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Memories of Stubby
We were looking for another dog in November of 2005....We found him in a Pet store...Never expected to find a dog like this in a Pet store! he was a Neapolitan Mastiff! We never heard of a Neapolitan Mastiff! anyway my wife was trying to decide between "Stubby" and a Shar pei....I read a lot of stuff about the breed(neos) short 8 year lifespans, different things that can go wrong (bloat) ....and tried to talk her out of him(stubby)...Ultimately he came home with us on my wifes birthday! He was 2 months old! and within the 1st week "Stubby" was sickly....He came home with Kennel Cough and very shortly it went to full blown Pneumonia....We thought we were going to lose him in the 1st week(did I mention I hate Pet stores?)..We took him to the Vet and he was treated, I sat up all night 2 nights with him and he made an amazing and full recovery...Thats is when the bond developed!!He was an amazing Puppy!!played with and loved the family, He got to be 130 pounds and was the ultimate dog and he really loved me!!
He always came to me and stayed by my side...He didn't really like to have his head petted though, but his behind always!!I developed a love for Stubby that I think made my wife jealous at times...
He loved to ride in the car.he especially loved to play in the back yard with the other dogs..
He was absolutey amazing playing in the snow,he love to lay at my feet or by the bed when ever he was allowed in there.One day about 5 weeks before he left us we thought he got into Rat Poison, scared me to death! had to make him throw up and then took him to the Vet...he was fine in fact the vet told me he was in excellent condition..5 weeks later I came out of our room and found him laying on the floor were he never did at 4 Am ..I had a terrible feeling, because I always worried about "My Stubby" My Wife and I took Stubby to the Emergency Vet. I had a feeling he had Bloat... It wasn't that...He had a mass on his Spleen and it was bleeding...the Vet gave him a 10% chance of making it through the surgery and having any kind of life:( I still feel the knife sticking in my Gut...I was inconsolable...We had to have my Beautiful boy put down....we left there with his collar....I absolutley could not function for a long time!! I met an animal communicator and "Stubby" assured me I couldn't save him and not to blame myself..I will see stubby again and I have requested he Ashes be buried with me....I love you "Stubby" and will miss you until we meet up again I know your spirit is always nearby! Daddy
This is your 2nd Christmas away I am missing you alot this week! Love you my Boy!!
Stub....we lost Griff last week and all of the memories came flooding back on me.......Now not only missing you but missing Baby Boy "Griff" also, take him under your wing and school him and until I see you again be a good boy!!Dad
Stubby no day goes by with me thinking of you! Take good care of Griff! I love you both!
Stubb, It is now 2 years since you left to the Rainbow Bridge.......I miss you as much today as the day you left....I know you are in Paradise and have my Baby Boy "Griff" with you but I still ache and one day I will see you guys again when I cross into the Rainbow bridge! Sammy is there also I hope you guys have been able to meet her
Love and Miss you!! Be a Good boy!!
The holidays......I miss you and Griff so much my Stub!! I love you and will miss you forever until we meet again! Dad
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year STUBBY!! I love you!! and miss you terribly!! You and Griff and Sammy have a Blessed Christmas Thinking of you guys always!!
We have Brock now and he is a good boy!
Stub my Boy I love you so much and never does a day go by that I do not think of you I cannot believe you have been gone 3 years :(
OH My Stubby!! Another Christmas!! I love you and will never stop missing you ever!! Be a Good boy!!
Stubby....4 Years today since you left for the Rainbow Bridge.....I am very sad today.....but I know you are with me if I could only pet you and kiss you one more time I love you and will miss you until we meet again.....
We have little Winston now I hope you approve! he is a good little Boy Pup.
Hello Stubby my Handsome Boy! A few days ago was your 10th Birthday and 5 years ago today you went to the Rainbow Bridge....I miss you Today as much as the day you left.....I will never stop missing you! I love you Stubby! I hope you met Brock and are helping him at the Bridge...
Stubby I will never stop missing you forever Dad
6 years today my Handsome Boy!! I will always love you! Thank you fore send me Eddy he is such a good boy and so much like you!

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