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Memories of Tao
I got Tao along with his brother when my family and I lived in Germany, they were my birthday present one year. From the beginning Tao was a bit afraid of his own shadow, wasn't very socialable. I was bound and determined to make him my cat. Through alot of hard work, it was clear he was my baby. I would say to him lets to watch Buffy, or it could be ER, or anyone of my shows, and he'd follow me into our bedroom jump up on the bed with me and we'd watch tv together.

I would leave to go to the store, and when I would get back my family would say, thank God you are home, he wouldn't shut up the entire time you were gone. But the instant I was home, he'd stop meowing. He followed me everywhere, got to where I just didn't just the bathroom door, cuz he'd just push it open:>)

He wasn't a very smart cat, yet he was smart enough to figure out how to open the doors in our house in Germany, they were more of the level kind, and after watching him attempt to open them, I went over and showed him how to do it. From then on, he would open a door, if he wanted in. He never did quite figure out that he could only get it open from one side. If he was shut in a room he'd try and try to open the door, and all we would hear is thunk thunk, from him jumping and trying to get it open.

And while I shouldn't have done it through the years, I shared some of my food with him. He loved beef jerky, tuna, bananas, krispy kreme donuts, I would come home with Subway, he'd know it, and would want some of my turkey. If I had some french bread, he'd want some of that too.

He loved to get in boxes, it didn't matter how small or big they were, he was bound and determined to fit. And he loved to be vacuumed. He would just roll around while I vacuumed him.

After we moved back to the states, he got into the habit of getting up next to me in the morning, I'd pull my pillow out from under me a bit, and he'd lay down with his upper body on my pillow, and we'd go to sleep like that. Now you have to know too, that Tao, while being a siamese, was not your typical siamese, he was more of an apple head, and weighed in right at 20 pounds. I guess all my treats got the best of him. So he took up a good portion of my pillow, but I was more then happy to do it.

I could call for him, and he'd come. He'd sit half on my lap and half on the computer desk(cuz he just couldn't fit completely on my lap cuz of being so big), and he'd fall asleep while I was on the computer.

I loved so much to pick him up and give him hugs and kisses, which he wasn't too thrilled about, but he tolerated them because he knew how much I loved give him those hugs and kisses. I loved his purr, it was about the loudest purr you could imagine. He would wake me up sometimes in the middle of the night cuz he would snore, even if he was under the bed on the stuffed stingray.

He loved to lay on his back and sleep. He looked more like a puppy dog then a cat doing that. And when he would sit more like a cat, he looked like a big old butterball turkey. He would pull his front legs under him and so his body would just ballon out. It almost looked like his head was too small for his body.

To say Tao was a big mommy's boy is the understatement of the ages. He was truly my boy. And I was his mommy. He had my heart, in a way I never thought an animal could ever have my heart. I was just as happy to see him as he was of me when I had been gone.

Tao was 8 years and 7 months old, when he died, it was December 22nd of 2005. We were just watching tv, and a loud noise seemed to spook him. When it looked like he was trying to cough up a fur ball, I put him on the floor, and patted his back, to help calm and sooth him. But when he tried to walk away, I knew something was really wrong, cuz his whole right side wouldn't move. Took him to the vet instantly, but a couple hours later he died. Don't know what he died of really, the vet had some ideas, but it was so sudden, won't really know. I never knew that I could hurt so badly from him dying. I should have known because there were times when I thought about him being gone I would cry. It was Tao who was going to help me when my kids left the nest, and not suffer from empty nest syndrome. And now I don't have him. He will always have the most special place in my heart. He was the best cat in the entire world.

I love him so very much and miss him greatly. And I know he loved me too. I told him I would see him in Heaven some day. And asked God to pet him and feed him some bananas.

To all who come to his page, thank you! And thank you for all the guest book entries!!

27 July 2006
Hey Tao, Mommy wanted to stop in and say how much I love you. And miss you so very much. It's still hard to believe you are gone and no longer here with me. I miss the mornings the most I think, when you'd get up and lay on my pillow with me, and I miss hearing your purr, how it was so loud. It was like music to my ears when I heard that. I know God is taking really good care of you. And I know you have all the bananas you want. I love and miss you so very much. Liebe, Mommmy xoxo

26 Aug 2006~Hey Tao, how is Mommy's boy doing? I just want you to know how much I miss you. I think of you every day, and wish you were here. We have a new kitty, his name is Ollie, he is a good kitty, but likes to play with Thai too much, he is too rough for Thai's taste. My heart still aches when I think of you. I don't know if that will ever go away. Daddy says it will, says that there will be a time that I can think of you and not have it hurt so much that you are gone. You were such a good kitty, the best. And I miss every thing about you. I miss seeing you in boxes, miss sharing my snacks with you, I miss picking you up and giving you hugs and kisses, and I miss especially you getting up and sleeping with me in bed. I miss you purring and I miss just you being you. I love you Tao. Liebe, Mommy xoxo

28 Sept 2006 Hey Tao, how is Mommy's boy doing? Mommy is doing good. Mommy misses you so very much. And I wish you were still here with me. I know you are in such a better place. I am sure you have made plenty of new friends, and you have fun every day. Just remember Mommy loves you so very much. And I miss you so very much. Never forget how much Mommy loves you. You were the bestest kitty, and the bestest bud, thank you for all the love you gave me. Liebe, Mommy xoxo

13 Aug 2008 Hey Tao, how is Mommy's boy doing? I'm sorry I haven't been here for along time. But know I think of you all the time. I miss you so much and even now, it's so hard to think of you, without it hurting. I miss you coming into bed with me to cuddle. I miss picking you up and hearing you purr. I just miss you so much. I love you so much. Never forget Mommy is always thinking of you. And you will forever have your place in my heart. Liebe, Mommy xoxo

30 Jul 2009 Hey Tao, how is Mommy's boy? I bet you are having so much fun up in Heaven. I miss you so very much. You will always be in my thoughts, and will forever have a place in my heart. Liebe, Mommy xoxo

16 Dec 2011 Hey Tao, how is Mommy's boy? Been a long time since I've been here, but know that I think of you always. I still miss you so much. You were such a good boy for me, I loved how you'd come snuggle with me, share my treats with me. Thai is doing good. I know he misses you too. Always remember I will love you forever, and you will always have that special place in my heart! Love and miss you, Liebe Mommy xoxo

22 Dec 2012 Hey Tao, hard to believe it's been 7yrs since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. And even after all this time, I still cry when I think of you. You were the best kitty a mommy could ask for. I miss you so much, even with Ollie and Draco here. You were the first kitty that truly touched my heart and you will always have that special place in my heart. I love and miss you. Liebe, Mommy xoxo

22 Dec 2013 Hey Tao, well it's another year without you. And I miss you just as much as the first day you were gone. I know you are in a far better place, but wish you were here anyway. I have no doubt you and the Coons would get a long great. I was so very lucky to have you in my life. I remember the first time I saw you, you were the biggest of the litter, and I knew you were mine! I love and miss you so much, and you will always and forever have a special spot in my heart that will never go away. Liebe, Mommy xoxo

22 Dec 2019
Hey Tao, Thai, and Ollie,
How are Mommy's boys doing? Mommy is doing good....I hope you are also. I hope you got to meet my grandson Taiyari Antonio, he earned his Angel wings almost a year ago, 20 Jan, will be one year. Taiyari bus a very special boy, I miss him so very much. Losing him was soul crushing, and my heart will never be whole again.
Draco is still with Mommy, and now we have Hank, Curly and Marvin.
You all be good, and play with Taiyari some.
Liebe, Mommy xoxo

22 Dec 2020
Tao, Thai, and Ollie,
Hello boys, how are Mommy's boys doing? Can't believe Tao has been gone for 15yrs, and Thai,and Ollie for 5yrs, doesn't seem it should be that long ago.
We've had quite a year this year, glad it's almost over. We now have a rabbit, and another kitty, a Siamese!! So it's a mini zoo...lol But I wouldn't want it any other way!
Mommy is doing good, I miss you all. Hope you all are having tons of fun. Please continue to play with Taiyari.

Love and Miss you all so very much!!


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