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Memories of Skeeter
Skeeter, your whole life is a special memory. Daddy & I think about you every day, every moment of the day. We see you walking through the house, spinning around to go outside. We see you outside marking territory and scratching the ground. We especially see your precious "baby" face and those big black eyes that just wrench our heart out wanting to see you, smell you, touch you again and hold you in our arms. I know you are happy where you are and feeling better than you did at home with us because you were sick. I thank God everyday that He didn't let you suffer. Daddy & I miss you and wait for the day that we see you again and are together. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!
06/07-hey sugar britches this is your sister and i miss you soo much especially you trying to bite me all the time, have you found anyone up there to bite?? i love you and you will always look better than mel gibson and sean connery!!!!!!!!!
06/07-Hi! Skeeter Man; this is Daddy, Mother and I sure miss you, I don't think a day has passed since you left us I haven't cried. Who would have ever through a little six and a half pound black Chihuahua Dog could have gotten so deep inside a 60 year old mans heart like you did. Losing you is like losing part of my purpose for being; I love and miss you dearly but wouldn't take anything for the 13 years of love and memories you gave mama and I. May God help me stop crying but never lose the memories, until the Lord brings us together again; all my Love, Daddy
P.S.-Your little sister Jamie misses you, she follows mother and I around like you use to do, she wants one of us with her all the time.
07/07-Hello Skeeter! Its been almost two months since you had to leave us, Mama and Daddy sure miss you, theres such an empty place in our home and our hearts. We both love you so much, theres not a day goes by we don't talk to each other about you, you were and always will be such a blessing in our lives. Little Jamie has tried to fill the void you left, but I beleive she misses you as much as we do. Forever in our hearts, Love you little Skeeter man, Daddy and Mama
7/15/07 - Hey Skeet its mama. I still think of you everyday and miss you more and more. Things are not the same without you. You came to me the other night in a dream and I got to hold you again, you licked my hand and gave me sugars. Pepaw was holding you and you were fussing to get down on the ground. Mamaw was watching and smiling at us. I hope you can see your gravesite here at home. Daddy has made it so beautiful. We bought a stone with an angel and a poem on it and there is white rock all on top with a silver cross on top of that. I know you are having a wonderful time at rainbows bridge. Thank you for watching over us sweet baby. Hugs and kisses from Mama, Daddy, Brittany, Jamie, Honey, and Jack. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
4/24/08 - Hey sweet baby, I've missed you so much. You still are and always will be my little man. You still have my whole heart. Jamie, Jack, Honey & Brittany say hello and they love you. We have a new addition since this past January. His name is Bruiser and he is a black & white chihuahua. He has alot of ways like you do baby but he's not you. Jamie tolerates him okay. He's very playful and very mischieveous. Jack & Bruiser have a birthday this month. They will be 1 yr old. I just spoke with Daddy and he loves you very much and misses you. We missed you at Christmas. We put your special tree skirt around the tree just for you and left your spot open. Skeeter man, you will always be in our hearts forever. Your memory will never fade. We love you so dearly! Brittany still brings you so close to us by talking to us in your voice. So precious! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
08/14/08-Hey Skeeter, it's mama. You remain in my heart and I think of you all the time. Yesterday was Brittany's 21st birthday. She & Quentin are getting married on Dec 13, 2008. She wanted you to be in the wedding. She will probably have an honorary spot for you in the wedding. Maybe a picture of your handsome self would work just fine. I know you are hanging out with Jack and Bruiser in the yard because so many of the things they do are things you would have done. You had to teach them! It feels so good to be able to come to rainbows bridge and talk to you this way. It helps the constant ache in my heart that only you can heal. I pray that I will see you again in my dreams soon. It feels so real! I'm at work so I'll let you get back to play and I'll get back to work. I love you so much sweetie! Mama 5/4/2009 Skeeter I spoke with mama a little while ago, we both still see you as if you were still here with us. Little man I am an old almost 62 year man, but you walked right into my heart, you took you a big spot and here 15 years later its still your spot. I think of you everday, I miss you and Love you so, and with God's blessing, you, mama and me will again all be together. With all my love God bless you and keep you until then, Daddy
1/11/10 Another year has come and gone and we are beginning a new year. You are still here with me sweetie. We rescued another Chihuahua and we named him Buster. He looks so much like you its scary! He's not full blood chihuahua, he has a little rat terrier, but mostly chihuahua. He's about 4 years old, was starving to death, and sadly he has heart worms. The new treatments are better now so we will have him treated in about a month. First of all we are getting him neutered. The little stinker likes to mark territory just like you did although I think he's worse. I don't think I've mentioned Bonnie & Buddy that we rescued in Feb 09. They were brother & sister about 3 months old. They are also so sweet but they stay outside cause they are big dogs. You would love all of them. Its quite a job with 6 dogs but none will ever take your place. I love and miss you everyday! Mama
5/11 Hello SugarBritches! Mama just renewed your residency here. It is so good to see your face in your picture. I actually see it everyday cause I have the same pic up at work and home. All 6 of the crew are fine. Daddy and Britt send their love too. Life isn't the same without you and we think of you everyday. Daddy and I laugh about how you use to protect your dog biscuit from me! You thought I was gonna take it from you and you would growl at me and go hide it or sit on top of it! So funny and precious. I miss those days! You are still close to home in our hearts and our love will go on forever, Gods promise!

5/25/2011 Hello! Littleman, its been a while since I wrote but think of you everyday, mama and I love and miss you so, you will always be with us in our hearts. Your little sister Jamie turned 14 years old this past May 16th, a year older than you were, shes the queen of the house and lets us know it. This old man has you in his heart and soul as does your mama. Love you Littleman always and forever!
5/4/2013 Its been 9 years today since you went home SugarBritches. Daddy and I have moved to a beautiful spot in the country and have a beautiful gravesite built just for you. We worked on it some today adding some white rock and daddy planted your lillies. We will always miss you baby and think of you always. Jamie takes care of Bruiser the same way she cared for you. She loves to love and be a mama. She will turn 16 years old on May 16th. Our yard is full of fur babies (8) and I think they all feel your spirit because they are all so sweet and loving, just like you were but none of them are "Alpha Male" like you were. You can never be replaced and I think they somehow know that. I know you are happy there at rainbows bridge and I look forward to the day we meet again! Love and think of you always, Mama and Daddy...

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