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Memories of Spunky
From the day I saw you in the pet store window teasing the other puppies I knew that you were a Spunky. You touched our lives for 12 years, you were like a child to us. Our world revolved around you. We didn't make a decision without wondering about you. You & daddy had those special long walks together especially in the summer. Daddy made paths for you in the yard to walk during the winter too. It took us 8 years to find a house on LBI that allowed us to take you on vacation with us because we know you liked the kennel but we always wanted you with us. This summer daddy took you out in the bay swimming for the first time & boy did you love cooling off on a hot day! When I would come back from the beach there you were with your head peaking through the railing & wagging your tail and barking so happy to see me. When we came home from work there was always that familiar bark & lots of kisses always with yellow dog you would come running. How you would pretend to be asleep when daddy would come to bed & then wake up really fast & pretend to "attack" & then it was off to sleep between us next to your kitty brothers & sisters who also miss you so much. The days & nights are lonely for all of us without you! We will love you always & forever!
All our Love, Mommy, Daddy, Mercedes & Capicola

August 11, 2008 ~ It has been a week since you went to the bridge. The drops of rain you feel are our tears. We miss you little guy. Love, Mommy and Daddy

September 1, 2008 ~ Spunky, It is four weeks today since you left us. Oh, we miss you so much. Daddy
misses those walks with you. I know you came to meet Sunshine, she has made the house seem not quite so empty, but know that she will never replace the love we hold in our hearts for you. Talk to her, she has a lot to learn. Play and have fun our Spunkster. Mommy and Daddy send there love and miss you so much.

December 25, 2008 ~ Spunky, Its Christmas Day little boy & we are missing you so much today as always! Its our first Christmas without you. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. Merry Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge! Love & Kisses, Mommy & Daddy

May 17, 2009 ~ Hi Spunky! Spring is here. Sunny loves to walk to your spots... you must have told her about them! We miss you. Mommy and Daddy

June 13, 1009 ~ Spunky, We brought Skyler home today. He will need your guidance also. You were very happy being the only doggie. Sunny.... wanted a big brother.

August 4, 2009 ~ Spunky, It has been 1 year since we held you in our arms, but we hold you forever in our hearts. We miss you. Love, Mommy and Daddy

March 15, 2010 ~ Hey Spunky... I talk to you each day as I walk Skyler and Sunny in the Cemetary... I know you hear me... I miss you my friend. We missed you so much at Christmas. Spring is on the way... I remembered how you loved the nicer weather, it was so good to be able to take those longer walks that you loved! We love you always... Daddy and Mommy

July 11, 2010 ~ Spunky.... It is almost time for LBI. Sunny and Skyler will be going this year. I will take them to your favorite spots and swimming in the bay. We will talk to you from the beach. Love and Miss You, Daddy and Mommy (you are always in our hearts)

August 4, 2010 ~ Spunky... It has now been two years since you went to Rainbow Bridge. We miss you today and everyday. Mommy and Daddy

July 13, 2011 ~ Spunky... Here it is almost time for us to go to LBI again. We will be going to the same house we found for you, so that you could go with us. Sunny and Skyler will be going again this year for the second time. Come and visit them... there is so much they can learn from you. We Love You and Miss You... each and every day!.... Love... Mommy and Daddy

August 4, 2011 ~ Spunky... It is now 3 years since you went to Rainbow Bridge. As always, you are in our hearts and we miss you. Love Mommy and Daddy

April 20, 2012 ~ Spunky... Spring is here. I miss the long walks we use to take together. Sun and Sky don't walk as good as you did! I miss you my friend. Love Daddy

August 4, 2012 ~ Yet another year has past. We miss you and you continue to be forever in our hearts. Once again we send you our love. Love Mommy and Daddy

June 18, 2013 Hi Spunky, I have something to ask you to do.... a little guy Johnny Worth from Lahsa Rescue came to the Bridge today, he was hit by a car and could not be made whole.... he needs a friend tonight.... he is a little black and white like your brother Skyler... We also had quite a scare the past few weeks, Skyler was sick and really scared us, but he seems to be getting better. Miss you so much little man.... We think of you every day and miss you so much. Love Dad and Mommy

August 4, 2013 Hey Little Guy... It is now 5 years since we held you in our arms, and got those special kisses, we still miss you each and every day. We returned to Conn. Avenue this year to a different house. Sunny and Skyler loved walking at all those "special spots" on the boulevard. Always in our hearts.... Mommy and Daddy

April 2, 2014 A hard long Winter... you would have loved walking on top all the snow... Spring is breaking through... You felt close today as we walked in the cemetery... miss you little guy.... Dad and Mommy

November 2, 2014 Hey little one.... We were able to go to LBI twice this year, a week in the summer and for Chowderfest. This is the first time we were able to rent a house for the fall and Sunny and Skyler were able to run and play on the beach. I remember the last year we took you, we sneaked you onto the beach in the late afternoon.... Friends of ours Doggie came to the Bridge today, his name is Spencer.... please show him around. We Love you and miss you... it is starting to get cold here.... woodstove is lit.... Miss you.... Mom and Dad.

February 2, 2015 Thinking of you on your Birthday. It is a cold, snowy day. The type of day I would have driven you down Pine Ave. to your favorite spots. Love and Miss you.... Mom and Dad

July 2015 We are getting ready to go to LBI, Sunny and Skyler are able to go with us again, sure wish you could be there with us too. Please come bye for a visit with us. If we hear Skyler barking in the night, we will know why! We miss you. Love, Mom and Dad

August 4, 2015 Spunky, 7 yrs. since I've held you, but I can still feel you head against my cheek... Love and miss you little guy. Dad and Mom too....

October 9, 2015 Hi.... Its Fall in NY, how we loved the walks through the leaves.... Miss You My Boy.... Dad and Mom

February 17, 2016 Hey, I had not changed you to Winter.... Had the first real snow this week.... so now you get a bit of winter. Remembering our walks in the snow.... Love Dad

June 2, 2016 Summer, thinking of LBI and missing you. Love Mom and Dad

October 19, 2016 Fall in NY, How you loved running in the leaves! Really missing you.... Love, Mom and Dad!

April 1, 2017 Spring is on the way! Daffodils pushing through the ground. Mommy bought a "Tanning Salon", keeping us both busy! Took Sun and Sky on long walk through the woods, Your Path, miss you. I am sure you meet Mer at the Bridge.... We got a new kitten from the Shelter in Nov. His name is Mouse. He is a terror! Love and always miss you.... Mom and Dad

August 4, 2017 9 years.... Missing you alot today. Love Mom and Dad

December 25, 2017 Merry Christmas Spunky, With Love Mom and Dad

April 6, 2018 Should be spring in NY, but snowing today! Bella came to the bridge yesterday.... I am sure you have meet here already.... They miss her just as we miss you.... Love Mom and Dad

August 4, 2018 10 years.... Always in our Hearts. Mom was crying this morning, she was thinking of you. Romp and Play have fun my boy! Love Mom and Dad

Christmas 2018.... Hey little guy, we miss you, today and always. Merry Christmas our boy. Love ya

April 21, 2019 Capi came to the Bridge. Find her.

May 2019... Noki came from the UCSPCA to join our Family!

Aug. 4 2019 11 years, Missing you a lot today! Run Free our Boy!

Dec 6 2019 Winter has arrived in NY. Your picture goes on our tree this weekend! Love ya.

May 4 2020 Just checking in..... Love ya

Aug 4 2020 12 years, We Love you Forever, O for one more long walk my friend

Christmas 2020 Your Memorial Decorates our Tree, Merry Christmas!

Jul 26 2021 August is approaching, Going to LBI in a couple weeks, Miss You, Sunny and Skyler don't walk like you did! .... Love ya

July 2022 Wow, we have not written lately... yet always remember and think of you, you know this... thought we were going to lose Skyler, but he is ok for now... miss you my boy, forever!

July 2022 We almost lost Skyler last Sep. His Heart... USVS saved him... This week we had to do Dental, just like you did, and just like you... he did great and is feeling much better... Had not told you about this.... Love You, Dad
Christmas 2022 As always missed you, tree still up, your ornament is always first/last! Skyler is still doing great.... Hopefully you won't have to meet him for awhile yet, will let you know... Love ya
Aug Back from LBI, your favorite spot too! Being their has perked Skyler up! Thought of all the times you were there..... Love ya
Oct Sunny not doing well we are scared
Nov 28 Sunny is coming to be with you, find her, watch over her, love you both
Jan 2024 You have a brother, Walnut! Visit Him!
June 22024 Wally is getting bigger, he is a walker like you were. Getting harder to give Skyer his pills. Miss you

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