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Memories of Smokee
A close friend passed away last week. His name was Smokee. He was a twelve-year old cat. From the time he entered our lives as a six-week old kitten, he was as loyal, devoted a friend as a person could ask for. For some reason, which I can't explain, he bonded with me in a way he didn't do with anyone else. As a kitten, he would jump up on me and I would play with him. When he got older (and MUCH bigger), I would sweep him off the floor for a rubbing of faces. He didn't like anyone else to do that, but I think he liked it when I did it; I know I did. He was always there to greet me when I got home and it wasn't time for bed until I was home and ready to go upstairs. His presence on the bed at night was a reassuring (and on a cold winter night a welcome warm) one. Many nights, he would press himself up against me all night. When it was time to get up (in his mind), I would be the recipient of a good morning snuzzle and no more sleeping would be done. If I was around the house, he frequently followed me around to be with me and see what I was up to. He could be aggravating too, the way he would try to steal his feline colleagues food at meal time or jump on the table to procure a piece of chicken. What I wouldn't give to have him hound for food tonight or to be able to scold him for being a glutton at meal time or to pick him up and snuggle him the way I did so many times. When I picked up his carrier after he passed away, the woman at the hospital asked me if he was an only cat. "No," I replied, "but he was a very special cat." He was loved by everyone who got to know him. He will be missed but will never be forgotten. Dave and Karen Fink

8/17/06 Smokee, your Mom and Dad miss you so very very much! You will be forever in our heart. You were so very special!

8/18/06 Smokee, it's me again - Mom! Your Dad and I are thinking so much about you. We miss you so very very much. We were thinking of all the things about you we loved, even though it didnt seem that way at the time - the way you would jump on the table and just sit there looking at us before your meals, though you knew you werent supposed to do that!; you would sit at the top of the stairs with your head cocked to the side; the way your Dad would come to bed at night and yep! there you were following along right behind him; how you would lay on your back with your big bushy tail between your legs and we would nuzzle your soft pink belly and all that cottony Smokee fur; how you were the worst kitty I EVER had when it came to pilling you-you hated medicine!; how you were such a chickenhawk!-you just loved your chicken! Oh Smokee! I am so very very sorry you got sick and you couldnt enjoy your geriatric years. You left us much too soon! You were so loved and you gave us so much. You will be forever, and I mean forever, in our hearts and mind.

8/24/06 Missing you Buddy! Flame is missing you also. It is so very hard without you SmokeeKat! You would welcome the TweeterGirl! I know you would. Just like you always welcomed Mugsy, Lil' Bear, Flame, Zachary and that crazy Cody! You were our special guy - a once in a lifetime cat. Oh Smoke, we miss you so! Even Dr. Lauren remembers what a very very special cat you were. I am so sorry you will not be able to spend those long days with your Dad that we always promised you. But you will be there in spirit, every day.

8/06/08 We love you so much, Smokee! You are always with us.

8/03/09 It has been three years, Smokee. Hard to believe. You are always with us and always will be. Take care of Cody for me, will you? Let him know how very much I loved him and I am so sorry what he had to go thru and I still feel that we failed both of you. We never got the chance to see just how far he could go. Some things just are not fair. Mugs is hanging in there and so is Zach. We continue to see so much of you in our precious Tweeter (thank you, Smokee!) We have Bob (Mike) back where he belongs and he is a comfort too. He came back to us just at the right time. We love you, Smokee!

7/18/11 Love you always, Smokee! Take care of the others - Zach and Mugs have joined you.

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