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Memories of Taz
Taz was born into this world to 2 puppymill dogs that a group of us in Sheltie Rescue, rescued. He had 8 brothers and sisters, but one died at birth. He was among 4 which were born with compromised immune systems and before the age of 5, 3 of those pups died of kidney failure. Taz was the last one and through all my persistence and knowledge of the health field in animals, I was able to sustain his life for 10 years. His kidneys finally gave out 2 weeks ago....and we spent close time being so loved, feeding, carrying him, loving on him.....I miss him terribly...he was my heart dog...my precious little blue merle.....or not so little...he was 35-40 lbs mostly, then down to about 30lbs when he got to age 8. His bloodwork was perfect for so long because of sustaining herbs and diet to support those kidneys.....and then it was time....he was taken from me....so suddenly....so fast....so heartbreaking.................

March, 2014 Well Taz it has been a month since you spread your golden angel wings and flew to the next dimension. Tell me how much you are enjoying yourself? Are you barking at all the other dogs yet? I know how much you love to bark. I miss those barks, little boy....I miss you little boy. You are my little boy forever. You came to me after Jake passed away...you were born in the same month as Jake. I know you are getting acquainted with Jake and you are playing with Sami, Angus, Gigi, Audrey, Sugar, Andy, Pumpkin, your special buddy....and all the rescues you made friends with when you were here. I want to be able to see you again Tazzie....mommy misses you so much..... little boy....little boy.....3/17/14.

January 2015. Tax it has been almost 1 year since you left. You took sick about this time last year and never recovered. I miss you a lot little boy...you were my Tazie Wazie....my special precious boy. I will never forget you as long as I am in human form. When I leave I know you will be there to give me kisses and welcome me home again and be with you. Please save me a place at your table...right next to you so we can run and play together again. Love you forever. mommy karen

February 17, 2015. One year ago today I lost a very special boy ....it was you Taz....you were such a scamp and never stopped barking and I miss that bark today. I loved you so much and miss you terribly.....there are no words that can say how I feel about losing you.....it was such a sad day....such a sad day....... mommy still loves and thinks about you. Say woof to Sami, Audrey, Angus, Gigi, and all our family......I miss them all. love mommy

February 17, 2016. My little boy...its been 2 years now since you left us. Sophie has joined yoy and Roscoe. My heart hurts everytime I think of you and all the babies that are with you now. I miss you little boy and love you forever.....

February 17, 2017....Well here it is another year without you. 3 years ago, you were loving and always kissing mom. Now you are gone....but never far from my heart and my thoughts. I love you, little boy. Oh Tazzy wazzy......I held you in my arms and wanted you to be with me forever....you were my little boy that I saved....Come back and visit when you can. Mommy

Februery 17, 2018....I can't believe you are gone 4 years already. Give kisses to all your brothers and sisters. I miss you and miss them all. I know I will see you again...my little boy....my Tazzy Wazzy.....you were such a bad boy and barked all the time, and I loved your so....my beautiful boy. paws up sweet <3

February 17, 2019 Five years too long.....I still miss you and think of you. You were mommy's bad boy. I loved you so and will love you forever and we will see each other again. Tazzy boy. Love, love forever

Februsry 17, 2020. Six long years....you are in my heart forever....and I look forward to seeing you again in my dreams and on the other side. Why did you have to go. Love you Mommy

February 17, 2021....Seven years you are gone....you are so close to my heart. You were my bad boy and i loved you so. Kari louise and now Caleb speaks of you.....I miss you my precious little boy. I love you. Mommy

February 17, 2022....eight years now.....and i still miss you....soon my boy...soon we will see each other again. Mommy loves you to pieces...

February 17, 2023....nine years now...and i will always miss you my special precious boy. Mommy loves you always. This will be my last year on the Rainbow Bridge internet site...and always in my heart. love mummy

February 17, 2024....well here we are Taz boy, 10 years later and i still miss you terribly....you are in my heart forever....I love you so much...Mummy

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