5 years ago, you left this life and I hope you are with your mummy Amelia there at the bridge, I also hope that Ciara has found you both even though you didn't meet her in this life. I hope you will all be waiting at the bridge to be with me again when my time comes. I love you so much Simba, you are in my heart always.

27.05.2018 - Sweet Simba, Happy Birthday... you would have been 23 today. As usual on your birthday, I am remembering the day you were born and how your Mum Amelia was so proud of her 4 kittens... you were all so cute and then it was so wonderful to watch you develop into playful cute kittens. Your brothers left and went to new homes but I am so happy Simba that I kept you with us... you were such an affectionate boy right from the start and I had the best friend in the world with you... you were a wonderful pet. I will forever miss you and love you sweetheart... as always, I send you many kisses and all the love in the world sweet boy xxx

07.08.2018 - My lovely Simba... tomorrow is six years since you left... it was a Wednesday just like tomorrow... it was the worst day... I feel so sad remembering that day... my sweet boy I remember you every day with so much love... I miss you... I love you so much.

08.08.2018 - 6 years since you left my sweetheart... but not one day has passed without you in my mind and in my heart... I miss you sweet boy, we had the best cuddles and you were always the greatest friend to me... you were such a good boy... the most chilled out cat ever... I love you sweet boy, I hope you and Amelia are together again and I hope you can look after little Ciara too though you never met her in this life, I hope you have found each other now. I love you so much Simba Sossos... bless you always... sending you lots of kisses and love xxx

27.05.2019 - Happy Birthday my beautiful Simba, you would have been 24 today... remembering you with so much love my beautiful boy, 27th May 1995 was such an amazing day watching you and your brothers born and seeing how your mum, Amelia was so proud of you all and she was such a good mum. One thing I am so thankful for is that you stayed with us because you were the most wonderful pet, you gave so much love and you were always there for me. I will always miss you Simba and I remember you every day and think of you, I love you forever sweet boy. I hope you are still waiting for me at the bridge, I will be so happy to see you again when the time comes, I love you so much xxx

08.08.2019 - Another year has passed since you left me... 7 years... but not one day goes by that I do not remember you with so much love in my heart... I miss you every day... my beautiful loving boy... I miss all the love we shared, your gentle purrs and you making biscuits on my lap... I miss your sweet ways... my cute kitten, my handsome young man and my sweet loving old man... you were a wonderful boy... I love you so much for ever sweetheart xxx

27.05.2020 - Happy Birthday gorgeous boy, you would have been 25 today, what a lovely day it was 25 years ago when you came into this world and how lucky that day was for me, when my beautiful sweet loving boy came into my life, I love you Simba, I will always love you, I miss you sweetheart and you are always here in my heart and in my memories of you, I remember our lovely cuddles and how you were always there for me... whenever I was struggling or sad, you were there, you were the most affectionate cat. I am seeing now your beautiful face in my memory, those beautiful eyes. I am getting a lady to create a portrait of you in memory of you and to remember you on your 25th birthday. I love you so much sweetheart and wherever you are now, I send you my love and my kisses, bless you darling boy xxx

08.08.2020 -8 years Simba... 8 years since you had to leave. I miss you every day sweetheart, you are always there in my memory and in my heart... you were such a wonderful and loving boy I will never stop missing you and I will forever love you... my beautiful beautiful boy. xxx

08.08.2021 - Remembering you today my lovely Simba... of course I remember you and think of you every day, I miss you so much sweetheart. You were such a good and loving boy, we had the best cuddles and you would always be with me. You were the most chilled out cat I've known, you were always happy with everything and just so affectionate. I was so lucky to have you from the day you were born, your mum Amelia gave me such a precious gift for 17 years, you will be with Amelia again now and I just hope the two of you are waiting for me... I love you both. Bless you so much little Simba Sos, 9 years ago today was such a heartbreaking day... I love you sweet boy forever xxx

27.05.2022 - Happy birthday Simba... you would be 27 years old today... I have been remembering that wonderful day when you were born, what a lovely day when your Mama cat Amelia gave birth to you and your 3 brothers. I am so glad I kept you with me sweetheart, and I thank you for the 17 years we had together. I miss you everyday, I miss our cuddles and how you would sit on my lap for long periods just being loved and purring away. You were the most loving and sweet boy, I love you always my baby boy. Happy Birthday sweetheart xxxxxxx

08.08.2022 - I think of you and remember you every day my beautiful Simba, you never leave my heart, I love you so much forever and I miss you every day, 10 years since you left, I send you so many kisses and cuddles and I hope you know they are sent to you sweetheart xxxxxxxxx

27.05.2023 - Happy Birthday darling boy, your birthday falls on a Saturday this year, just like the year you were born. It was a wonderful Saturday when your mummy Amelia had you and your four brothers, you were all so cute. I am so glad you stayed with us though sweetheart, you were the most wonderful pet, best friend, so loving, you were such a cute kitten and a handsome boy, I miss you every day. It is a beautiful sunny day today like you loved. I love you forever my beautiful boy xxxxxxxxx

08.08.2023 - Another year has passed since you had to leave for the bridge sweetheart, another year without you and I miss you so much. I love you always my gorgeous boy, you're always in my heart and in my memories and you will be forever... this day is always a sad day. We had the best 17 years together though, I am grateful for that. Love you forever sweetheart Simba xxxxxxxx

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