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Memories of Tasha

you were the love of my life. I adored you and I was so blessed to have had such a sweet baby girl. I thank God that he allowed me to have you for 15 years, which is rare for a Shar Pei.

You were the smartest puppy, a handful in your teenage years and true friend as a mature dog. You loved mommy to put pretty bandana's on you and then when we moved to New Orleans it turned into beads. Oh how you loved to be dressed up!

You always knew when mommy was sad and you always came by me to see and let me know you are here for me and it made me feel so much better.

It is going to be so hard to come home and not have your little stoutness greeting me and to not be able to get down and kiss and nuzzle your sweet furry cheek is going to be excuriating to get used to.

Thank you Sweet Precious Tasha, Beautiful Tasha. Everyone complemented your beautiful almond shaped eyes.

Mommy will miss you so so much, please come be around mommy and let me know when you are.

I know you are a beautiful spirit now and a gentle soul as you have always been.

Jan 18, 1995 - June 10, 2010

All her nicknames...

Boobie Lu
Lovey Love
Fur Girl
Old Lady Baby

June 12, 2010

Sweet baby girl, I just came from viewing you for the last time. You looked just like you were sleeping. Your fur still as soft as velvet and your beautiful wrinkles drapped just right around your face and neck. You looked so peaceful. I am so happy I decided to go view you, I just had to hold you one more time and kiss and pet you over and over. I wanted to bring you home and keep you forever but you will be coming home to me Tuesday in a precious keepsake memory box. I will take you with mommy on her cruise next week. You know I was so worried to leave you home while going on that trip. Guess God had other way to take you with me and not worry about you and your health while I was gone. The ache is so deep that you are not here physically anymore for me to shower with all kinds of love and affection. Precious Tasha, you will so be missed.

June 14, 2010

Tasha, it started raining on my way home from work tonight and when I got home and settled in, I looked out the window and saw a rainbow! I took it as a beautiful sign from you that you are happy and that you want mommy to know you are ok. Thank you baby girl.

June 15, 2010

You came home to me today baby girl. Oh how I cried that it has to be this way, your paw imprint came out beautifully and I caress it as if I am caressing your paws as I used to do. I put your memory box on your bed and I take comfort you are home with me again.

June 23, 2010

Tasha, mommy misses you so much. I still can't seem to realize you are gone. Just seems like you are at the kennel. You were my best friend and I am so lost without you. Mommy took you with her on the cruise, did you enjoy it? On the last day of the cruise I saw a rainbow and knew it was from you sweetheart. I just want to lie on your bed, it's still beside mine in the bedroom and take in all of the smells that are still you on it. Makes me feel comforted in a way. Everything I did revolved around you. You were always factored into everything I did and just saying your name still feels like you are here. I miss you so much baby girl.

July 9, 2010

Precious baby, mommy misses you so much. I have been in a fog these past few weeks since you have gone. I'm so lost without you. It's still so hard for me to realize you are in heaven now. The house is so empty without you here. You went so fast that night and I feel like the life has been drained out of me as well. I can't even imagine having such a bond and love with another pet. I can never replace you, 15 years came and went so fast it seems. You were always with mommy and mommy was always making sure you were safe and spoiled! I used to pray that God would keep me safe so that you wouldn't be left alone. I'm thankful HE did that. I just pray you know how much you meant to me, how much you still mean to me and how I am trying to come to terms with your passing. I love you Smu, miss you so much.

July 13, 2010

Baby girl, I don't know how to be without being your mommy. I miss you so much. I miss taking care of you and seeing your sweet face when I come home. How our 15 years flew by is beyond me. You were always with me and I factored you into everything I did. I can't even imagine being a mommy to another baby. How could I right now, you didn't like to share mommy with another animal! I was all yours, no room for other babies but you! And that was fine with me. I adored you and I always knew how much I loved you and was in love with you but omg, how much more it was clear to me now that you are not here. I miss your sweetness and your whole being, I loved to just nuzzle your neck, your beautiful wrikles always seemed to drape perfectly when you lay down. I look at your puppy picture and remember it like it was just yesterday we began our life together. You will never be forgotten or replaced. I just hope I can someday open my heart to let another fur baby in and that you will be happy that I have and maybe even guide mommy to the right one to be your little sibling. Love you precious baby.

July 17, 2010

Hi Tasha, mommy went and put a bunch of your pictures onto a cd so I could load them into my laptop and I was even able to make one my background on my laptop so now I can see you everytime mommy opens it up to use it, which is often! I miss looking back at you on your bed while I surfed the net and how I would always take a break and come down and give you some lovins. I miss you so much sweet baby. I still can't phathom you are a doggie angel now. I look at your puppy pics and it seems like just yesterday. Oh were you adorable! Love you baby girl, my sweet fur girl!

August 5, 2010

Hi Baby girl, mommy found another picture of you while going through old pictures, you are so beautiful in it, your fur looks like velvet and your wrinkles are draped so perfect around your neck...oh how I would love to hug and cuddle you right now. I'm still going through the realization that "omg, she's really gone". I feel you still around and that makes me so happy but mommy misses not being able to love on you.

August 10, 2010

Puppa, mommy put some ice cream sundaes for you to enjoy, you loved a good treat! I miss you baby girl, still getting used to life without you, it's very hard. I know you are still here with mommy in spirit and what a beautiful precious angel baby you are. I still have your bed beside mine and I have all of your things on it still, even you! I reach down at night and grab your box to cuddle with before falling to sleep...and I swear after a while I feel your energy as if to say Mom, I want to go play now! I miss being a fur mommy and I know there are other fur babies who need a loving home, one day I will be able to, just not yet. I can't imagine replacing you...I know I will never replace you and there will never be another who touches my heart as strong as you for so long but I do pray I will find my right next fur baby so I can tell him or her all about their big sister and how they would have adored you too.

August 12, 2010

Hi Baby Girl, well tonight is the first Saints pre season game. You loved to wear your Saints beads, you brought them such luck last year Tashi Baby...so tonight I got your Saints beads out and draped them over your box and sat you on the chair beside us watching the game....you are here with us cheering on our boys! I love you Smu, miss you soooo much.

August 24, 2010

Smu, I'm having one of those days where I miss you sooooo very much. The reality keeps getting clearer that you are on the other side now. I feel you here and that makes me feel so warm but how I miss loving on you and seeing your sweet face greet me. I wish I could get down on your bed right now and cuddle you and smell you. It's just hard getting used to this baby girl. Mommy loves and misses you so much. I can't ever imagine loving another one as much as you. I'm putting some daffadils on your page cuz they remind me of sunshine which is what you were to me.

September 6, 2010

Hugs and love Tasha, mommy wants to shower you in hugs and love today, missing you very much sweet baby.

September 14, 2010

Hi Sweet Baby, mommy misses you. Mommy got laid off. I just keep thinking of all the time we could have been spending together. How I wish I could nuzzle you and love on you. I get down on your bed still and hold your baby you loved to play with and I sleep with your pink doggie sweater, it still smells a bit like you. I look at your picture and I still feel you are my baby and you are here. Mommy knows you are around her, thank you Smu for all the love you gave mommy and how you made my life so complete. Precious Baby girl, mommy loves and misses you.

Sept 30, 2010

Hi Sweet Baby, mommy put some pumpkins on the patio and I was remembering this time last year when you would love to go out and sniff them and the crisp Fall air so mommy put some pumpkins on your page along with a football because it's football season, Go Saints! and I loved putting your Saints or LSU beads on you to watch the game with us, I swear you wearing those beads helped the Saints get to the Superbowl! I love Fall and I think you did too, it was so nice to go walking in the Fall air. I miss you so much, you are forever with me I know.

Oct 15, 2010

Smu, mommy misses you so much. I feel so alone without you. Still hard sometimes to realize you're gone. I wish I could grab and squeeze you right now! Love you Smu, precious baby girl.

Oct 25, 2010

Puppa, today is a rough day for Mommy, I am missing you so much it hurts. I am so void without you here. I made myself feel somewhat better by imagining you coming back to me and when I realize it is you coming back I would hold and love that new puppy and never let it go. I asked God that if that is possible and you do and can come back to me that HE or you will give me a sign that it is you. Oh how wonderful that would be, to hold you again and have more time with you. Right now, that is the thing that comforts me the most is the hope of you being born again to me.

Nov 27, 3010

Hi mommy's baby..I miss you Smu. I imagine you walking into the room and coming over to me for some luvins...I would sure love to kiss your sweet face right now. It's still strange for me that you are on the other side now, I sense you here which makes me feel warm but the reality of your passing still catches my breath. You were with me for so long, everything was decided with you in mind. At this time of Thanksgiving I just want to say how thankful I am for having you in my life and how much mommy adored you.

December 4, 2010

Sweet Smu, mommy went over to our old apartment on Hessmer. Everywhere I looked I saw you. I wanted to step back in apt 7 and find you waiting for me in there and step back into our life together. You're all around me, I feel you but oh how I miss seeing you and holding you and loving on you. I pet others' pets and I just see a dog or a cat, I can't open my heart to let another in. You are still there. There's no replacing you, you were sooo special and such a force in my life. Wow, how 15 years flew by. I put out my snow bear and for a moment when I come home I think it's you. Miss you sweet Tasha, precious puppy.

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas sweet baby girl...mommy has been thinking of you non stop. I felt lost this holiday season not being able to go buy you things to spoil you on Christmas. I did see things and say to myself and you...mommy would get you that!

December 28, 2010

Sweet Tashi, I'm missing you so much. It's so strange to not have a fur baby to take care of. I look at other doggies and I know they need a loving home but my heart just can't open to another yet. I'd feel like I'm replacing you and that will never happen. I will never have the bond you and I had with another..unless I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it's you coming back to have another life with me. I know I should give a home to one who desperately needs one but mommy just can't yet. I want to because I know I should and I miss having a fur baby to take care of but you are still so strong with me. My God, our 15 years went by so fast. I love you baby. I hope you liked the things at the store I looked at silently told you I was going to get you from Santa...mommy misses you baby girl, love you.

January 1, 2011

I still can't get used to seeing you on this memorial page baby girl. Wow, just so hard still to get used to. I miss you, wish I could hold and love you. This is your birthday month, Jan 18. The cake is all for you!

January 18, 2011

Today would have been your 16th birthday baby girl, Happy Birthday! Mommy is wearing your necklace and bracelet today. Glad I had you as long as I did though. You were the sweetest soul and I miss you every day.

Feb 1, 2011

Hi my sweet baby. It still takes my breath away to see you on an epitath. I miss you sweet baby girl. I think about you all the time. On this month of Feb, the month we celebrate love, I celebrate you and what you brought to my life. You are the love of my life, that unconditional love I will never find with a human. Thank you for loving mommy and being my sweet Smu.

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day my precious baby girl. Oh how I would love to cuddle you right now. Thanks for the "hairs from heaven" I find! Miss you and love you with all my heart, sweet Lovie Luv.

Feb 22,2011

I LOVE you Baby Girl...mommy found a long lost surprise from you today...thank you sweetie...you knew I was looking for one!

March 9, 2011

I could sure use a Tasha hug today! I love and miss you Smu

March 19, 2011

Hi my sweet baby girl. Love you precious baby. Your mommy thinks about you all the time. Miss you so so much.

March 27, 2011

Smu, I miss you so much. I was just looking at some pictures and came upon yours,even your rest in peace pic made me feel that warm fuzzy familiar feeling, like "home"...you were my home here. I can almost still feel the softness of your furry cheek and how I loved to caress and nuzzle it. You are such a sweet soul my baby girl. I miss saying your name. Such a beautiful name and mommy misses it. I love to tell others about you. I can't even think of getting another pet because I would be wanting it to be you. Just know I love and adore and miss you so so much, Our time together went by so fast. What seemed like you would be with me forever turned into the day you had to leave mommy. I know you are with me in spirit and I love you.

April 9, 2011

Tashi, mommy misses you so much. I miss taking care of you, walking you, feeding you, taking care of any boo boos you would get. I just miss my little girl so much and I think to myself everyday how do I live without you? You were my baby for 15 years and it seems like just like that you are gone. I know your sweet spirit is around mommy and I love that but I so miss your sweet furry body. I sleep with your pink sweater and it still has your smell on it. It's a beautiful night tonite and I would love to have you here to sit on the patio with. Freddie bought mommy a stuffed doggie and he's sweet to pet to fill the void but he's not you. I love you baby girl.

April 28, 2011

Hi Sweet Smu, mommy thinks about you all the time. Precious baby girl, miss you so much.

May 8, 2011

Today is Mother's Day...miss you Smu. Love you, I will always be your mommy.

June 3, 2011

Tasha, yesterday was mommy's birthday...the first one in 15 years you weren't here to celebrate with mommy. The only present I would love to have had was you back.

June 8, 2011

Smu, in 2 days it will be a year that you passed. I am still not over it and am getting extra emotional these days. I still can't believe you are in heaven. You were mommy's everything and gave mommy such comfort and joy. You were my best friend. I miss how we were together. I feel you around me today, thank you. Just wish I could hold and love you, kiss your sweet furry cheek.

June 10. 2011

Tashi, hard to believe it's been a year tonight that you went to heaven. If only mommy knew that that day was the last I'd have you I'd have taken off work and spent all day with you. I look back now and remember you just walking by mommy over and over and stopping to look at mommy, I know now that you were trying to tell me you were going to be leaving soon. If I had you back now I feel I would know more how to listen to what you were telling mommy so many times. Why do poochies have to go so soon? I look at your bed still next to mine with your blankets, collar and your favorite toy. That toy makes my throat choke up, I still remember the christmas I gave it to you and how excited you were when you saw the blue hair sticking out the wrapping paper! I wish I could hold and love you again. You were mommy's best friend, always there and always loving mommy. I miss you so. I miss saying your beautiful name Tasha, it just rings beauty and sweetness to my ears. My beautiful baby girl, you will always be. Sweet lovie.

June 11, 2011

Smu, spent the evening over at our old apartment to visit with Uncle Dave. The guy living in our old apt let me go inside...it still feels like OUR apt, still feels of me and you there. That's still my favorite place we've lived and I wish I could step in the door of our apt 7 and have our life together back.

June 25, 2011

Smu, mommy loves you, misses you. Sweet baby girl.

Oct 2, 2011

Hi my sweet baby. It's been awhile since mommy visited this site but as you know mommy talks to you everyday. It's just hard sometimes for mommy to see that epitaph. I miss you baby girl. I feel you around me, thank you but I so wish you were here physically for mommy to love on. I'm home visiting grandma and grandpa and feeling lost. I have no place to call my own when I'm here so makes me extra sad sometimes. I dreampt of you these past couple of nights. Last night's dream all I could think of in the dream was I wanted to get home to you. Then I awoke with such a sad feeling. When I do get home to our Nola home I am going to lie on your bed for a bit. Love you and always in my heart and mind sweet Smu. I love Fall, as I think you did too so mommy added some favorite Fall things! Enjoy Lovie Luv

oct 20, 2011

Hi mommie's Smu, sweet baby girl, I love you and miss you.

November 5, 2011

Sweetie Smu, oh how mommie could use a hug from you! Miss you so much sweetie smu.

November 27, 2011
Hi Sweet Baby, mommy put some holiday items and your favorite fries on your page. Miss you lovee.

December 8, 2011
Thank you for coming to see mommy in my dreams last night baby girl. You know how much I'm missing you and I got to hug and love all over you in my dream, thank you so much. It felt so good.

Jan 1, 2012
Hi Sweet Baby, mommy put some bithday things on your page for you. Jan 18...wish you were here for mommy to hug and give kisses to. I love you Smu and miss you every day.

Jan 18, 2012
Happy Birthday Sweet Baby girl...I miss you and love you.

Jan 21, 2012
Baby Girl, mommy found the song Smile for Rainbow's Bridge to add to the song list so now Mommy can hear the song that reminds me of you because you ALWAYS made mommy smile. Miss you so much Smu.

Feb 14, 2012
Happy Valentine's Day sweet Smu. Miss you so much. Everyone tells me to get another doggie but I'm not ready. I would be expecting it to be you. I can't help it..you are so much still in my heart there is no room for another yet.

March 21, 2012
Smu, mommy started working at a doggie day care. My boss brought her Shar Peis in and one looked like you, I almost cried when I see him. He let me love all over him and kiss his chops and I just pretended it was you. Miss you sweet Lovie.

April 12, 2012
Smu, it still takes my breath away to see you here. I miss you so much. You know I talk to you everyday, could sure use a Tashi hug. You know I take care of doggies at work but they can't fill your spot. Love you so much and miss you.

May 12, 2012
Smu, I love you and mommy misses you so much. I still have a hard time realizing you are in spirit now...I miss you so much. How does mommy get thru without you to love? You know I work with the doggies and I love on them but it's not you and they don't fill my heart like you.

June 10, 2012
Smu, tonight it will make 2 years since you passed. I play the eve over and over. I'm sorry mommy didn't see the times when you stood by me just staring you were probably trying to tell me goodbye days before it happened. I get so angry and sad when the realization hits me you aren't just at the kennel and that I can't go bring you home. Takes my breath away the sadness of this. I know you are with me in sweet spirit but I miss you so much. All the doggies I love on at work don't take your place sweet baby. Just know mommy loves and misses you so very much and I was so proud to be your mommy and have you love me sweet face puppy.

July 12, 2012
Sweetie Smu...I have a lump in my throat as I write this...mommy rescued a sweet little girl, Queenie. She needed alot of love and I needed to give it. I tell her about you and I cry everytime, even now, as I talk about you. It does seem odd to have another doggie that is not you as you were the love of mommy's life and I miss you so much and I don't want you to be sad that mommy has another baby to take care of. I wish I could have you back and I wait for the day to be with you again..please don't be sad..you are so much a part of mommy's heart that I am still not over the loss of you. I love and miss you Tasha, beautiful baby girl.

Sept 24, 2012
Lovie Luv, mommy has been busy with her new job and your little sister. I tell her about you all the time. Mommy gave her your favorite baby. I asked you and I think you said it was ok. She loves it. I sometimes I think (hope) that when I see her with it it's you impressing on her to play with it as if to say Mom just letting you know I'm here! Love you so much Smu and miss you more than I can say.

Nov 10, 2012
Hi Mommy's Smu...I've been missing you alot more lately. Queenie loves your baby and it makes me feel so good that she loves it like you did. I hope you are around us both and play with her while I'm at work and I hope you hop on the bed while we are on it too. I'd love to have both my girls with me. Miss you precious Tasha.

Nov 30, 2012
Hi Mommy's Smu...love you and miss you. I hope you're watching over your little sister Queenie while she's at Camp while mommy is out of town for work. She has your favorite baby to keep her company. Please look out for her and let her know mommy is coming home soon. Beautiful girl, love you.

Dec 24, 2012
Merry Christmas eve my sweet Smu...mommy misses you every day. I love you sweet Lovie

Jan 4, 2013
Happy New Year Smu! Wow, can't believe how time flies. This is your birthday month too, January 18. You would be 17 if you were here on the earth plane. I still miss you every day and know that mommy loves you soooo much. I hope you are here playing with Queenie. She loves your yellow baby. I hope it's you guiding her to play with it. She is such a joy to mommy and I love being her mommy too. You two are my beautiful bundles of love!

Jan 17, 2013
Happy Birthday Smu! Tomorrow mommy will always remember the day you entered this world. Your beautiful soul came to earth to be my baby. I miss you still every day and love you always precious Pei baby. Mommy loves you Smu

Mar 1, 2013
Hi Mommy's Smu, I love and miss you so much. I hope you are here with me and Queenie. She loves your baby and that warms my heart. I feel it's you sharing your baby with her. Mommy thinks about you every day. My beautiful Tasha.

April 14, 2013
Hi Mommy's Smu, sweet baby girl Mommy misses you. I love when you come visit mommy in her dreams. I hope you are here playing with you little sister Queenie. She loves your favorite baby.

June 4,2013
Hi Mommy's Smu, so hard to believe it's going to be 3 years June 10 that you went to the Bridge. I miss you still every day. Mommy loves you so very much pretty Tasha, your beautiful eyes, your soft fur and your beautiful name. Love you so much.

June 9, 2013
Sweet Tasha, it will be 3 years tomorrow night that you went to the Bridge. I remember that heartbreaking night like it was today. I have been saying your name alot this weekend, I know you are with mommy, thank you Smu. Even though mommy has a new furbaby you are always my beautiful Smu and I cherish the time we had together. Please come and play with your new sister and keep us company, we love you so much, beautiful Tasha.

Sept 21, 2013
Hi mommy's Smu, beautiful Tasha mommy misses you everyday. I hope you come around and play with me and your little sister Queenie. She loves your yellow baby. I know you visit mommy in her dreams sometimes, thank you.

Dec 1, 2013
Hi Smu, hope you were here to celeberate Thanksgivig with us. I had a nice dream of you last week that I cherish you coming to see mommy. Love and miss you sweet Tasha, love you so much

Dec 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Smu, mommy loves and misses you. I hope you were here with us today celebrating and helping Queenie play with her new toys.

Jan 18, 2014 Today would have been your birthday Smu, Happy Birthday! Little did I know 19 years ago today you were born and I was going to meet you in just 4 weeks from this date and it would set off a life of love for the both of us.You were mommy's love and I miss you. I pray you are here with me and Queenie and sharing days with us. Hug and kisses my sweet Smu.

Feb 14, 2014
Happy Valentine's Day Smu! Mommy loves you so much. Your grandpa passed away Monday, did you go meet him and welcome him?

May 22, 2014 Hi mommy's Smu, I miss you every day still. I know you are here with me and Queenie and I so love that. She loves your baby. Hard to believe it is going on 4 years since you crossed the bridge my beautiful baby girl. Have you seen your grandpa and Brandy in heaven? I hope so. Love you precious Tasha

June 10,2014 Oh Smu, 4 years ago tonight you left me to cross the Bridge. If I'd have known that morning I would have spent that whole day with you, one last whole day with you my love. I know you are here with us, Queenie loves your baby and feel she feels you while cuddling with it. You may be gone but never forgotton my love.

October 1, 2014
Hi Mommy's Smu...I gave you a taste of Fall on your page. I know we both loved this season. Mommy loves you precious Tasha

December 6, 2014 Hi my precious Smu...mommy missing you today. Hope you are watching the games with us! Enjoy your Christmas goodies my love.

Jan 17, 2015 Hi my precious Smu! Tomorrow would be your earthly birthday. You would be 20 in human years. You're still always a playful puppy to me. Love and miss you my lovely Tasha

June 10, 2015 Hi mommy's Smu! Hard to believe it's been 5 years ago tonight that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge...that was the saddest night, I remember all the emotions and tears of that night and the emptiness that followed. Today I have your little sister Queenie to love and talk about you to her. She loves your yellow baby..I hope you are here with us and keep her company while mommy is at work. I love and miss you precious Tasha

December 1, 2015 Hi mommy's Smu! Putting some pretty Christmast items on your page. I loved sharing the holidays with you. I miss and love you sooo much. Your little sister Queenie is such a joy and I just know you sent her to mommy...thank you Smu

January 12, 2016 Hi mommy's Smu!Happy early birthday. I left you some fun things! I hope you welcomed K9 Jethro to the Bridge Sunday...he crossed the Bridge a hero. I love you and miss you Tasha.Thank you for visiting me last night in my dream

Feb 12, 2017 Wow Smu, it's been awhile since mommy wrote but you know I"m always thinking of you. Love and miss you baby girl.

June 10, 2017 Sweetie Smu, 7 years ago tonight you left mommy for the Rainbow Bridge...you are always in my heart and I miss you. Wayne sent me pics yesterday of you..some I never saw before. Your little sister Queenie loves your baby and I cherish it was yours. Mommy loves you Smu

Dec 20, 2017 Hi mommy's Smu...sorry mommy hasn't been here in a bit, have bronchitis but you know I'm always thinking about you. Merry Christmas my sweet love

Feb 13, 2018..Happy Valentines my love!

June 11 2018 Precious Smu...8 years yesterday you left for the Bridge. You are never out of mind or heart and I pray you are here with mommy and your sister Queenie. Miss you Smu

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