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Memories of Skeeter Condon
In April 2006, I moved in with your daddy and dreamed of two little bunnies, jumping on me and playing. Knowing this was a sign, your daddy and I went to the animal rescue shelter and found you and Scooter. I knew instantly that you were meant to be with us. Through the years you and Scooter, daddy and me had so many wonderful times together - you often jumped on my back for fun, just like in my dreams!

One spring day we lost Scooter - we were all very sad, but especially you. You carried her blanket around for weeks. We always knew there was something about you that was different from other bunnies. You understood things. We loved Scooter dearly. Still, we couldn't deny an extra special bond with you. You knew how we were feeling and you loved us more than anything and you knew we felt the same about you. You were with us through and part of our struggles and our milestones - you were first to know that your little brother or sister is on the way. I promised you we would all be a big happy family and that you didn't need to be jealous (you were a little bit anxious - we knew that). You were part of all of our planning and we were so excited!

Ohh sweetheart, I'll never be able to write enough words to explain how much we will always love you. When you got sick last Sunday I knew it was different - you were spunky and you'd rebounded before but this time... We lost you on Thursday, but only the physical you. You will always be part of us, part of the baby - your little sibling - and always my furry little soulmate. ❤️💞

3/29/15: Good morning, Baby Man. Your daddy and I have not stopped thinking about you. We are grateful that God gave us the gift of loving you and you us - that gift will exist forever. I know you are with lots of friends at Rainbow Bridge. Many of them have already written to you and to us. We cannot wait to meet you there and cross over together. Meanwhile, we are sure you have found Scooter and told her how much we love her too. Please also visit your great grandparents, your aunts and uncles -I think you have already met Grandma Millie and Grandpa Al because of the dream I had last night. Sweetheart, we love you. We will see you again in every happy moment.

4/5/15: Happy Easter Baby Sweet Pea. We miss you - your daddy and I both keep wanting to call out for you when we get up in the morning or walk in the door at the end of the day. Suzi found a pic online of two bunnies in a church pew and thought it must be you and Scooter sending us a message that you're happy and want us to know you love us. I got my necklace engraved with your name yesterday. We love you our little angel bunny man. ❤️💞

4/26/15: Hi Baby Sweet Pea, I can't believe it's been a month. I still cannot think about you without tearing up even as we have so many wonderful, happy memories of you. We just thought you would be with us so much longer. We know God knows what He's doing and it must have been your time. We love you always and we know you are with us every day. 💞

5/30/15: Hi sweet Baby Man. It is so surreal to us that it's been just over two months since you (physically only) left us. The Baby is getting bigger and kicking all the time - I read him/her his/her first story ever the other day... The Velveteen Rabbit. Daddy and I almost have the nursery painted!! We finish it tomorrow:) I know you love your baby brother or sister already and he/she loves you - we are going to share all of our wonderful memories of you. We miss you so much. I still walk into the house every day about to call out to you and then realize you aren't there. We are so happy and excited about Baby and we wish so much that you were here so that we could hold you. We love you so much little man - you are forever with us. ❤️

3/26/16: Sweet, sweet Baby Skeet... Happy Easter our little soulmate! We so wish you were with us to know our precious Baby Max, but we feel you with us every day and know that even though you are not here physically you are always a part of each of us. We always think of you little sweet pea. We love you and your sister Scooter forever❤️💙.

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