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Memories of Sophie
You were my best friend, my protector, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on!Always trying to cheer me up when I was sad,and always ready to go anywhere on the this earth with me no matter where as long as you were with me you were happy.I miss you every minute of everyday. Coming home is the harest thing ever knowing my girl isn't here waiting for me,but I still go to your grave and tell you mommas home, and tell you how much I miss you!I don't know how I am going to survive with out you,it hurts so much!Rest in piece my girl and know that I love you so much and miss you so bad.
It's been over 2 weeks my girl since you have been gone I put Xmas solar lights around your grave,and made you a cross out of wood in the garage last night I just have to put something on the wood to protect it and get some paint to write on it b4 I put it on your grave I miss you just as much today as the day you left my world!
I put more solar lights around your grave today, and made sure there were no weeds even thinking about growing near you,had to come in and run my hands under hot water they were frozen. Then I came in the house and cried my eyes out,I miss you so much my sophiegirl, your momma loves you and misses you more then ever!!
Today is not much better,I feel angry that life's not fair I just want you back!I hate coming home,I just want to lash out at someone,I miss you so very much,I need my girl!I don't know what to do anymore, just cry I love you so much my sweet, sweet girl. You were always such a good girl, everyone that knew you loved you.And ev1 i know knew you because you went everywhere with me.And if I had to go somewhere I couldn't take you,I would take you to aunt Carol and uncle genes in Redding because I knew they would spoil you the whole time you were there which wasn't ever more then a week.My heart aches for you my baby,I miss you my sophiegirl,my peepee whoppa girl!Everyone always laughed when I called you that,just a random nic name I made up for you!I love you so much!!
I try to stay busy,but it just dosent help,I miss you more everyday!I just want you back so bad and I know that won't happen!You made me so happy,and I hope I made you just as happy!!I try to find comfort in knowing I gave you a wonderful life,but even knowing that dosent help,I just want you back,I love you and I need you my girl so bad!I miss you so much!Love your momma!I hope you can hear me when I go to your grave everyday and tell you mommas home!
I miss you my girl,I miss you sleeping next to me at night!I can't sleep I just want to cry,I just miss you so much!I hope you are with me always I will always love you and miss you every minute of everyday!
Hello my sweet girl,I have really been having a hard time dealing with missing! I am going to calif our home for xmas maybe that's why!All I want to do is cry,I miss you so much I can't stand it!Everything here reminds me of you,i would give anything to have you here with me!It was a month ago yesterday that you left me!I miss you so much every second of everyday!I know you knew how much I loved you and I know you loved me! R.I.P. my baby momma loves you so much!
I miss you my girl,I had a dream about you last night first one since you've been gone,got up walked in the kitchen to make my coffee then it hit me it was just a dream you weren't here you were gone, and I just started crying,cried off and on driving to work and I'm still crying tonight.I want my girl back,God I just want you back so bad!! I miss you so much,I miss the best friend I ever had and ever will have. Everyone keeps saying I need to get another pet,why so I can go thru this again!I never want to go thru this again and I wont!I love you my sweet,sweet girl!!!
Hello my baby I went home for xmas and seen the family and cried with nicole(your sister)we found the video where you were about 4yrs old and tt boy was a puppy bugging you on the couch!I miss you so much,I finished painting your cross to put on your grave!!
I miss you so much sophiegirl,I don't know how to go on and live a happy life without you,you were my everything! Even being home in calif with my kids and grandbabies,my granddaughter alaina who's 5 kept saying nana are you going to cry again I just wanted to talk about you so much,my daughter understood your sister nicole remember I used to call her your sister,God I miss those days so much, I'm having a hard time lately I guess since I got back to Colorado.I want to move back but I don't want to leave you here in your grave! I love so much mygirl.
Sophie mygirl I miss you so much,it gets harder everyday everyone says it will get better with time but it's not.im missing you more then ever!Everytime I see a car with a dog riding around with them I cry because I took you almost every with me!I think about going for a walk sometimes but why your not here.I see all these dogs being posted that are lost and it makes me cry because I never lost you once,the farthest you ever go lost was across the street!You were afraid you would lose sight of me I miss you so much.It's been 4 months and I don't think imy ever going to get over loosing you,no I know I'm not.Grandma says I need a puppy,but I cannot ever go through pain.
Hello my baby i love and miss you so much.Tom will be a year that your gone and it still feels like it was yesterday to me,i miss you so much!It still hurts so much not having you hear with me. Your momma loves you so so very much!i would give anything to have you back with me!!
I still miss you so much my girl, it's still hard to go on without you. I have some sad news porcha has joined you over the rainbow bridge, but I'm sure you know that already, I hope you 2 are keeping each other company and playing like you used too. Show her the ropes my girl, love you forever!

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