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Memories of Sierra
Sweet little Butterscotch Bun CC. Our little golden girl. I'll never forget how scared you were when you were rescued & brought to us. We really weren't prepared for another Bun, but when I saw your scared wide brown eyes so empty of love, I knew we had to take you into our home and hearts. I loved the way you used to tromp over me at night to get to the nightstand where you liked to sleep. How you used to dance in circles at our feet until you got your sacred banana. Or peek your little head up over the baby gate to reach your beloved carrots. I could never be mad at you, even when you chewed up the carpet & all my pillows. Or when you would wait until Daddy changed your litter box & cleaned up with the dust buster only to immediately run to your box & push out all the litter onto the carpet, complete with a few poops for extra measure. And when you got your very own room, how you used to sleep on your cat condo or "perch" as we called it, or the swivel chair in the corner. You were a little spit fire full of energy, all 5 1/2 lbs. of you, who could fly over your 28" pen with a single bound, determined to be free. And eventually you where free roaming, with no pens. Your room is so empty now without you. The last 16 months of your life we know were the best you ever had, filled with kisses, cuddles, 'nanas, carrots, toys and more love you knew ever existed. We love you always & forever are in our hearts. Love Mommy, Daddy and sister Paige. 3/1/04 Dear Sierra, It has been a year now since you left us. I still cry every time I think of how you died in my arms. Daddy and I lit a candle and said a prayer for your sweet bunny soul on the anniversary of that sad day. We still feel your presence all around us. Sometimes I catch glimpses of movement flashing by the door in your bedroom, I swear I see you hopping by. Many nights we sit in your bedroom watching tv or just reading because we feel you & know you are near. We love you & miss you. Wait for us at the Bridge CC! 3/1/05 Dear Sierra, today is the 2nd anniversary that God took you to the Rainbow Bridge. We all miss you so much. I think of cute little things you did & smile, yet my heart still aches when I look at your picture. There is still a great empty hole in our hearts but we carry on knowing some day we will see you again. I hope your are happy, bouncing around & chewing up everything with such determination as you always did. Love you forever CC! Mommy, Daddy & Paige! 3/1/06 Dear CC, Today is the 3rd anniversary of your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Tonight, again, Daddy & I will light the special bunny candle we got just for you & say a prayer. We always make sure your sister Paige is with us, by our side. We both still miss & love you very much. I found some old pictures of you, I almost forgot how beautiful your were. All the memories came rushing back. Tears fill my eyes & pain my heart, but I take comfort in remembering the unconditional love you gave us. Love you always sweet Sierra, Mommy, Daddy, Paige & new brother Tino. 3/1/07 Good morning CC Girl. Today marks the 4th anniversary of your crossing the bridge. Mommy & Daddy still miss you so much & love you even more. I hope you are having fun with your sister Paige as she joined you 10 days ago sharing all the 'nana's & carrots your little heart desires. We will light the bunny candle for you tonight & say a prayer for you sweetheart. We know you are watching over us with your sister Paige protecting us & showering us with your love. Many binkies in heaven Golden Girl, Love Mommy, Daddy, brother Tino & Angel sister Paige! 4/30/07 - Good morning Sweet CC Girl. Thinking of you a lot today. It's been just over 4 yrs since God took you to the Bridge, but we still love you more than ever. Even though your time with us was short, we filled in all those empty years with tons of loved & spoiled you dearly because it's what you deserved. Daddy still wears the sweatshirt you chewed a hole in one night 'cause you wanted more pets & cuddles...or did you just want more food? He, He, either way, he'll never get rid of it because it is a reflection of you and all your cuteness. We have your picture & Paige's with us every night right by our side as we watch tv in your room. Hope you don't mind but your brother Tino is using your room & he thanks you for the space! Love you & miss you always, Mommy & Daddy! 3/1/12 - Dear sweet CC Girl. Daddy and I miss you still but remember you with a smile on our face. You will always be our special rescue girl. Daddy still wears the sweatshirt you chewed holes in.....STILL. He will never part with it. We will light a candle and say a prayer for you. We know you are playing with your sister Paige, happily binking and munching on 'nana's....your favorite! Love and miss you girl, Mommy & Daddy

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