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Memories of Stimpy
"STIMPY'S BALLAD...a beautiful cat with an extraordinary personality"

You shared "your" life and friendship with me for 15 years and during this friendship we shared a journey of adventure and love, just the two of us... you and me together. Now, that I think of it, you were one of my oldest and dearest of friends. I remember the day you came into my life from out of a friend's pocket, he placed you on the floor, a small ball of white and grey fur you ran across the wooden floor. You really looked like a large cotton ball with small little legs and tail, you were so unbelievably cute. Though originally you were not mine to keep, I was lucky enough to adopt you and put you under my wing. You brought love to my life when there wasn't any, you brought a smile to my face when I was sad, you shared my triumphs along with my failures and we have had many conversations about many different things and though you didn't really understand, you were always there to comfort me making all the difference in the world. When I came home, I had you there to greet me; we shared dinner and movie many, many nights. You made my house a home, a place I love to be. You shared my happy moments with a purr and a little snuggle and my tearful ones with a nudge and a lick, then sometimes you would actually let me hold you till I feel asleep. Along, the way there many changes in our life together which included a move here and a move there but never once did you complain as long as we were together, it never mattered.

The name you were given came from a cartoon creation called "Ren and Stimpy", Ren was the dog and Stimpy was the cat. Though people had given you many nicknames during your lifetime such as Scrubby, Stinky, Stimps, Scruffy, Fat Cat and my favorite one was the one the Vet gave you during one of your stays, he called you "The BIG GUY" and that you were 16 pounds of pure love and joy. I want to end the misconception right here and now, "you're so fat" was absolutely NOT true, like I told everybody you just had thick fur... lots and lots of it. But what does it matter you were a beautiful cat with an extraordinary personality. A Persian kitty with Maine Coon cry that no one could resist, especially not I. When you wanted something no matter what it was there was no peace until you got it, namely your food for instance. It is funny when I come down stairs in the morning I can still hear your Maine Coon cry except now you are not there.

You made many friends during our lifetime together, first there was Nikki, my black and white calico, who you loved to torment until she taught you a little lesson and gave you a swat, then came Romeo, an adorable black bangle, who loved to torment you back. Let see there was also Foxboro, a big yellow tiger who particularly didn't care if you were around as long as you stayed out of his way. Then came Teddy, a blue-grey long hair who you loved to tangle with just about everyday. Then there was Noelle, she wasn't a cat but a black and white carne terrier, no bigger the yourself, who you liked to chase around the house sometimes; I really wondered who was the cat and who was the dog. Last, but not least came Bella, an adorable little puppy who thought you were so special, she would jump on your back and lick your little ears, I guess she thought you were her mommy. How patient you were with her as you loved her back. You liked to do many things like lying in the sun through a pane glass door, you liked to watch the birdies eat their food from the bird finder outside and boy, how you loved to sleep curled up in a ball on chair, in the closet, on a comforter, just about anywhere. Sometimes you were just happy lying with me a night snuggled beside me finding the warmest spot. It was a wonderful journey for you and me. As I held you that one last time, cradling you in my arms, I thanked you for all the wonderful memories and the times we shared together then I kissed you good-bye, my BIG GUY.

Though the journey for us has ended, "our" friendship never will. You will live forever in my heart. Please take my love with you and never forget me because I will never forget you. You will be remembered everyday and missed by everyone who loved you. I hope you find some of the friends you lost during your lifetime such as our sweet Noelle, Nikki, Romeo and Tiger too. I hope that you are all playing together somewhere..... happy and free. I know I will see again my little friend along with the others. So long for now... till we meet again. I will save a can of your favorite food until then.

HUGS and KISSES, my BIG GUY....love, your friend Angela

by Angela M. Fragione

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