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Memories of Snowflake
Our home is in the Mountains of NC and he loved watching the birds on the deck and later as he got bigger I'd put bread on the deck where he could watch the very large ravens and he'd hide behind the doors and run from the bedroom to living room to watch. What fun for him and then I found a very large stand with two levels and ramps he could play on. That became his bed for many many years. He'd lay with his head over the edge and he'd reach out at you if you came to close. After Marie passed he would sleep there watching over me.

Marie was found to have Ovarian Cancer in April 2008 and for the next three years he stayed by her side while we traveled to Missouri and then Houston for treatment. He would sit on the bed not only then but at home also and he'd fall over as he fell asleep. He looked like a Buda with his rear legs spread out so he would have a good base and front paws straight down. Soon it was sleep time and backward he went. That was my boy.

My wife lost the battle June 2011 and many days after that I would get in my car inside garage to go for papers but not open the door after starting. I was so depressed I wanted to join Mare and then I'd realize Snowflake needed me to take care of my boy. He saved my life so many times and yet when his time came I couldn't.

Anita and I met in August 2012 and she fell for him right away and the feeling was mutual. He adorned her and would follow her around the house. I will stop here as she will write some herself later as it is very hard for her, me, I just tear up and fix typo's as my heart is broken now and feeling very lost.

I was on Beech Mtn caring for our house due to the terrible freeze and he was in Winston Salem with Anita. I left him there as I traveled to FL to see my aunt who is 94 and hadn't seen her for years. Concerned her time was short. Anita was out that afternoon and he was fine all that day as she held the phone so he could hear my voice talking to him. He started rubbing his chin on the phone while I was talking and I asked if he wanted a treat. Of course, he did and I told him he was a good boy before he got down for them. That was the last thing I said to my son. My little boy had a heart attack and for him not suffering I thank god but also mad that he took my boy.

I have scars from playing with him and wouldn't trade them for anything. Anita is so heartbroken as she loved the little man as I did and do. Years earlier she had a terrible experience like this but it was not a furry family member but a two legged one.

He loved to run the house and once couldn't stop due to the wood floor and crashed into a rear projection TV breaking his nose. After that he did NOT slow down and every time he used one of his TWO litter boxes he'd take off running the length of the house he was in. I will so miss the "Thundering Herd Sound" as he ran. He was a pretty big boy at 15lbs. so he made lots of noise but I loved his letting me know. In the morning, he'd come close to the bed and being very quiet he'd wake me that it was time for his treats and lysine. Of course, being his staff I'd get up and take care of my boy.

Have to add one more thing. When he was very little he started walking on a ledge up in the loft. He acted like he wanted to jump down on the TV so we blocked him and install tempered glass above the rail and below. Once I let him up, he jumped about halfway up the glass above the rail and knocked himself back down. He never tried again after that I it probably saved my sons life.

I have no fear of passing as I know I'll be with all my loved ones who have passed and I'll see him near the bridge with Snowman. Snowman was my first little furry son that also left to early but that was due to a vet in Deland Florida on SR 15A near International Speedway putting a sick cat near him. That is another story.

I'll end for now and live with my memories and another broken heart. I will miss you Snowflake forever but see you soon. Up in years so my time is short my little boy.

Murray Oeth - His Dad
January 6, 2018

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