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Dear Sonny,
We can't believe its been over 4 months since you left us and today would have been your fifteenth birthday.
We'll miss seeing you open your presents and sniff your cake. You always enjoyed all the presents you received, barking at those that moved or "talked back" to you. And you always loved your special vanilla custard treat.
We put up a few of your decorations in honor of the day and we'll be stopping at some of your favorite spots later too. Even though you aren't with us now we hope you will enjoy your special day; running and playing with some new friends you have made and visiting with Misty, Duchess and Tommy too.
It eases our minds to know you are no longer in pain or uncomfortable from illnesses. We miss your morning trips outside, putting on your special boots, and watching you romp and play in the snow. You gave us such joy as you would carefully select special toys to play with each day. Our hearts filled with love seeing you "Cujo" around and play as if you were a puppy for eternity. We miss and think of you every single day. We are sure your friendliness is bringing happiness to all your friends on the Rainbow Bridge.
Please remember how much we love you and wished we could have kept you with us a while longer. You will always be the sweetest and smartest dog we'll ever know and love. We look forward to playing with you again at the Rainbow Bridge someday. Happy Birthday Sonny Bunny and all our love forever, Mom and Dad

Dear Sonny,
We miss you so much on this first Easter without you. It was always fun watching you open an Easter present to play with and taking you along to visit the family for dinner. The only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that you're not in pain anymore. No more pills or weakness. Now you're able to run in the meadow by the rainbow bridge and play with all your new friends.
We love you so much and look forward to hugging you and playing with you again someday.
All our love,
Mom and Dad

Dear Sonny,
Christmas Day has come and gone and the house feels so empty without you. I always wished you would talk on Christmas Eve and wondered what your voice would sound like and what you would say. We miss watching you open your presents; taking each one onto your blanket so we couldn't touch it. I always loved watching you the next morning as you sniffed each new toy and decided which one you wanted to play with first that day. One year you liked the little mouse; Mew, so much that you took him to bed with you. We're glad to have so many pictures and videos of those special times. We didn't put up the tree because we know you never liked it and how long it took to decorate it. We hope you celebrated Christmas with Grandma Lane, both Grandpas and Misty. We love you and miss you so much everyday. Having you with us was like having Christmas everyday. We love you, Mom and Dad

Dear Sonny,
Tomorrow would have been your sixteenth birthday so we put up your decorations today. I liked the years when we had Chinese food from Yings complete with fortune cookies. Our course your picture cake was a favorite and you got to have an Anderson's custard for your dessert. Which was your favorite toy besides fuzzy ball. Elmo? Gary Gorilla? Maybe your talking balls. You always loved all your toys. I don't think I'll ever experience true happiness anymore without you. I wish I could go back in time and spend more time with you. I hope you know how much I love you and look forward to the day that I can see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you're spending time with Grandpa and Misty. Please tell them we miss them, too. All my love forever, Mom

Dear Sonny,
It's two years today that you left us and I miss you more each day. I'm so upset with myself for not trying to figure out why you were so sick and not spending more time with you. I hope you know that I loved you so much and I guess I didn't want to accept what was happening. I hope you can find it in your heart not to hate me because of that. You were the one true joy in my life and I know I'll never be that happy again unless I get to be with you someday. I hope there is a heaven because you deserve to be there - happy and healthy and full of fuzzy balls and talking balls to play with. You taught me that family is the most important thing and you were the best part of mine. I wish you could give me a sign that you are okay and that we'll be together again someday. Please take care of Misty and Grandpa if you see them. As well as Willa, Bill and Tasha and Quincy. If I had one thing o could change in my life it would that I would have devoted more time to you and tried to help you get better instead of making you suffer. You will always mean the world to me and I was so lucky to have you as my puppy even if it was too short a time. All my love always, Mommy

Dear Sonny,
Today would have been your 17th birthday, I tried to keep busy but I still miss you so much. I hope you're happy and playing with a fuzzy ball. Have you seen Mom? Tell her I love her and miss her. Take care of her - she always loved you and her favorite stuffed animal was a stuffed shih tzu I gave her in the hospital. We were just watching your puppy videos. I still love the part where you dragged that big Winnie the Pooh around. You were so little and kept going back to sleep on your Snuggle Puppy. I wish I had you here now. Mom and a Dad are gone and I'm retiring soon. I always hoped I would be able to retire and spend lots of time with you but now I don't know what to do. I'm looking forward to seeing you someday and hope you'll be happy to see me too. I miss watching you cujo around the house and bark at your talking toys.

Dear Sonny,
Tomorrow would have been your 18th birthday. We still put up your puppy decorations including your birthday poster and the Chinese lanterns. Every holiday I put some of your favorite seasonal toys in a small basket by the fireplace. We still have some of your most favorite toys in the family room like your Snuggle puppy, Gary Gorilla and Elmo. Seeing them everyday makes me feel like you're still in the house.
We're going to go for a drive tomorrow and visit some of the places we used to go to - Budwey's, Niawanda Park and the Briars. I hope you are happy and healthy now and know how much we love and miss you. I hope I'll see you again someday and I can hug you and kiss you and play with you again. You were my only baby and you'll always be a big part of my heart that no one can ever fill. All my love, Mom

Dear Sonny,
Today would have been your 20th birthday. We put up your poster and decorations, went to some of your places and we'll watch your videos tonight. You were the best puppy - happy and curious. I tried to keep busy today, but I just felt empty without you. You are the smartest puppy ever. You made my life complete and will always be my baby. After Mom and Dad died and we were stuck inside with a pandemic I really began to miss having you around. I got very depressed and kept saying I wanted a dog. Kathy was really stressing me out with all her surgeries and appointments that I had to take her to all the time.
Getting a dog would give me a good excuse to have to go home and give me something to look forward to each day. We got Teddy a year ago in May. He's very sweet and loving but he'll never be as great as you. I hope you aren't upset that I got another dog. Even though his coloring is similar to you, his personality is very different and he could never ever fill my heart with love the way you did. I guess someday you'll meet him and hopefully you can be friends. It just shows how much I miss you and need something to hug and love. I wish I could go back and relive all those wonderful moments with you -- playing with you and your toys, taking you on car rides, and snuggling with you at night. I hope you realize how much you were loved even though we couldn't save you when you were so sick. I hope you have seen Misty, Mom, Dad, Willa and Bill and Duchess and Tasha and Quincy. I just wish I could've had you for one more day but I know that never would have been enough. Please know that I'll always love you more than anything else and miss you every day. I look forward to seeing you again and being able to run and play with you. I'll make sure I have a fuzzy ball with me. . Hopefully you can have some fun on your birthday and play with everyone you love.
Until we meet again - All my love, Mom

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