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Memories of Strider
We were overjoyed when we got you at 10 months old from your previous owner. You were still an awkward pup that didn't know how big he actually was. You were our first true dog as a family and Doug loved having you. We especially laughed when we found that you were scared of steps and would lay at the bottom of them crying and howling like a lost child. Doug usually gave in and would go and help you get up them. Eventually you mastered them and it sounded like an earthquake whenever you would go up or down them. I laugh when I think of when we got Max the cat as a kitten and how in the middle of the night I would hear funny noises coming from the floor. Only to turn on the light and see him suckling on your side and you letting him! How he always cuddled with you. Most people would probably think "No Way" to seeing an Irish Wolfhound cuddled with a cat, but you two were buddies. Max just never quite cozied up to the others like he did to you. It's still hard to believe that you are gone. When we received the news in December that you had bone cancer, I was crushed. Not only had we lost your beloved brother, Bear, but now we were going to lose you. I thought we would have had a little more time with you and that we had caught it early enough. There was nothing we could have do to stop or slowed the progression of this terrible disease. All we could do was make you comfortable and wait for you to let us know when it was time. The tumor had gotten so big on your ankle and now your whole leg had been taken over. I was hoping that there was still some miracle out there that would keep you with us a little longer, but that was not be. I hope that your brother, Bear, has met you and you are rejoicing in seeing each other again. It will have been 2 years since you saw each other last. I think Casey and Jasmine know that you are gone, but they just don't know how to show it. You always kept Jasmine in line and I'm afraid of what she'll be like now that you are gone. Casey had been with you the longest and I'm sure she's hurting. I just wish you could have stayed around longer to really get to know Jordan, our son. Eight weeks was not enough time for you to be together. At least we were able to take pictures and I'm sure that Shannah will tell Jordan someday what a wonderful friend you were. We will miss you forever and always keep you in our hearts! Remember, you will always be my big boy! Love, Mommy March 3, 2004 - My dearest Strider, it is so hard to believe that tomorrow you will have been gone 1 year. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you, but know that letting you go was the greatest gift we could give you. You were such a wonderful friend. We have gotten a new brother for you, Syrus. Like you he is an Irish Wolfhound, but a wild one. I know we got you at 10 months, but starting from puppy hood with this one has been a real adventure. You would definately have kept Syrus in line and not taken anything from him. I hope that you and Bear are still close and getting along. I'm sure that you are there to help with the new furbabies entering the Bridge and are being the fatherly figure that you were here on earth. We miss you deeply and hope to someday meet again to romp and play together. Love, Mommy 02/10/08 - My dearest big boy. Your little sister, Casey, came to join you and Bear at the Rainbows Bridge yesterday. She's had a rough couple of months so please be gentle with her. She didn't want to leave us but her cancer finally had taken its toll on her. I want you to know that we miss you terribly and know that someday we will be with you again. You and Bear would have watched over our baby Alyssa just like you did with Shannah and Jordan. Love, Mommy 03/19/11 - Hello big boy! Momma misses you so much. You were taken away from us too early but I know it my heart that letting you go was the best thing for you. I think about you always and miss how you would come up to me with a big sloppy face filled with water and bury your head in my lap. I would get so mad at you but I knew it was only because you loved me. It's hard to believe you've been gone 8 years. Someday we will be together and until that day comes always remember how much you are loved. I miss you and love you. 09/01/13 - How is my big boy doing? I have missed you so much lately. I have been visiting all of my departed furbabies lately to tell you how much I miss each and every one of you. Life goes on without you but it can be so hard sometimes. We think about you often and love and miss you all. I will try and do better about visiting but until then remember how much you were loved. Love Mommy
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