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Memories of Sligo
Sligo was a happy and exuberant boy. He was full of life and always smiling! While he looked and sounded intimidating, he was anything but. He was a big teddy bear! He was a loving boy who, despite his size, thought he was a lap dog. You never knew when he was going to try to climb right up onto your lap. When laying in bed, he was not satisfied with lying next to you, he wanted to lie right on top of you. He was a gentle and caring boy who was always ready to cuddle. I will always remember him trying to care for other dogs as they got older. He would lay with Calvin and Bailey, giving them kisses and trying to pet them with his gigantic paws. He loved his ball and carried one all around the house like a pacifier. I hope he has a ball with him wherever he is now.

Sligo, we love you and miss you more than words can express. You have left a gigantic hole in our lives that can never be completely filled. We hope that you have found Allistair, Bailey, Calvin, and Willie (and all those family members who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge) and that you are all playing together.

You will never walk alone.

7/29/12 You have been gone for a little over a week and I cannot get used to your absence. You were such a big presence! I miss not having your greeting every time we walked through the door. I miss your cuddles at night, when you would climb up onto the bed and lay down right on top of me, refusing to be ignored. When I'm weeding the garden, I miss you bringing me your ball to throw and then sitting with laser focus until I'd throw it for you. Oban misses you, too. He's been down since you left us. He misses your company and how you were always up for playing with him...sometimes a little too up for it :) I thought I saw you standing in the hallway the other day and I hope that was you coming to visit me. Please visit more often. It is strangely comforting to think that you are still around me. That being said, I hope that you are playing and having fun with the other animals there with you. We know how much you loved other animals! Say hi to Allistair for us. We miss you both and will see you again!

8/3/12 It's two weeks exactly since that awful night. We still can't believe you're gone. We think about you all the time and hope that you are running and playing with your friends. We wish you were still here with us. We love you, Sligo!

8/10/12 It's been exactly three weeks since we had to say goodbye to you and we still think about you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am vascillating between feeling like it's been forever since you were here and not believing that you are gone from our lives. I think of those awful last few days and those last few minutes and I cry. I try to remember the good times so that I smile, but it's still hard right now. Every time I think of you, I miss you. Recently, I've seen a lot of black butterflies and they make me think of you. I never really noticed them before, so maybe it's just a way for you to make your presence known. I hope that's the case. One of your balls is still under the bed, where you left it (or lost it), but I cannot move it. It will stay there indefinitely. I feel like you were the last to touch it and I don't want to undo that for now. Be happy and healthy wherever you are, Sligo. We miss you and love you!

8/20/12 It's been exactly one month since we had to say goodbye to you. I hope you know that we would have done anything to not have to make that decision. It was just your time and we had no say in the matter. We think about you every day. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, and you're in my thoughts at all hours in between. We are going to the shore tomorrow and I hate thinking that you won't be with us. I hope you will be there in spirit. I think Oban misses you. He's not the same since you've gone. None of us are. We miss you so much, it's painful. There will never be another boy like you. We love you, Sligo.

10/31/12 Happy Birthday Sligo!! You would have been 4 years old today. Today is so much like last Halloween - we are without power, it's chilly, no halloweeners - but this year you are not here. We are feeling that loss so much today. I hope you are having fun with your doggy friends and are watching over us. We still miss you so much that it hurts. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you and wish you were still with us. I'm leaving you a birthday cake. Our wish is to see you again some day. Until then...we miss you!

7/16/13: One year ago today began the worst week of our lives with you, Sligo. You went in for your surgery and it was the beginning of the end...although we didn't know it then. I was so worried because I knew you were in trouble, I just didn't know how much. I feel terrible that you had to go through that, knowing what I know now. We still miss you. This is a very difficult week for us. I hope you are having fun where you are and playing with all of your friends. We love you and think about you all the time, but especially today and this week.

7/20/13: It was one year ago today that we lost you. It's such a sad day. I miss your big hugs and your larger than life personality. I'm thinking of you today and miss you :(

7/20/14: It's hard to believe it's been two years since you left us. It seems like so long ago that you were with us. We miss you so much.

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