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Memories of Sophie Moon
Sophie ! Moment I lay eyes you I knew you were the one! You were licking your paws ! You look so fluffy and cute ! I first got you September 2007! You help me when I was going through such bad times in my life! You were always there for me! Loving me and caring me! We went through a lot together moving to places to places! You were always happy! In 2011 we bought our first home together! We lived here for over 10 years together! This was your home, your comfort place! We had so much fun time together! You were a handful. You use to follow me every way even to bathroom! You use to love waiting in bathroom when I was coming out of shower! You wanted to help clean my feet by licking! You always loved to lick my feet even until your last night with me! I love how you will bark when I played games! You loved your treats so much always running around ! You had so much energy! You were strong! You had many medical problems like chronic epilepsy. You started to take medicine when you were only 1 years old! You are so strong because you lived to 14 years ! Seizures went away for awhile and you were not in any medication for awhile until 2020! As your age get older your liver and bladder was getting bad. And beginning of this year you started to have more seizures and medicine wasn't helping much. I'm so sorry you had to go through such hard times like this and I know at the end your body was getting tired. I didn't realize my little baby was getting old. You started to pee poop everywhere and no control. You started to fall down a lot and couldn't walk well. You started to loose your sight as well. That day came on June 9th 2021! I know you were telling me your time was coming. I know you were just getting too tired. I know it was your time to go. You and I had perfect night together. We ate together and you watch me play games. You bark for your treats. I noticed that you couldn't stand anymore. You were struggling to stand straight. You try to drink some water and you went to pee. After that we went to bed. You seem so tired and I pick you up and said I love you puppy love. You kissed me. And that was it. You died peacefully in your sleep.

You were always loyal to me. You showed me happiness. You taught me what love truly is. You were my first dog my first baby my family! You are my whole world my everything. I know your time here us gone but your life just began in a whole new place in rainbow heaven !

I will always love you! One day we will meet again and be reunited and we will both cross over to heaven together!

I love you my Sophie, just wait little longer! I will come and get you my puppy love!

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