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Memories of Steenky McGee
This picture was taken on our trip back up from Alabama to New York. You got pretty hot and were panting (it was early September 2008) so I had to get a pic...I always thought you were cute but when you panted it melted me. You looked so happy - I hope you had fun on that trip and all of the others that we took. Remember Canada? Michigan? Oklahoma? Missouri? Illinois? And especially staying at home when I was off work watching tv together. I hope you enjoyed Spongebob with me. I miss you like you wouldn't believe. I wonder sometimes if you missed me this bad when I first came up to New York and couldn't bring you with me. We were apart for nearly a month, and when Mother and Mim got you here and you perked up, they were so relieved because they knew you were mourning for me. They said you didn't even eat hamburger meat on the ride up here - they were really worried that you were going to die. I'm going to make it but I miss you so much. I know you've got your wings now and that I'll get to see you again one day. I'll come back and share some more memories later on - right now this is about all I can bear to write. Just remember...you were and always will have a special place in my heart.
1/25/09: Hey Steenky - today marks a month since you left this old earth and went to your new home. I hope you're up there having a blast. I put some corn chips on your residence here because I know that you don't have to worry about eating healthy where you are now - you're going to be healthy no matter what you eat! You just enjoy yourself and don't forget me - but don't worry about me. I still miss you like crazy but maybe I'm learning to cope. People have been really supportive but there's always going to be that little part of me that's missing - until I see you again. I still have to sleep with a pillow up against my chest because it reminds me of when you would lay there and stick your paws up against me. I hope that I gave you a good life down here baby. I miss you a lot, lil' gal.
12/25/16: Hey Steenky! I still miss you a lot...it's been 8 years today but I'll never forget you. You finally got a little sister down here that I'm sure you'll get to meet one day. Her name is Dixie and she's nothing like you except that she's a Chihuahua too. She could never take your place. Hope you're having a blast up there in the sky - I'll see you one of these days.
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