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Memories of Snoopy Jr.
Snoopy Jr., a stunning little white Maltese was born on September 30, 1997, and joined our family on January 21, 1998, as our gift from God. His sweet smile, beautiful blue eyes and silky coat made him stand out above the crowd. He was loved by everyone who met him. While in day care, he was photographed for a story by the fledgling FOX News, making him the first dog to ever appear on the network. Later, he was adopted as a mascot by a local Girl Scout Troop. Then one day while his Dad was holding a press conference, four of the seven news stations attending turned their cameras on Snoopy to catch his charming smile. He sure became a celebrity. Through good times and bad, Snoopy was always there, licking his Mom and Dad's hands to show his love and nuzzling with them at night when they watched television together from the bed. He especially liked looking at professional football and chose a position where he could prop his head up to see the screen even better.He loved to eat steak and veal parmigiana and even taste an occasional dish of vanilla ice cream. When he had to go to the vet, he was always greeted by name and had a priority appointment. Wherever he traveled, he made a lasting impression because of his beauty and his smile.

But toward the end of his 16 year life, Snoopy began to experience back trouble and was later diagnosed with an enlarged heart. The months saw him slow down, getting regular acupuncture and laser treatments for his back and stronger medication to treat a persistent cough from his heart disease. On January 21, 2014, exactly 16 years after he joined our family, he walked to a door where he could see his Mom, looked at her for a moment as he was having difficulty with his rear paws, gave her a look saying "I Love You!", turned, got into his favorite bed and started walking across the Rainbow Bridge. His passing was quiet, quick, serene and dignified -- just as he had lived his life.

He is happy now, playing in the beautiful fields of heaven with his loved ones who predeceased him, walking in the path of God. As he came across the bridge, God was on the other side waiting to tell him: well done my little friend, you finished your mission on Earth and created a family that will always love and praise you. Now it's time for you to get your reward and it is an eternity in Heaven for you to be loved as you have loved others! Heaven is yours.

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