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Memories of Snuggles
Snuggles, 6 Years have passed since you entered as a resident at Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are playing with Rocky, Tink, Princess and Terra. One word of advice: Don't let Rocky have his way all the time, you are important too.
Want you to know I miss your loving caring personality and think about you every time I see another Shiz. I know you greeted Terra when she arrived shortly after you left. Keep up your hospitality to all that cross the Bridge, they love you for it. Love and Kisses Mom Lucy

Snuggles was named such because he was a snuggler. He was the runt of his liter and had short legs which made him walk with a priss. He required your permission to do anything - including to go outside to potty. Snuggles was also a snorer and could could out snor his Dad as well as his Aunt Susan. Snuggles with open arms allowed Tinkerbell, Rocky and Princess to his home. He always let them eat and run to the door first when you came in from even a 2 minute yard visit. Tinkerbell, Rocky and Princess all belonged to Aunt Susan and were at the Rainbow Bridge to greet Snuggles who let them go first - as always. Dad was there also and so happy to see Snuggles.

All left us in 2012.Centainly our loss that has left a big vacant spot throughout the home. Each had their own personality, but Snuggles with his quiet and polite manner let Aunt Susan know he is happy. He can see again, doesn't have to deal with skin allergies, and is with his pals.

Good for you Snuggles, you'll always have a place in our hearts! Mom Lucy

Snuggles, on Christmas we all miss you opening your presents. You always get so excited. Terra and Buddy (Nathan's dog) tried to follow your act but not the same without you. They both are with you now. We rescued Wattsy and Fawn but neither lived long. So, it is getting crowed your way. Hope all is well at Rainbow,we miss you. Mom

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