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Memories of Star Kitty
Star Kitty,

Each and every day you provided the most amazing amount of love to me, Ernie, Chance, Jake, 10 Speed and dearly departed Chachi.

On your first night home from WHS you curled up on the couch and helped me order pizza. On your first birthday we threw a party with four and two legged friends - it was so fun to have friends over - and remember when Ernie stole some appetizers and carried them into the other room.
I remember the first year with the christmas tree and you sneaking ornaments off the tree and leaving on the bed for me - I will never forget that.
I loved how when I would come home after a long day I would open the door and either you would be right there to run out into the hallway or your little head would pop up on the big couch and you would give me a big yawn and then run past me into the hallway.
I remember a spring day a year ago when we went down in your kitty carrier and played in the tennis court. You were having so much fun running around and found your way out of the court. We then walked around the pond and you always stayed close by. I never had so much fun as I did that day.
I miss playing with the laser light with you as you would chase it and run at 90 miles per hour down the hall. You could outrun me any day of the week.
I remember the first time we had turkey for you and you loved it - from that day forward I always wanted you to have special treats.
The vet always said you were the most loving and gentle girl and you always will be.
Everytiime grandma sent a box you would hide in it and want to travel to Texas (except you wouldn't like the plan ride).
My favorite time was us sitting on the couch, you head butting me and just hanging out. I could sit there for hours - I only wish we had done more of that.
You are so missed and I love you so dearly!!! I hope you are having fun playing on the hillside with Abercrombie, Chachi, Mandy and McDougall. I am sure Nana has come to see you and spoiled you.

Love you so much!


Star - It is Wednesday and been just over a month since you left us and we just wanted you to know that life isn't the same without you and hope you are meeting lots of new friends and running and having fun. We will see you again. Love, Mom

Star - We just got back from your Aunt Jenny's wedding and we know you were there with us and it made the day so special. I know you made sure the sun came out for her. Do you have lots of new friends at Rainbows Bridge? So many nice families have written in to meet you and their pets are so looking forward to spending time with you. The song is so true - I will always love you!!!!
Hugs and kisses - Mom, PS Ernie says hi.

Hi sweet Star. I am here working with Pudge Kitty and she would have loved to meet you. Best buddies the two of you would have been. She has a heart like yours and just wants to give love. We miss you so much. I wish you hadn't gotten more in life and I know you are enjoying yourself at rainbows bridge. Love you and miss you!

Hi my baby girl. I was thinking about you and wanted you to know. How was your day today? In my tough day I had so much comfort thinking that you were hopefully chasing your friends along the beautiful hills and that you hopefully were enjoying a beautiful sun catnap. Love you so much and miss you.

Star - Max is now with you at Rainbow's Bridge - he is Deidre's special baby who just passed. Please take care of him and hang with him. Deidre and I miss both of you terribly and wish we could give you one more hug. We know we will get to when we meet you again. Love, Mom

Star - Happy Easter. We miss you as we were all thinking about you yesterday. Easter isn't the same without you but I hope you had fun with your "peeps" at Rainbows Bridge. In your honor, Mom is fostering two beautiful kitties who are saved because of you - we just wish you were here.

Hugs and kisses. Ernie says - meow meow and Jake is so sad without you.


Happy 4th of July my baby girl. Are you enjoying the summer? We all miss you so much. We are going to foster a black and white kitty - mom and baby in honor of you. We also are helping out the Placencia Humane Society in your honor.
What did you have to eat today? Is it lightly overcast?

We love you and miss you. Mom, Ernie, Chance, Snickers, Jake, Maxx, 10 Speed

We forgot to tell you Constance made the most beautiful portrait of you and it is like you are looking at us and with us as I know you are. I just love it.

Hi my little Star girl. I can't believe it has been 7 years. It was like I just lost you. Still miss you so much. Ernie now lives in Texas with mom and dad and he wishes you were there with him to run around by the pool and play. You would have loved it there. I know you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge with your friends. I know you are bringing everyone lots of love and helping the new residents. You are the best kitty ever and are so missed. Thanks to you I rescue a ton of kitties and dogs to help them. We will do more and some day will have a rescue in your name. I am so sorry once again you left us too soon and so young. Love you and miss you. Mom

Miss you. Mom

It is your family and we miss you. Oreo our black and white foster mom is feeling sick and I know you are looking out for her. She needs some extra TLC and we will find her a home. Ricky went home on Friday and next Saturday Caramel goes home. I know you look out for each of them. I miss so much our cuddle time on the couch. Have fun todya and stay cool.
Love, Mom

Hi Miss Star - we hope you are staying cool and we all wanted to say hello. Miss you terrible and wish you were around to hang out with. Caramel goes home Saturday and she wants to let you know all of your help in letting her come stay is appreciated. Spoil yourself today and have fun with Bob and Abers. We love you, Mom

Hi Star - hard to believe it has been a year. We miss you as much as we did a year ago. It isn't the same without you. We know you are with us each and every day. Callie the foster baby gets her inspiration from you and each day she trusts a little more and gets around great on her three legs. She wishes she could have met you. Are you doing ok? In your memory we made a donation at your vet, to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and to the Placencia Humane Society. We also are fostering Marge in your honor and she is getting adopted. WE love you so much and miss you. Your family and especially mom.

Hi Star - I keep thinking it will almost be 4 years and we all miss you so much. You would love the house and would enjoy going outside so much in the garden. I miss you so much and wish I could have one more day with you. I rescue a ton of kitties in your memory and I know the ones who unfortunately end up at rainbows bridge you take care of. I sure love you and miss you Ernie sends his best. I know he still looks for you. Love you baby girl. Mom.

Hi my sweet girl - getting ready to leave new mexico. thought about you a lot here. working with andrea in cozumel to save 30 cats and get to ann's sanctuary in pa. we have to pull this off and need your help to welcome the poisoned kitties and dog and to help ensure the kitties get to ann. Hugs. miss you. Love mom.

Bob - we sure miss you and thnk about you. Getting ready to leave new mexico. Are you and Star hanging out today? Mom and dad are in new york seeing family. hugs and kisses and talk soon.

Star Kitty - 12/12/12 - it is supposed to be a day of celebration but it is sadness as we miss you. Wow. 6 years later. It feels like it was yesterday. you are so missed each and every day. It is just not the same without you. I continue to just wish for one more day. I know you come to visit me in my dreams and I know you came to let me know Snickers was okay and you were looking out for her. I remember so many amazing things about you and will be happy when I am reunited with you at Rainbows bridge. You will always be my baby girl. I hope each day you are enjoying and getting sun and running around and having treats. Love you so much. Miss you baby girl. Love Mom.

Hi Star. I think about you often. I miss you so much. Life isn't the same without you. Ernie went to go live with grandma and grandpa. He says meow. I have pudge with me. And chance lives outside now. He is still going. He wants to know how you are as well. I just wish I could have one more day with you. But I know I will see you at Rainbows Bridge. Love you.

Star. We miss you so much and just wish we had one more day with you here on this side of rainbows bridge. Here with Pudge and she so wishes she had met you and could learn and hang out with you. Teleworking and wish you were here with us. You had an amazing way of just making me feel better. I know we will get to see you again and just love you dearly. I hope each day you bask in the sun and get lots of treats. Love you dearly! Mom

Star - on this anniversary day I just want you to know how much you are missed and how each day it sadder without you. I want no pain for you and know that you are healed and safe at Rainbows Bridge. I have always wanted one more day with you and know I will get that chance. Pudge wishes she could have met you and you would have been best friends. Thanks to you we have saved many kitties and we want a day when every kitty has a home. Love you and miss you amazing Star! Love, Mom

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