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Memories of Spunky
Dear Spunky, (Bunckles, Spunky-Wunky-Dunky)

We called you a few names. We started out fostering you, and your brothers Morty and Scooter the summer of 2000. We had you for a few months, and I received a call from someone interested in Scooter. At that point, I couldn't let any of you go. How could I separate three brothers that were together since they were born and then for months later.

You were such a good boy. All your other brothers and sisters could be such bullies sometimes. You never were. You never got involved in the drama. When we brought our first dog (Hannah) home, you loved her so much and liked to snuggle with her. As we brought more dogs home, you loved all of them too. You sat by the gates just to be near them then they would start barking. You also loved to sit with me on the couch every night.

You had kidney disease for such a long time and did very well. In April, we found out you had a huge mass on your pancreas and you were also diabetic. I started giving you insulin and you did so well throughout this summer. Then in late September, you didn't want to eat anymore and you just laid around. You had also lost a lot of weight. You use to get so stressed-out going to the vet, and I didn't want to do that to you for the last time, so you left this world peacefully in your own home where every animal should go to the Rainbow Bridge.

You were 15 1/2 years old and had a long happy life. I hope your brother Morty and all your other furry brothers/sisters met you at the bridge as well as Granny, Grampy, Pop-Pop, and Nanny, You are now with your favorite, Hannah. I'm sure they are all showing you the ropes in your new home.

Until we see you again, sweet boy, run free, enjoy, and have fun. You are not sick any more.


Mommy, Daddy, Scooter, and all your furry brothers and sisters


Dear Sweet Bunkles,

One year today we lost you. I'm so glad you went to sleep in your own comfy bed in your own home. You were a very special good boy. You had battled so much. You and Morty were crazy about water and always liked to make a mess with the water bowls. Scooter is doing well at 16 1/2. I hope you and all my other babies are together and happy in your beautiful new home.

We love you!

Mommy, Daddy, Scooter, and all your crazy furry brothers and sisters


Dear Spunky Boy,

Two years ago this morning we lost you. I felt bad leaving for work that day and had a feeling you would be at the Bridge when I got home. You're young and healthy again, sweet boy. Scooter (Goot-Goot) is slowing down a 17 1/2 years old. He doesn't move the cat beds in the middle of the floor to hump any more and he has been picky about what he eats. The doggy doctor examined him, did bloodwork, and a quick x-ray but everything was normal. He does love milk though and waits for mommy to finish her cereal. I hope you welcomed Uncle Dexter this past June. I lose a piece of my heart whenever I lose one of you. I love you sweet Bunkles. Enjoy, have fun, and run free until we meet again.

Mommy and Daddy will always love you.

Mommy, Daddy, Scooter, and all your furry brothers and sisters


Oh my dear sweet Bunky Boy. Three (3) years today you went to sleep as you fought so hard and wanted to go to the bridge. We just lost your Uncle Moby. I hope you and all your furry brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles welcomed him. It's so hard when we lose one of our furry kids. We love you all so much. Scooter is still kicking at 18 1/2years old. He is a good boy. We brought home pissy Chrissy and she doesn't take anyone's crap. I love you all! Be free, happy, and please look down on us every once-in-a-while. We will see you all again one day. Chase birds and butterflies but don't hurt them :)


Mommy, Daddy, Scooter, and all your furry brothers and sisters


Hi sweet Bunkles. Four (4) years ago today you left us for your beautiful new home. I hope you met brother Scooter in November, Uncle Ollie in February, brother Ernie in February, Chrissy in June, Toby in August, and Uncle Harry last week. We lost so many of you in the past year, and it never gets easier. Each and every single one of you are very special to daddy and me. We want you all to enjoy your new home, run and bask in the grass/sun, drink from crystal streams, and have fun. We love and miss you!


Mommy, Daddy, Scooter, and all your furry brothers and sisters


Hi sweet boy. Five (5) years has gone by already. I hope you met Myron and Patch at the bridge. Patch left us on the same date you did. It just doesn't get any easier when we lose one of you. We love and miss every single one of you. Please be happy and look down on us every now and then. The house is as crazy as ever. Sierra and Cheyanne are holding at 18-1/2 years old but Sierra is in renal failure and Hailey is 16-1/2 years old. Enjoy, sweet boy!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

9/22/21 - Hey there Bunky Boy, Six (6) years has passed. I hope you greeted Patch who left us on the same day you did, Noel, Sierra, Hailey, and Bogey at the bridge. Bogey was such a shock and he was only about 11 years old. We tried to help, but it happened so fast. He was such a crazy boy. Poor Cheyanne had to have an eye removed. We are down to 5 cats which feels really weird when we had 14 at one point. Please be happy and we hope you love your home. We will see you all again some day. We love and miss every single on of you. Have fun!


Mommy, Daddy, and all your furry brothers/sisters

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