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6/29/2021 Star I lost you in the early morning hours today and it was so unexpected. This hurts so much! It feels so empty and lonely here now, this pain is awful. You know people always say it is just a horse, but they don't understand the bond that is created, the love that is there for this fur baby. You carried me over miles of trails and listened to all my concerns, worries, hurts, and happy moments, you were my therapy and my best friend. You were in good care at the vets and had other horse friends around you. I was told you didn't suffer when you went and I am so sorry you didn't get to come home. I knew this morning before they called that you had gone because there was such a feeling of emptiness in me.
God granted me the honor of having you in my life for 14 years and I cherish every moment and memory of it. We had such a nice and relaxing ride the last time we went out, little did I know that it would be our last. I was looking forward to this weekend because we were going to hit the trail again. Your field feels so empty out there. I loved to look out and see you grazing with your little goat friends, there was such a sense of peace about it. It is so painful to go in the garage and see your fly mask, boots that I used on you to ride, your lead rope and halter, your reins, and saddle and so much more that reminds me of you. Your little goat friend, Oscar, will miss you.
I hope Russ, your trail dog buddy, met you when you went to the Rainbow bridge. Now you two can be on the trails together again. Now you can graze on all the green grass without that grazing muzzle on, you are free now. I am thankful for the time I had with you yesterday at the vets. I got to feel your soft fur as I laid my head on your shoulder and smell your scent as put my face in your neck, I will miss your scent and the feel of your soft coat. Matt will miss you too because you always helped me find my smile when you and I went out for a ride, he said I always came home relaxed, dirty, and happy. He loved you too very much and misses you. He thought he would be bringing you home today. I will miss your beautiful face and soft gentle eyes. I love you so much and will miss you forever. 💞🐴🐎💔❤️

06/30/2021 - My Star I miss you so much. I look out to your field and feel so much loneliness. The pain of losing you weighs on this place like a weighted blanket. You were such a good horse, you had such a kind and gentle nature. I don't understand why God took you because I still need you here. It is not even about riding the trails, it is you I miss, I miss your presence in my life. I slept with your fly mask last night and will again tonight because I can smell your beautiful scent on it. I love you my beautiful fur baby. I will love and miss you forever. 💞💔

07/05/2021 - Hi my Star. It is a week ago today that I lost you and I miss you so much. I will be doing ok and then all of the sudden the pain from losing you hits me like a wave. This is the first 3 day weekend that you and I haven't gone for a ride and right now with other stuff going on I could of used the time with my friend. I should never have lost you like this. Your field is so lonely and your goat friend, Oscar, still calls for you sometimes. I miss you so much darn it! I love you and will miss you always. 💞💔

07/19/2021 - My beautiful Star, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow that I lost you and the pain is still so fresh. I went to Tractor Supply for the first time since you passed and it was very tough because I use to go there to get the things you needed. I still have your fly mask in my room and I smell it everyday so I can feel close to you. I have photos of you now on the wall and I had a coffee cup made with your pictures on it so I can see you all the time. I could of swore that I heard you whinny last week when I was starting to fall asleep, it was so stange and comforting at the same time. It is a beautiful sunset right now and I can picture you out in the field peacefully grazing. I miss you so much and I wish you were here. I love you my friend, you were my heart horse. 💔💞🙏

07/29/2021 - My Star, it is a month today that you left me and I miss you still so much. I still have your fly mask by my bed so I can smell your beautiful scent. I really wish you were here because life kinda sucks right now and it would be so nice to go for a nice ride with my best friend. I am still so thankful for our last ride together, it was such a nice ride like God was giving me one final memory. I bet you have found Missy and Sierra there and you three are running across the meadow like a bunch of young fillies with no more pain and you can eat all the grass you want and not get a stomachache. It is still so hard to go out in the field because you are not there, it feels so sad. I thank God for letting me have you in my life and for his presence with me when he took you. I love you and will miss you always. 💔💞🙏

09/02/2021 - My Star, you have been gone 2 months and this still hurts. People will ask me about you and I break down crying. They say time heals, but it doesn't, the pain of lose is always there, it may not be as bad some days, but it is always there. I have good days and bad days and I think it will always be that way. You are so special to me and always will be. I wish you were here! I love you and will miss you always. 💔💞🙏

9/30/2021 - My Star, it has been 3 months now since I lost you and I still miss you so much. We have another horse here, her name is Bug. She is a nice little horse, but she can't replace you. I don't think her and I will have a bond like you and I did, but it is nice to have a friend again and to see another horse out in the field. Matt even walks out in the field again, it hurt him to much to go out there after you left us. I didn't want to get another older horse, but Bug is 20 years old too, the same age as you were, so I guess she is picking up where you left off and helping my heart to mend. She is using all your tack and I told her that she should feel privileged because you were such a great horse and my beautiful fur baby. I love you my girl and I wish you were still here. I will miss you forever. 💞💔🙏💖🐎

11/08/2021 - Hi my beautiful Star. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you still. I have Bug here, but how I wish you were here, you were my best friend. Bug is a good girl, she is a bit grouchy though lol. She has never had the attention and love like you had, but she is learning that being loved and cared for isn't too bad. I am not real close to her because I get kinda scared she might die like you did and I don't want to feel that pain again. I went out to feed her and called your name instead of hers. I love you and miss you and always will my Star. 💔💞🙏💖🐎

12/24/2021 - Hello my friend. Tomorrow is Christmas and I hope you are running with Missy and Russ, Sierra is probably with you too 😊. I miss you girl. I am trying to trust Bug, but it is tough. I knew you and you knew me, we were a team and I have never had that with any horse like I had with you because you were my friend. Bug and I have been out on the trail and she does take care of me, she is a good girl. You were one of a kind, my shining Star. I need to stop comparing her to you I guess. I miss you Star so very much and I love you my friend. You are forever in my heart. Merry Christmas my sweet Star. 💖🐎💞🙏💔

06/17/2022 - Hi my beautiful Star. I am sorry that I haven't talked to you in awhile. It will be a year in a couple of weeks that you left me and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I miss you very much my friend. I was showing Heather the card that I got and your mane and tail that I have and pictures and I started crying so hard. The hurt is still there. I am having fun with Bug though, but you two are so different, you were a little on the wild side and she is very laid back and easy going. She is an old gal and it will hurt when she goes and I pray it isn't anytime soon. Sometimes I wonder why I am putting myself through this again. I thank the Lord for putting you in my life because you helped me through a lot of stuff. I saw the man I bought you from and he told me that your mom is still alive. He was very sorry to hear what happened to you. I am too. I love you my Star and will miss you forever.💞💖🐎🙏💔

09/21/2022 - Hi my beautiful Star.Sorry I haven't been here lately. I can't believe it is over a year now that you left me. Things have been crazy here. If you were here we would go out on a ride and would tell you all about it, so I will tell you now. We found out that we have a great grandson,he will be 2 and his name is Noah. It has been a real mess. We have to put Juicy to sleep tomorrow morning, so you will see her then. She will love to go on the trails with you and Russ. We have another pup and her name is Star😊. When we went to look at her and the kids had already named her that so we knew it was meant to be. Cheyenne is going to be teaching her on the trails. Star I still miss you terribly. I think a little piece of us dies with each person or fur friend we lose. I love you and miss you my Star and will forever. 💞💖🐎🙏

10/24/2022 - Hi my Star. Well my sweet friend we had to put your buddy Oscar to sleep today, he should be with you now. I hope you, Oscar, Russ, Juicy, and our little rats Gus and Stewart know how much you all mean to us. It was a hard decision to let Oscar go because he was my last connection with you and him and Bug had become friends and he was a very good boy. He was getting really sore and we knew that he would not do good this winter, it was time, but it was so hard. It seems a piece of me leaves with each fur baby that leaves us. I bet you two had a great reunion up there and I am sure that Sierra is with you all too.I would of loved to see you all greeting Oscar. I love you Star and let Oscar know that we love him and will miss him so much. I miss you very much my beautiful Star. 🐎💞💔🙏

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