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Memories of Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, Lord Lovat
Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser DSO MC, 17th Lord Lovat and 5th Baron of Lovat, or 'Shimi Lovat' to his friends, left this life on Easter Sunday. Although he had joined the family formally less than two years ago, he had been a neighborhood cat who adopted me after Bootsie died. In fact, he said goodbye to her before she went on her last trip to Dr. Eklov.

Shimi was the most affectionate cat I've ever known. As soon as he moved in, he became the primary occupier of the bed, sleeping on his heating pad next to me. Every night at bedtime he would cimb on my chest and put his nose under my chin - and purr. He loved being held, and would snuggle into my chair when I was watching a movie or reading. He was very adventurous; when we were still in California he's go out and roam his turf, and be gone for several days, or even a week at one stretch. When we moved to Oregon he escaped the morning after we arrived, and didn't come back until he'd spent a night in the rain, up a tree, after he'd been chased by a raccoon or something. He never went outside by himself again, although it wasn't because he didn't try!

I know next to nothing of his prior life except his previous owners named him 'Fox' because of his narrow face; he decamped from their house up the street before they moved away two years ago. He started coming around to my front porch six years ago, along with several other neighborhood cats, but he would come in the house, look around, and check out the food bowls. After Bootsie died he came every day, then he disappeared for a month...in November of 2013 he decided that being warm and dry beat cold and wet, and he became a full-time member of the family.

While the other three were initially standoffish, confinement in the 'kitty apartment' on the way up here to Oregon did bond them together! He and Flashy became close friends, and he was great consolation when Flashy died last October. I had hopes for several years together, but, like Flashy, his kidneys failed - dramatically in March, and he died on the couch, next to Scooter and Smudgets, at 6pm on Easter Sunday. I sewed his shroud and took him to Grove in Newport so they could send him on his way, and he now sits in a Fraser tartan-wrapped box, right next to Flashy and Bootsie.

I am saddened that our time together was so short - he was intelligent, full of love, and mischief when he thought he could get away with it. I will miss him dearly, moreso because he was in our lives for so little time. I miss his affection terribly. He was a true friend.

I named him after an old friend - THE Lord Lovat, WW II war hero and Highland clan chief, who adopted me into Clan Fraser of Lovat in 1972...I thought Shimi's dignity was worthy of the name, so 'Fox' became 'Shimi Lovat' with all the bells and whistles.

My thanks to all the wonderful people at Grove Veterinary Clinic: Drs. Maddy and Knight, Brandi, Becky, Angela, and Teri - who made sure his ashes came to the right place! I also want to thank Drs. Leeking and Eklov, and Sue, at Good Samaritan in San Leandro, who first cared for him in California.

'Heaven would not Heaven be
Were my cats not there to welcome me'

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